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The RunDreamAchieve 4 week marathon training plan is designed for advanced-level marathoners. Are you focused on a shorter training schedule? Our RunDreamAchieve marathon training plans come in easily downloadable format. Earn a new personal best utilizing the same training fundamentals the best marathoners use.

marathon training 4 weeks

This training plan is specifically built for marathoners who need a solid month of training. Is 4 weeks sufficient time to prepare for a marathon? Yes, if you don't want to train long-term. If you are seeking longer training make sure to check out our 8 week marathon training schedule for beginners and 8 week marathon training plan for advanced-level marathon specialists.

Furthermore, marathon training takes commitment and focus. You don't have to run every day to succeed at the marathon distance but you do need to train properly. How many miles during the week are you practicing running at or below goal marathon race pace? This is a topic I discuss in detail in the Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro course within the RunDreamAchieve Academy.

Additionally, the best marathon runners are no different than you and I. What they do is practice and zero in on the goal marathon race pace. They practice running faster than goal race pace often. Running easy is still important but you cannot run easy every day and expect to race well over 26.2 miles. Lastly, there has to be more of your weekly mileage spent at a far higher intensity.

What Makes RunDreamAchieve Plans Worth The Investment?

27 years of national and international experience

Built and designed by 2:19 marathoner and founder of RunDreamAchieve, Nate Pennington

Easy to follow

Instantly accessible upon purchase

30-day money back guarantee.

Remember, no training plan will work unless you do. The best runners are those that are coachable and willing to listen. I am confident the RDA 4 week marathon training plan for advanced marathoners will help you reach your fitness goals. Is 4 weeks sufficient time to prepare for a marathon? It can be for many athletes who are not so much interested in training for 12, 16 or 20 weeks in a row.

The best marathoners focus on leverage. Leverage simply means you are doing more with less. More mileage and longer training blocks do not always guarantee better results. The workouts in this 4 week marathon training schedule helped me to lower my marathon best from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35.

What A 4 Week Marathon Training Schedule Should Focus On

The key strategy to run faster over 26.2 miles is to focus on running at or below goal marathon race pace as often as possible. The long run, if it isn't already, should be the hardest workout that you do. The reason I was able to drop over 21 minutes off my marathon best was varying up the paces in the long run. You should never run long and easy every weekend.

If you are focusing on 4 weeks you are going to have to really drill down on the 30 days that you have. This 4 week marathon training schedule will help you. All 5k to marathon training plans here at RunDreamAchieve comes in a powerpoint presentation format. Workouts are easy to follow and are instantly available upon purchase.

An additional tip to help you run faster over 26.2 miles is to really focus on drinking rather than sipping fluids. Your body needs to be hydrated well during the race and you need to ingest some calories as well while you race racing. A common mistake made by many marathoners is they are not drinking enough fluids during the race. The body desperately needs that. It is a long way to run so make sure you practice drinking rather than just sipping during your training.

Support System

Make sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube Channel where I make videos to help you run faster and gain confidence. There are a lot of resources here from our archives page, RunDreamAchieve Academy as well as personal one-on-one consulting services. Self-development is an investment. RunDreamAchieve training plans are affordably priced. The other resources are well worth the investment but do cost more.

Lastly, you are always more than welcome to contact me here on the site if you have a question or concern. I'm on various social media outlets as well (click on icons at the bottom of the site to follow me). Scroll up and purchase your 4 week marathon training schedule. I look forward to hearing about your new personal best and how the training went.



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