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Pinkathon is one of the largest and most successful marathons in all of India. Indian running continues to flourish. India is home to some of the biggest marathons in the world like the bangalore marathon.


What I love about this event is it brings women from all over the world together for a great course. I had an aunt that passed away from breast cancer so this marathon’s mission hits home.

The event continues to grow throughout India and participants from around the world participate in it each year.

The pinkathon marathon is the largest race for women in India. Reema Sanghavi and Milind Soman are the founders of this great race.

The mumbai marathon was the first major marathon organized in India in 2014. The success of the first pinkathon race has only produced more interest throughout India.

How Did The Pinkathon 26.2 Mile Event Start?

The pinkathon initially started in Mumbai and had 2,000 runners in its first race in 2012.

Participants all over India travel to cities like Mumabi, Delhi, Bengaluru and Pune to compete.

Have interest in the 5K, 10K or half-marathon?

The pinkathon now has races in these categories as well.

The participant count has continually expanded from 12,000 women competing in 2012 to well over 100,000 today in 2019.

Perks of The Pinkathon 2019

Some of the many perks that go with competing in the Pinkathon events throughout India are free mammograms for women over the age of 45 and cash prizes.

The opportunity to network with your fellow female competitors is the greatest of all as well as free checkups for all women participants.

The pinkathon has helped to increase breast cancer awareness throughout the country. The key is detecting issues within the body early.

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Thanks to the Pinkathon event women all over India are taking up running as a way to improve their health. In fact, the event has created numerous ambassadors for the breast cancer cause. It has also increased motivation to get fitter and live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Equally important, the Pinkathon event green water stations are sprouting up everywhere throughout India. This has increased awareness for cleaner and eco-friendly practices throughout the country. People are using reusable and bio-degradable drinking containers as well.

Additional Benefits Of The Pinkathon

Indian women who have house help can also get their maids or cooks to compete. The event also provides medical care to house help. Additionally, the pinkathon supports the hearing and visually impaired.

There is a new event going on throughout India. Have interest in treadmill running? The treadathon is India’s multi-city treadmill competition that takes place in a mall and is a 12-hour event.

Lastly, the pinkathon also has partnered with Bajaj Electricals to plan 1,000 trees every time a pinkathon event is held. The country continues to flourish thanks to the enormous efforts of the organizers of this great, all-women’s event.

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