16 Week 10K Training Program

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This 16 week 10K training plan is perfect for the advanced level athlete ready to take his or her training to the next level. Read the description below to learn more and get further details.


This 16 week 10K training program for advanced level runners will help you PR faster.  This 16-week 10K training plan is built for results. Are you seeking a new training strategy? This 10K schedule is the perfect fit. All RDA plans are easily downloadable and instantly available upon purchase.

10K training plan 16 weeks

What makes for a great 10K performance? A proper plan and strategy to hold race pace longer. The 10K involves more speed and stamina as compared with the half marathon and marathon distances. In addition, you really have to focus on leg turnover and staying in control while running at faster. 10k racing involves much more aggressive paces as compared with the marathon.

My focus in creating RDA 10K training plans was to help athletes take out the guess work in their training routine. It makes for a much better training block if the workouts are set up for you. You already know what you need to do each day of the week. My speciality is the half marathon (1:07:06 PR) and marathon distances (2:19:35) but was able to run a PR of 31:09 for the 10K distance.

In addition to that, I know what runners have to do in order to perform at very high levels. I've been where you are at and fully understand the time you are giving to this.

Why Invest In A RunDreamAchieve 10K Training Plan?

  • First, all RDA training plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Secondly, there are instantly available upon purchase
  • Thirdly, they are simple to follow
  • easy to download
  • backed by over 27 years of national and international experience
  • created by 31:09 10K and 2:19 marathoner Nate Pennington

I am fully confident that the training principles you will be following in this 16-week 10K training plan will help you get results. 4 months of training for any race distance is sufficient to produce a great result. The key is training properly and being patient for the physiological adaptations to occur.

Why Is A 16 Week 10K Training Program Critical For Success?

4 months is optimal time to produce elite fitness results. 16 weeks is plenty of time to run well for the 10K distance. It provides time to build up your base mileage and work in the necessary workouts needed to run a great 10K time. The strategies and workouts you'll be following in this 16 week 10K training program helped me lower my 10K best from 33:02 to 31:09. In addition, they helped me lower my half marathon best from 1:10:29 to 1:07:06 and marathon from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35.

Leverage is the name of the game when it comes to running faster at any distance. Leverage simply is achieving more results with less work. It is about working smarter, not necessarily harder. Higher mileage does not guarantee results. I tried several times running at 140 miles per week training for the 10K to marathon race distances. I produced my best 10K and marathon on 60 to 95 miles per week.

16 weeks is the best time frame to produce pro fitness. This 16 week 10K training program comes in easily downloadable, powerpoint presentation PDF format. It is instantly available upon purchase and is easy to follow. Each day is planned out for you with helpful tips as you move along. You can also scroll through future weeks to view the workouts you will be doing.

Support System

Make sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube Channel where I will be creating helpful video tutorials for beginner to elite-level athletes. You can also check out our RunDreamAchieve Academy where new runner courses will be introduced to help you run your best. I'm also available on numerous social media platforms (click the icons on bottom of page) if you want help.

My overall goal is to help you utilize leverage to garner better results in your races. I've seen so many athletes over the years working so hard and not getting the results they desire. I've been mentored by some of the world's top distance running coaches and have lived and trained with some of the best 5K to marathon specialist. It is my duty and obligation to give back. RunDreamAchieve 5K to marathon training plans are affordably priced and will not break your bank account.

What they will do is help you use leverage to get better results. Scroll up and purchase your 16 week 10K training program now. I look forward to hearing about your new personal best.


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