Outdoor Running Treadmill Alternatives

Outdoor Running Treadmill

Outdoor running treadmill options are available for runners who would rather train on the treadmill than in cold temperatures.

I have utilized treadmill training over the years several times being an Ohio valley native.

Winters in Ohio can be atrocious and it makes little to no sense to try to train through a blizzard or when temperatures drop below zero.

A option for runners to outdoor running treadmill training is not a bad option.

The worlds greatest distance runners train on treadmills without thinking anything of it.

We live in a culture here in the United States that seems to think you are not training as hard if you train on a treadmill rather than outdoor running.

It makes no sense but if top runners train on them to supplement their preparation during the winter why can’t you and I?

I wanted to write a few of my favorite workouts that I have used over the years while preparing for my own races when the weather was no cooperating.

Outdoor running during the winter months can still yield enormous results.

Bad weather doesn’t mean you still can’t put in the work on the track or roads but be reasonable with your preparation and be cognizant of your environment at all times.

Treadmill workouts I continue to use

1. Long moderate runs

Length can be anywhere from 6 to 14 miles in length running at a heart rate of 155-65 beats per minute.

You may not believe in heart rate training but since 1995 I have used when I was coached by the 2012 US Olympic head mens and women’s, Jack Hazen.

He was the first coach I had that got me involved with heart rate training and have utilized heart rate monitors ever since.

You want to train at a higher anaerobic level for longer periods of time.

This is key to making race pace feel more in control and using more fat and less carbohydrates at greater efforts.

Easy running doesn’t teach the body to do that, only faster running produces that result.

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2. Repeat Miles

Repeat miles on the treadmill feel quite a bit different than outdoor running.

If you have no other option and have to conduct your hard anaerobic workouts on the treadmill than so be it.

Sometimes you have to do this and there is no way around it.

It feels unnatural running at faster paces on the treadmill compared to outdoor running.

That being said, if you want to achieve your goals badly enough, you’ll make ends meet with what you have.

Always remember, there are people in the world training in far worse conditions with far less than we have and still producing world-class efforts.

A great way to rev your anaerobic engine is by way of doing mile repeats.

You teach the body to use lactic acid and adapt to functioning despite being fatigued.

Your focus has to be on healthy living and getting the most out of your body before, during and after the workouts.

It isn’t easy and don’t expect it to be, that doesn’t mean it has to remain so.

Your body will adapt but you have to be patient.

It takes approximately 21 days for your body to adapt to any stress load you place on it.

If the weather is not cooperating and you want to get a good, hard effort in mile repeats is a great workout you can do indoors.

3. 2-minute hill repeats

Think you cannot run hills on a treadmill?

Think again.

Hitting the incline button on the treadmill will easily make you feel like you’re running up a mountain.

These workouts are extremely tough but work your aerobic capacity.

This is that heart rate zone above 170 beats per minute where you are at nearly an all out sprint.

The great thing about workouts like this is they teach the body to recruit more fast twitch muscle fibers.

The more your body can call upon these the more oxygen capacity you will have and the less your muscles will fatigue.

2 minutes at running at an incline of 2-4% is extremely difficult running but will produce an enormous physiological boost.

In addition, it will make running at race pace feel more controlled, your heart will not have to pump as much blood and, over time, you will adapt to the stress load.

You can change up the amount of time you want to do these and vary the incline setting to best suit your needs but be prepared to hurt.

Hurt-Adapt – Malone University Cross Country Motto

If you have no other option for outdoor running treadmill training is your best bet.

Hopefully this brief article has given you a few ideas to take your running in 2015 and beyond to a new level.

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