Paris Half Marathon 2022 Tips to PR BIG

Are you seeking how to run the paris half marathon 2022 event faster? If so, I am glad you have made it here to RunDreamAchieve, the home of running tips. I have run 1:07:06 for the half marathon and 2:19:35 for the marathon. So, I do understand the complexities of this race distance. Furthermore, my goal is to help you get better results by working smarter rather than harder. There are far too many runners around the world who already know how to work. The goal here is to sustain race pace longer than your competition. Of course, to do that you are going to have to change up your tactics.

One of the biggest mistakes I see runners making is they are running too many miles or kilometers too slow. Also, they are conducting their long runs too aerobically. You need to mix up the paces of your long runs to get better results. No, this process isn’t easy. Yes, it will take some time. That being said, if you do so you are going to start getting some major personal bests. The reason being is you are drastically improving your lactate tolerance. You cannot do this by running easy every day. Yes, you can most certainly improve your endurance. That being said, to run the paris half marathon 2022 event effectively you have to train fast.

Will Paris Half Marathon Go Ahead?

Yes. The 2022 Paris half marathon will be held on Sunday, 6 March 2022. So, the focus now is to get you in the best possible shape. Of course, if you are reading this post and it is past this date the goal is the same. The reason being is the tips and strategies you are learning here can help at any race distance on any date. Remember, focus more on quality than quantity. There are far too many runners working hard and still missing their time goals. So, we need to focus here on using leverage. Leverage simply means doing more with less.

What percentage of your weekly volume are you training at, near or far below your goal half marathon race pace? Is it 10%? 20? I would recommend doing around 40 to 45 percent of your weekly volume at these intensities. Also, make sure you are jogging on your recovery days. I write that because the benefit of your hard work is going to come in the rest period. So, to run the paris half marathon 2022 event effectively you also need to go into it rested. You want to make training the most difficult part of your preparation. So, once you get to the race there is nothing your competition can throw at you. You will be able to react to any surges in the race.

Where Does the Paris Half Marathon Start?

The paris half marathon 2022 event will start at the Harmonie Mutuelle Semi de Paris. Paris is historically known as a fast course. So, train on varied terrain. I would also recommend training over hilly terrain as well. Yes, the course is flat but how stronger and better prepared will you be if you are also training over hills? I am a big believer in conducting faster paced long runs. In addition, always following up the faster long run the following week with a relaxed, easier long run. The reason for this is to ensure you are recovering from your hard workouts. Do you want to drop significant time off of your current personal best for the half marathon or any race distance? Start using this tactic now.

I have training plans and running courses that I have created to help athletes of all capabilities. Again, the key is to use leverage. You could be running 100 miles a week and still miss your half marathon goal time. There are other runners who are running 50 miles a week getting better results? Why? These athletes are running a higher percentage of their weekly volume at, near and far below goal half marathon race pace. So, they are improving their running efficiency by better preparing themselves. I see a lot of runners doubting themselves when results don’t come as quickly as they would like. How are these athletes preparing? Yes, they may be putting in the volume. That being said, what is the percentage training at paces at much faster than goal pace. Are they jogging on easy days and slowing down to ensure recovery is taking place?

Paris Half marathon 2022 Registration

Registration for the half marathon paris 2022 event. So, definitely get signed up if you are aiming at going after a PR at this event. I used to live on Belgium when I was stationed at SHAPE, Belgium near Brussels. So, do realize there are events of all distances all over Europe to choose from. I would definitely say Paris is one of the best races located in Europe to compete in. The competition is always there, race organization is superior and volunteers are professional and courteous. The paris half marathon is definitely a great race to go after a fast time. It is mostly flat and not as many turns as compared to a race like the londonmarathon2022 event.

Closing Thoughts

I know the paris half marathon 2022 race is going to be a great one for you. My goal with this post is to share with you some tips to help you run faster over this distance. I also recommend not neglecting mental training. There are so many runners who fail to prepare mentally for their races. Mental training is essential for successful racing. Remember, it isn’t just physical preparation that goes into running fast times over the half marathon distance. You need to visualize yourself succeeding months and even years in advance before it become a reality in your life.

I did this to help lower my half marathon PR from 1:10:31 to 1:07:06. Also, to lower my marathon best from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35. Are you ready to take your racing to the next level? If so, definitely check out our running courses or training plans. Subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel to get the latest video updates I create each week.

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