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Are you aiming to sustain sub 60 min 15k pace for a longer period of time? If so, definitely check out the details of our sub 60 min 15km training plan below.

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Are you aiming for a new way to sustain sub 60 min 15k pace and finally break the sub 60 minute 15K barrier? If so, this 16-week 15 kilometer training plan will help to ensure you succeed. The 60 minute barrier demands that the athletes sustains 6:26 mile pace for 9.3 miles or 3:59 per kilometer for 15 consecutive kilometers.

So, the focus with RunDreamAchieve 15 kilometer training schedules is to help improve the athlete’s lactate tolerance. The workouts contained with this 15 kilometer training program are manually built by a 50:54 10-mile and 2:19 marathoner and founder of RunDreamAchieve, Nathan Pennington. Our mission is to sustain race pace longer, slow down less and getting race pace to feel easier. The overall goal is to maintain 15km race pace longer than your competitors.

The athlete will be utilizing some of the pro-level strategies used by some of the world’s top distance runners. Also, you will be utilizing the same specific workouts Nathan used to lower his 10 mile PR from 55:32 to 50:54. Examples of these types of workouts and mindset revolved around this 16 week 15K training plan are:

  • The focus is gradually extending tempo run duration spent training at, near and even below goal 15k race pace
  • Emphasis on longer, varied place long runs
  • Heavy focus on easy, relaxed running on easy days to ensure highest ROI for your results
  • 1, vo2max workout per week focusing training down toward your mile to 3K race pace
  • Plan consists of mileage with low of 31 miles and high of 84 miles per week
  • Emphasis on mental training and rehearsal
  • Leverage strategies to help outwit your competition

16 Week 15 Kilometer Training Plan

16 weeks is plenty of time to prepare properly for the 15K distance. 16 weeks is the best timeframe to get ready for your 15K. Need more time? You may want to check out our other training plans. Remember, quality over quantity is what matters most. There are far too many runners running too aerobically, too often. The result is they have pace sustainment issues because of it.

The athlete who training to run under a sub 60 minute 15K time has to be in great mental and physical shape. You will need to devote 3 to 8 hours or more each week preparing for a race of this length.

The goal with RunDreamAchieve 15K training plans are to help athletes work smarter, rather than harder. Leverage simply means doing more with less. So, we focus on specific training to get the athlete’s race pace to feel less aggressive. In addition, to teach the body to use what it has much of, fat storage and conserve what it has much less of, carbohydrate (glycogen) storage.

Also, to train  at the anaerobic threshold. You, as the athlete, will be racing your 15K right around or slightly above this intensity. So, it is critical that we prepare you to get as efficient at running at this pace as possible.

16 Week 15KM Training Plan Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes runners make is running too aerobically too often. A 15 kilometer training plan 16 weeks long should focus on about 60% aerobic and 40% anaerobic training. You also want to ensure you are running relaxed on your easy, recovery days.

Remember, the real benefits of the hard work you will be conducting will come from within the rest period. The athlete’s body is about 2 to 3 times weaker immediately following a hard, anaerobic workout. So, it is vital to allot sufficient time between each, anaerobic workout to rest.

60 min 15k pace

The RunDreamAchieve sub 60 minute 16 week 15K training plan is built to ensure you get the best results. Again, it isn’t about the volume as much as it is the quality of the work you are doing.

15k in miles comes out to 9.3 miles or 15,000 meters. It is the longest track race covering just over 37 laps on the track. That being said, there are specific ways you can train to get the highest return on your investment. Our plans show you what workouts are needed.

Sub 60 Minute 15K Training Plan Facts

  • Instantly downloadable and available in powerpoint PDF format upon purchase
  • Low week of 31 miles with highest week rising to 84 miles (more or less miles can be added/subtracted as needed)
  • created by a 14:18 5K and 2:19 marathoner with over 30 years of experience
  • Simple, easy, week to week scrolling training plan
  • PayPal verified
  • 16 week 15K training plan with a 10-day taper to yield you get the highest return on your investment
  • Purchase is encrypted for your protection
  • 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • Purchase comes with 10% off all RunDreamAchieve Merch at our Merch Store

So, if you are ready to become a 59.59 15K athlete get your copy of the sub 60 minute 16 week 15km training plan today. Make sure to visit RunDreamAchieve University for more resources. Also, subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube Channel for free content updated weekly.

Need more ongoing coaching regarding this training plan? Make sure to check out the RunDreamAchieve private coaching community to learn more.

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