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Are you seeking how to run a 4 00 marathon pace for the entire 26.2 miles or 42.2 kilometers? Learn more about our 24 week marathon training plan designed by the founder of RunDreamAchieve and 2:19 marathoner, Nathan Pennington, below. Get a copy of your 6 month marathon training plan today.

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Are you seeking to better sustain 4 00 marathon pace over 26.2 miles or 42.2 kilometers? If so, our 24 week marathon training plan options is a wise move to get a new personal best. In fact, a 6 month marathon training plan is about as good as it gets. Why? You are not in a rush and are allowing sufficient time for the body to adapt. The marathon is a complicated event. It takes patience, a clear and legitimate plan to get right and perseverance.

Our training plans are built around 4 specific areas in terms of training for this event.

  • Aerobic base-building phase (strengthening the tendons, ligaments and muscles of the body)
  • Specific marathon training phase
  • Speed development phase
  • Taper phase

Remember, it takes between 3 to 4 weeks for the body to adapt to the stresses you are placing on it. So, to run a marathon under 4 hours you have to be strategic in how you train. 24 weeks is an optimal time frame in order to succeed. In fact, the majority of my training over the years for this event has been 20 to 24 week build ups.

What Pace is a 4 00 Marathon?

I believe the longer your base building phase the better off you are going to be. Again, you cannot rush the process. Fitness doesn’t come about overnight. A lot of athletes get too much in a rush and get disappointed when they fail to meet their goals. So, a legitimate training plan over 24 weeks will ensure you don’t miss any steps.

My recommendation is a minimum of 16 and preferably 24 weeks to achieve. Athletes seeking to run a marathon under 4 00 marathon pace needs to hold 9:09 per mile or 5:41 per kilometer. So, in order to do that you have to train at significantly faster paces. Also, you have to set up your long runs in the proper manner in order to run a 3:49.59. I see a lot of runners running too easy, too often.

Our 24 week marathon training plans range from 28 miles to 80 miles per week. Of course, I am fine with athletes adding to or taking away a few miles as they see fit. That being said, the main focus is the harder, anaerobic workouts that count the most. Remember, high mileage is not a guarantee you are going to run a marathon under 4 hour marathon pace. You may want to check out the course I created called the Sub 4 Hour Marathon Mastery course, if interested.

Quality training is what counts when it comes to pace sustainment. The end goal is to teach the body to clear lactic acid faster than it is building up in the body. The only way to do this is by training at the anaerobic threshold and vo2 max. We are running between 85 to 88% of max heart rate at our anaerobic threshold. In addition, between 95 to 100% of our max heart rate at our vo2 max.

I have focused on quality rather than quantity with RunDreamAchieve training plans. Again, my overall is teach athletes to use leverage instead. Leverage simply means doing more with less.

Sub 4 00 Marathon Plan Benefits

  • Higher focus on longer, anaerobic threshold (tempo) runs spent training at speeds much faster than goal sub 4 00 marathon pace
  • Varied paced long runs that are a mixture of both aerobic and anaerobic to improve lactate tolerance
  • High focus on jogging on recovery days to help the athlete adapt to the harder, anaerobic training within our 24 week marathon training plan
  • Weekly Vo2max workout built in to enhance running economy (efficiency) improve your stamina and to lessen the effects of sub 4 hour marathon pace on the body
  • Created by an athlete who has run 1:07:06 for the half-marathon and 2:19:35 for the marathon
  • Backed by over 30 years of experience
  • Sub 4 marathon plan contains mileage between 28 miles and high of 80 miles per week
  • Professional level training tactics to sustain pace longer and minimize negative lactic acid effects on the body
  • Training plan is 24 weeks long, the optimal time frame to train properly for marathon under 4 hours
  • Schedule integrates a 10-day taper to ensure the athlete is fully rested and energized leading into his or her focus marathon event.

Free Online Coaching Mentorship via the RunDreamAchieve YouTube Channel

Retired US Army Major, Nathan Pennington created the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel in 2019 to help runners around the world meet and exceed their fitness and racing goals. You can subscribe to receive guidance and updated videos that are uploaded weekly. Nathan has been coached by three of the world’s top endurance coaches. One, being a Boston Marathon champion.

  • Jack Hazen (Nathan’s collegiate coach from 1995-2000 and 2012 USA Olympic Men’s and Women’s distance coach)
  • Dr. Joe Vigil (one of Nathan’s mentors and a world-renowned exercise physiologist and distance coach)
  • Lisa Rainsberger (coached Nathan from 2007-2010 while he was assigned to the prestigious, US Army World Class Athlete Program)

The training philosophy contained within your 24 week marathon training plan are the same strategies Nathan used to run a PR of 2:19:35 for the marathon and 1:07:06 for the half-marathon. The way to success in the marathon distance is following all of the fundamentals, not just physical training.

24 Week Marathon Training Plan Facts

  • Athletes can easily download their 24 week marathon training plan for easy viewing
  • Once you have purchased your plan, Nathan will personally send you your 24 week schedule
  • Contains a low week of 28 miles with the highest week at 80 miles. Mileage (easy runs) can be adjusted according to your needs
  • Hand crafted and designed by a 2:19:35 marathoner
  • Simple, week-to-week scrolling training plan to help you run your marathon under 4 hours
  • Built specifically for runners who are seeking to break the sub 4 marathon barrier
  • Purchase is encrypted for your protection
  • 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • PayPal verified
  • 6 month (24 week) marathon training plan with a 10-day taper to ensure you are fully rested to go into goal marathon in peak shape.
  • Purchase also includes 10% off all RunDreamAchieve Merchandise apparel and gear

So, if you are ready to become a sub 4 00 marathon athlete get your copy of the 24 week sub 4 hour  marathon training plan today. Make sure to visit RunDreamAchieve University for more resources.

Are you seeking more ongoing coaching regarding this training schedule? Make sure to check out the RunDreamAchieve private coaching community to learn more.

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