8 Week Half Marathon Training Plan

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This 8 week half marathon training plan is built to help you get results. Review the details and description below for further information.


The 8 week half marathon training plan is perfect for the beginner-level half marathon specialist. This plan provides 2 months of solid training with day by day training advice. Seeking to run a new half-marathon personal best? This is a great training schedule for that goal to become a reality.

half marathon training plan 8 weeks

What makes a half marathon training plan 8 weeks long perfect is sufficient time to prepare. A solid 2 months of training for any half marathon will produce good results. In addition, we also have other time frame options to choose from at the bottom of this page. This 8 week half marathon training schedule is perfect for beginner-level athletes.

The training is set up each day for you to follow. Our training schedules look similar to the graphic you see above. Additionally, the training strategies you'll be following in this plan are the same I used to go from 1:10:29 to 1:07:06. Success in the half-marathon simply takes time and patience. The body will adapt to any stress load you place upon it. The best runners are patient enough to let the results come.

Furthermore, there will always be failures and success in our sport. The best half marathoners have one common trait. They get over disappointments fast. There is a major difference between interest versus commitment. The fact that you are seeking a better way to train already tells me you are committed.

Why Invest in RunDreamAchieve Half Marathon Training Plans?

  • First, they are very easy to download
  • Second, they are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Third, built with over 27 years of national and international experience
  • Created by 1:07:06 half/2:19:35 marathoner and founder of RunDreamAchieve
  • Instantly downloadable upon purchase

This 8 week half marathon training program for beginners is a great option for the athlete needing a new training strategy. if you are serious about getting better and faster at this distance purchase yours today. Remember, the trick to running faster at the half marathon distance is not running more mileage. A big issue many runners get caught up is volume.

Would you rather run 50 miles a week and set a new personal best for the distance or run 100 miles a week and miss your goal by 7 minutes? I'd say the guy or gal that meets their time objective is the real winner here. The workouts you'll be doing in this 8 week half marathon training plan helped me to lower my best from 1:10:29 to 1:07:06.

What Should An 8 Week Half Marathon Training Plan Focus On?

Leverage. This is simply doing more with less. What percentage of your weekly miles do you spend training at or below the pace at which you desire to race at? 20%? 50%? 70%? So, if the answer to that question is 70% you have a much greater chance of dropping significant amounts of time off your best time. 20 percent is not nearly enough and will make you a good, slow half marathoner. Are you preparing to run your first half marathon? This 8 week half marathon plan will help you reach that goal.

Furthermore, the key to improving your current half marathon best or running first half marathon is persistence and patience. These two traits are what make half marathoners successful.

They understand results don't come overnight. You have to maintain your enthusiasm no matter what. This is what distances average half marathoners from great runners. The Kenyans are an example of this. They are never upset for very long after a poor race.

They make a mental check of the things that went right and those that went wrong in their race and they make corrections. In addition to that, they run a large percentage of their weekly mileage at faster paces.

Support System

Make sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube Channel. I'll be making new videos each week on how to run faster from the 5K to marathon. There are new resources here too that can help you run your best half marathon.

Lastly, check out our archives page for articles written on the half marathon. In addition, if you want one-on-one personal coaching with me visit the athletic consulting page. The RunDreamAchieve Academy is a new resource where runners can come to invest in personal development courses to improve their running. Our first course, the Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro was launched in December of 2018. Make sure to use the promo code “MARATHON30” and receive 30 percent of the launch price.

Scroll up and purchase your 8 week half marathon training plan. I look forward to hearing about your new personal best time and how the race went.


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