1 16 Half Marathon | 8 Weeks


Have as your goal to run a sub 1 16 half marathon successfully? This half marathon training plan was designed by a 1:07:06 half-marathon and 2:19 marathoner and founder of RunDreamAchieve, Nathan Pennington. Check out the details below for further information.

Review the below information for more details.

Review the below information for more details.

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Seeking to run a training plan to help you run under the sub 1 16 half marathon barrier? If so, this 8 week half marathon training will help to ensure you succeed. How do you run a half marathon under 1 hour 16 minutes demands that the athletes sustains 5:57 mile pace for 13.1 miles or 3:42 per kilometer for 21.1 kilometers.

The goal of RunDreamAchieve 8-week half marathon training plans is to help improve the athlete’s lactate tolerance. The workouts contained with this half marathon training program are manually built by a 1:07:06 half-marathoner and founder of RunDreamAchieve, Nathan Pennington. Our goal is to help you slow down less than your competition. In addition, get that sub 1 16 half marathon pace to feel more in control and less demanding on your body.

You will be using the same types of workouts I used to run personal best from 5K to the marathon. Examples of these types of workouts and mindset revolved around this 8 week half marathon training plan are:

  • Focus on longer tempo runs spent training at, near and even below goal half marathon race pace
  • Emphasis on longer, varied place long runs
  • High focus on easy, relaxed running on recovery days to ensure highest ROI for your results
  • 1, vo2max workout per week focusing training down toward your 3K to 10K race pace
  • Plan consists of mileage with low of 31 miles and high of 62 miles per week (more mileage is allowed depending on how you are feeling)
  • Emphasis on mental training and rehearsal
  • Leverage strategies to help outwit your competition
  • 8 weeks long
  • Focus on a 10-day rather than a 3-week taper aimed to get you to your goal race in top shape and motivated rather than tired
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