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Seeking the best sub 85 minute 10 mile run plan? I’m glad you have arrived here to RunDreamAchieve. Read below for more details about this 10 miler training program focused on helping runners get to 84 minutes and 59 seconds or faster over the 10 mile distance.

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Our sub 85 minute 10 mile run plan is built to help athletes work smarter, not harder.  The program caps out at 64 miles. The schedule is focused on training the athlete to sustain 8:29 mile or 5:16 kilometer pace for 10 miles or 16 kilometers. Our 10 miler training plan options are built focusing on training at or far below goal 10-mile race pace.

One of the biggest mistakes runners make is not training adequately at their anaerobic threshold. Also, not training for a long enough period of time on their feet. The problem arises from insufficient training time at paces below sub 85-minute 10-mile pace. This 10 mile run training plan is specifically built to ensure the athlete knows what to do finally dip below that 85-minute 10-miler barrier.

Our goal with this training plan is to ensure race pace feels more in control and less demanding on the human body. Yes, it will hurt in the latter stages of your 10-mile race. There is no doubt about that. The goal is to clear lactic acid faster than it is building up when you race. Some of the training includes running at paces closer to sub 8-minute mile pace. Also, high emphasis on recovery between hard road and/or track workouts.

10 Mile Training Plan 12 Weeks

We focus on gradually increasing mileage and intensity with equal emphasis on the rest period to ensure”supercompensation”takes place. Remember, all of the benefits of your hard training comes within the recovery period of your training. Your body is 2 to 3 times weaker immediately following a hard workout. So, what you do the hours after your track or road workout is what counts most.

Furthermore, training for a 85 minute 10-mile race takes a combination of hard anaerobic work. In addition, equal attention on relaxed aerobic running. We all know how to work hard but hard work doesn’t always guarantee results. Smart work does.

So, you need to follow what the best middle to long distance runners do and simply emulate their work habits. Why do you think the Kenyans and other top runners in your local area make it look so easy? It isn’t necessarily that they are more talented than you. They have trained sufficiently at paces that are far below their goal 10-mile race pace. Also, they have done this over a long period of time.

10 mile run plan

Training for 10 Mile Run Effectively

What you lack in talent can be made up for good old-fashioned, hard work. I am certain that this 85 minute 10 mile running plan will help you finally break through the sub 85 minute barrier. The 10 mile running plan is is focused on teaching the body to burn fat at race pace. Also, to conserve what it has much less of carbohydrates. Remember, you want to call upon those glycogen stores in the latter stages of your race. More importantly, slow down less than your competition.

The 10 miler training program concludes with a 10-day taper. The reason is to help offset the athlete from feeling fatigued and lethargic. Athletes usually start dropping their intensity and mileage 21 days out and feel more tired than energized. RunDreamAchieve training plans are based on the training philosophies I have been taught by some of the worlds’ top endurance coaches.

Sub 85 Minute 10 Mile Run Plan Facts

    • Plans are easily downloadable and come in powerpoint PDF format
    • The plan will be available to you instantly upon payment
    • Designed by a 50:54 10-miler, 1.07 half marathon and 2.19 marathoner specialist
    • Easy, week-to-week scrolling training plan
    • 1 day off per week to ensure recovery is taking place
    • PayPal verified
    • Purchase is encrypted for your protection
    • 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied
    • 16-week training plan with a 10-day taper to yield you the highest return on your investment

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