Overweight Runners | Should I Start Running if Obese?

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What are some solid tips for overweight runners that will make the most impact?

Are you are a member of the overweight group?

Stay motivated.

Athletes who are overweight have an enormous stress already placed. What I have done doesn’t help, taking the time to care can.

Running, if you are overweight, will not be easy. It will be hard. Of course, with time this will not be the case. You will gain fitness, shed pounds and increase your confidence.

Overweight runners have the most potential for long-term success.

Yes, overweight people are athletes too.

We all are. You just have to chisel out the athlete hidden inside.

Yes, it is not easy but you have to hang on and stay motivated.

Can You Be Overweight and a Good Runner?

You have to continually remind yourself that this quest of losing weight is in your control. In addition, that you will overcome it. Yes, you can still be overweight and be good runner. Remember, the less weight you are carrying the faster you are going to be able to cover your race distance.

So, telling people how to run longer and at goal race pace doesn’t help. Of course, it depends on the athlete’s background. Are you someone who has never run a step in your life? If so, you have to take it much more slowly.

How can you run for 5 minutes without walking? How can you build to 20 minutes of running non-stop? Patience and time.

Your goals are just as challenging as mine.

What Weight is Considered a Heavy Runner?

Is your BMI over 25? Are you over 200 pounds with this metric? If so, you may be considered a heavy runner. That being said, it does not mean you will not be able to run well. Again, less weight will equal better performance

Overweight runners have just as much potential as anyone else.

I wrote about this in Long Distance Running | Run Longer And Get Fasterthe importance of drive, regardless if you are a runner or not, is paramount. I read up on a runner from the United Kingdom by the name of Steve Way.

He was overweight and was a smoker and decided he had to make a change.

The guy ended up running a stellar 2.19.39 marathon at the 2011 London Marathon.

Folks, that is 5.19 per mile pace for 26.2 miles in a row.

Pretty impressive considering this guy was overweight and was a smoker.

He is one of millions of other people who shed pounds and learn to love running.

Here is the deal.

Why are Some Runners Overweight?

It could be for many reasons such as genetic or hormonal. That being said, with consistency and persistent action you can gain fitness. In addition, reach your goal weight.

Your goal may not be to break a 2.20.00 marathon. I get it. Overweight runners have other goals in mind.

  • Think Slow First. The great thing about gaining running ability and fitness is that it revolves around progression. So, take things slow and don’t think too far ahead. Also, focus on small, incremental goals and build on them. For example, extending your long run out to 15 minutes.

Overweight people are athletes. I researched various articles in writing this post and one was termed, “If you want to win more races, lose some weight“.

Of course, easier said than done right? People may not know how to overcome their weight problem and learn to enjoy running.

Character is what emerges from all the little things you were too busy to do yesterday, but did anyway.  ~Mignon McLaughlin

Should I Start Running if Obese?

Are you overweight? Well, you are simply a world-class athlete disguised in a temporary larger version of yourself. Yes, running is one of the best methods to start losing weight. In addition, you will gain confidence and burn fat.

Your only trimming down the athlete you already are by losing weight. People have to have a reason to fight for something they want. They are not always encouraged properly or often enough.

how to start running when you are overweight

If your overweight, want to get back into shape, do a little soul searching and consider soul running.

The most powerful thing any of us can do for one another is encourage each other.

Running is what I breathe and think about. The thought of running may make a person who is overweight sick. So, how can we motivate someone to change? Encourage them.

Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up.

Proverbs 12:25

Mental training is just as important as physical training? Yes, you have to take action, but you also have to take action mentally.

Closing Thoughts

Remember, consider the mindset of a child. They have no limitations. It is we, adults, who create our own limitations. We put limits on ourselves and lose sight of that child-like way of thinking.

Blessed be childhood, which brings down something of heaven into the midst of our rough earthliness.- Henri Frederick Amie

In closing, I encourage you to keep getting through each day. Take it slow, you have just as much potential as anyone else. Find someone or something that is going to fire you up on a daily basis.

Overweight runners should find athletes and supportive team members to surround them.

Be persistent

Think about what you want constantly and don’t think for a second you can’t excel as a runner due to your weight. Time and effort will melt it away and mold you into the athlete you already were, only fitter

Overweight runners are just as determined as any other athlete. I am certain you can get into the shape you are dreaming about.

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