75 Minute 10 Mile Run Training Plan


Searching for a new 75 minute 10 mile run training plan? I’m glad you have arrived here to RunDreamAchieve. Read below for more details about this 10 miler training program focused on helping runners get to 74 minutes and 59 seconds or faster over the 10 mile distance.

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The RunDreamAchieve sub 75 minute 10 mile run training plan is built to help athletes work smarter , not harder.  The program caps out at 64 miles and is highly focused on training the athlete to sustain 7:29 mile pace for 10 miles. Our training plans are built focusing on training at, near or far below goal 10 miler race pace.

A lot of athletes fail to train adequately at their anaerobic threshold long enough. In addition, insufficient time is spent at paces closer to their 3K-5K race pace to ensure they can sustain sub 75 minute 10 mile pace. You want to teach the body to burn fat at race pace and conserve carbohydrates so you’ll have more of these in the latter miles of your race. This 10 mile race training plan is specifically built to ensure the athlete knows what to do finally dip below that 75 minute 10 miler barrier.

Our goal with this training plan is to ensure race pace feels more sustainable and less taxing on the human body. Yes, it will hurt in the latter stages of your 10 mile race. There is no doubt about that. That being said, this will 10 mile run training program will set you up for success. Some of the training includes running at paces closer to sub 6:30 minute mile pace and high emphasis on recovery between hard road and/or track workouts.

We focus on gradual increases in mileage and intensity with equal emphasis on the rest period to ensure “supercompensation” takes place. Remember, all of the benefits of your hard work comes within the rest period of your training. So, training for 10-mile run race efforts takes a combination of hard anaerobic work with equal attention on relaxed aerobic running. Hard working athletes don’t always get the results. So, you need to follow what the best runners do and simply duplicate their work habits. Why do you think the Kenyans and other top runners in your local area make it look so easy? It isn’t necessarily that they are more talented than you. They simply have trained at paces that far exceed their 10 mile race pace and they have done this over a long period of time.

75 minute 10 mile training plan

What you lack in talent can be made up for good old-fashioned, hard work and that is often times enough if you train properly. I am certain that this 75 minute 10 mile running plan will help you finally break through the sub 75 minute barrier. The program is designed to gradually introduce the athlete into specific training that will yield the athlete the fitness needed to run a 10 miler under 90 minutes.

The 10 miler training program concludes with a 10-day taper to help offset the athlete from feeling fatigued and lethargic in the latter stages of the taper. Often times, athletes will start dropping their intensity and mileage 21 days out and feel more tired than energized. I personally build all of RunDreamAchieve training plans based on the training philosophies I have been taught by some of the worlds’ top endurance coaches that trained me. Lastly, these principles helped me to run 50:54 for the 10-mile distance and know that they work.

Sub 75 Minute 10 Mile Training Plan Facts

    • It is easily downloadable and comes in powerpoint PDF format
    • The plan will be available to you instantly upon payment
    • created by a 50:54 10-miler, 1.07 half marathon and 2.19 marathoner specialist
    • easy, week to week scrolling training plan
    • PayPal verified
    • Purchase is encrypted for your protection
    • 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied
    • Purchase comes with 10% off all RunDreamAchieve Merch at our Merch Store
    • 16-week training plan with a 10-day taper to yield you the highest return on your investment
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