16 Week Half Marathon Training Plan

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This 16 week half marathon training plan for advanced level runners will help you PR faster.  This 16-week half marathon plan is built for results. Are you looking for a new way to train this year? This 16 week half marathon training schedule is the perfect fit. All RDA plans are easily downloadable and instantly available upon purchase.

half marathon training program 16 weeks

A half marathon training plan 16 weeks long will get massive results. It is adequate time to train properly for the half-marathon distance. What guided me to lowering my best from 1:10:29 to 1:07:06? You will following the same strategies I followed to break the 1:07:10 barrier. What is the secret to dropping massive amounts of time in the half marathon?

Patience, persistence and tenacity. Patience is key. This trait is found in all the great runners around the world who specialist from the 5K to marathon distance. The biggest reason I created RDA training plans, the RunDreamAchieve Academy and consulting services was to help speed up the learning curve.

Additionally, no athlete likes to experience is failure. My goal here at RunDreamAchieve is to help you bypass the failures and set you up for success. Don't forget we have 4 week half marathon plans, 8 week half marathon training programs and 12 week half marathon schedules. There are a lot of options to choose from.

Why Invest In RunDreamAchieve Half Marathon Plans?

27 years of national and international experience

Designed by 1:07:06 half/2:19:35 marathoner Nate Pennington

First, they are easy to follow

Secondly, they're simple to download

Thirdly, they are instantly available upon purchase

30-day money back guarantee

No training plan will provide results unless you are coachable and willing to put in the work. The same training strategies I used to lower my best from 1:10:29 to 1:07:06 are contained within these 16 week half marathon training plans. Remember, leverage is the name of the game when it comes to racing well at the half marathon distance.

The reason why I was able to lower my half marathon down to 1:07:06 and my marathon to 2:19:35 was I focused more on quality mileage. The same workouts you'll be following in this 16 week half marathon training plan are the exact tactics I used to significantly lower my personal best times.

Why A Strong 16 Week Half Marathon Training Plan Matters

4 months is sufficient timing to achieve elite fitness. 16 weeks provides the optimal timing most runners need in order to produce a great result for the half marathon distance. In addition, it my favorite length for preparing for all my races from the 5K to the marathon.

Furthermore, I believe the longer you span out your preparation, the better. That being said, I would never advise running more than 20 weeks at any one time. Proper planning is important and you don't want to train for too long of a training block as that can lead to staleness. RunDreamAchieve 16 week half marathon training programs are built to help runners utilize leverage to get better results.

In addition, these training plans are simple to follow, come in easily downloadable powerpoint presentation PDF format and instantly available upon purchase. The athlete can view each day's workout and can even scroll through to future workouts to easily view the training that is coming up. The best runners are not so caught up with mileage as they are with the specific training that is needed to produce a specific result.

This may be you first half marathon or you have run a few half marathons already. This 16 week half marathon training plan will help you take the guesswork out of your preparation. It is much easier to have a well-planned 16 week half marathon plan where you know exactly what to do each day.

Support System

Lastly, make sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube Channel where I'll be creating tutorials on how to run faster from the 5K to marathon distances. There are other resources here. If you want one-on-one personal coaching check out my athlete consulting services. It is an investment in your personal development. I routinely pay for consulting services and routinely attend sport and business conferences as it is important to want to be better. You can also contact me right here on the site if you wish.

Scroll up now and purchase your 16 week half marathon training plan. I look forward to hearing about your new 5K personal best and how the race went.



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