5 10 Mile Training Plan


Are you searching how to become a sub 5 10 mile specialist? The RunDreamAchieve sub 5 minute 10 second mile training program is specifically built for athletes seeking to run 5:09.99 or faster for the one mile distance. Check out the details below for more information.

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Seeking a better way to run a mile under 5 minutes and 10 seconds using leverage? Leverage simply means doing more with less so you get better results by working smarter. The hardest working athletes don’t necessarily always get the best results. The smartest ones often times, do. The RunDreamAchieve sub 5 10 mile training plan was built by 4:22 miler and 2:19 marathoner Nathan Pennington, founder of rundreamachieve.com. This one-mile training program is focused mainly on quality versus quantity in terms of volume and caps out at approximately 45 miles at the highest for weekly mileage. Remember, this is the mile, not a 5K or marathon so high mileage is not always needed. It is about specific training methods designed by an athlete who has run under the sub 5 10 mile barrier. What is needed is adequate preparation to get 1:17-18 400m speed to feel more in control and less aggressive.

The sub 5 10 mile training plan is broken up into 4 phases and is a 16-week training program.

The 4 phases are the base, anaerobic introduction, speed specific and taper phases. The goal with this plan is to provide athletes with a 10-day taper. I achieved personal bests of 4:22 for the mile, 50:54 for 10 miles, 1:07:06 for the half-marathon and 2:19:35 following the workouts in these plans. The key is to not drop your volume and intensity too far out. So, you want to ensure you feeling energized and not fatigued. Also, you don’t want to feel lethargic leading into your next race. One of the most common mistakes runners make is they begin dropping their intensity and volume too soon. The result is they feel lethargic, less energized and tired. So, our focus is on a 10-day rather than a 3-week taper to get you to the start line feeling refreshed, confident and in control.

One Mile Plan Specifics

This specific training plan is focused on building stamina, endurance and overall speed to be able to hit 4 laps at 1 minute and 17 to 18 seconds or faster, each. Progression is the key and gradually increasing the speeds of the workouts. Workouts will be on the track or roads and will vary with recovery times in between. The 5 10 mile training program is built to provide more rest and less aggressive splits early on with less rest and much more demanding workouts as the athlete progresses in fitness.

There is a significant drop in volume and intensity in the last 10 days of this training plan. The athlete who is investing in this training program can run their sub 5 10 mile attempt on the track or the roads. It all depends on your preference. If you want to dominate and break the 5:10 mile barrier this is the training plan you want to focus on. Athletes who have run anywhere from 5:20 to 5:30 are the perfect candidates for this sub 5:10 miler training plan. We also have other training planĀ options available.

5 10 mile training plan

Sub 5 10 Mile Run Training Plan Facts

    • Instantly downloadable upon purchase and comes in powerpoint PDF format
    • Plan will be available to you instantly upon payment
    • created by a 4:22 miler, 14:18 5K, 9:27 two-mile, 24:32 5-mile, 50:54 10-mile, 1.07 half marathon and 2.19 marathoner specialist
    • easy, week to week scrolling training plan
    • Purchase is encrypted for your protection
    • 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied
    • Purchase comes with 10% off all RunDreamAchieve Merch at our Merch Store
    • Plans are PayPal verified
    • 16-week training program with a 10-day taper to ensure you get the highest return on your investment
    • One-mile training plan highest mileage week is 45 miles.

So, focus is on quality versus quantity. The goal is to help you to train smarter, not necessarily harder and get better results.

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