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Leadership can be defined in so many ways, how is my post on online leadership training going to be any different?

Well, I would prefer to be candid, blunt, honest and up front about what I consider leadership to be.

My two least favorite words in the english language are comply and consume.

My two favorites?

Produce and create.

We need to start studying the opposite of what we have been taught.

It may be entirely something different to you as we all have our viewpoints but here goes.

Leadership to me is not thinking in the way of an adult but moreso in the way of a child.

Why would I feel this way?

Look around you.

What do you see?

What conversations do you hear at work from your fellow co-workers?

Is it about the boss they have an issue with or other meaningless gossip?

Does the news come up?

Is it productive?

Does it empower and uplift you or make you want to quit your job and run for the hills to freedom, tranquility, peace?

Child And Adulthood Thinking

As children we could do everything.

We didn’t care what our skin color was or how rich or poor our playmates were.

There was no boundaries, no impossible dreams or goals.

No mortgage to pay, college loans to pay back.

Do you know those that think outside the box and unlike the masses who feel comfortable thinking the same way live in a similar fashion?

We, as children, didn’t hate each other if we were Muslim or from a country that some adult states is ‘an axis of evil’.

I am confused to this day how so many people can be so indoctrinated into believing that every Iranian, Palestinian, North Korean (to name a few) are all evil.

What country is the only one to have ever dropped an atomic bomb?

Hatred and war is taught by adults, not children.

True leadership, to me, teaches adults to think creatively like we did as children instead of following the instruction manual.

To accept risk instead of playing it safe.

I am surrounded by normal, it isn’t fun.

People talk about the news and others more they they talk about how to build wealth and gain health.

They’ll spend more time talking about Ebola or what Wolf Blitzer said on CNN last night then they will about failing.

Al Queda, ISIS and other boogymen the news media outlets have brainwashed the masses of people going to and from work in their debt servitude pay attention to.

Online leadership training whether it be a webinar, blog post or other form of discussion should not ask of its readers or listeners to accept the status quo.

Invest In A RunDreamAchieve Training Plan Today

We get enough of that already.

Children are leaders because, at least to me, they remind us of what we have forgotten about.

We are now consumed with what the television set says, taught what to think by those around us.

Studies have shown that when children are shown a picture of a gold coin, a dollar bill and a picture of monopoly money and asked which is real money, nearly every time, the child picks the gold coin.

What does that tell you?

Our own currency hasn’t been backed by anything since 1971, most Americans don’t even realize this.

Gold and Silver is God’s money and has been around for centuries.

We have been a culture that seeks to get without wanting to give.

Is it no wonder so many adults think of network marketing in a negative light?

Their mindset was on what can I get rather than what can I give.

True leaders in the industry do the opposite of what those who say it is a pyramid scheme, scam or waste of time, do.

They know to get, they must first give and have the customer’s needs first and foremost on their mind.

Expectations And Demands

I can tell you that in the past 20 months my life has changed having joined Herbalife and I’ll tell you why.

It was the first time I let go of adult mentality, which states that network marketing is a scam, pyramid ‘scheme’ or ‘get rich quick’ con job.

It is the same people who are saying this who are employees, accepting where they are even if they are unhappy.

I am not saying being an employee is bad, especially if you like working for someone else and enjoy what you do.

The reality is the majority of the world do not feel the same way.

If you want to learn wealth, study wealth – Jim Rohn

I don’t have any problems with employees as I have been one for the past 12 years.

I am now 38 and am simply choosing to think differently, working for someone else is not necessarily bad, but I can do better.

Go to school, get good grades and get a job is what I, as well as just about every other employee has been taught.

I work with people who are miserable and not happy with their circumstances.

They tell me they would quit if they could.

Then why don’t they?

Facing your fears and living a life that’s free is easy. Spending the rest of your days living half a life is hard.” ― Eric Worre, Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

We are fearful we will not be able to pay our bills and provide for our families are viable reasons for sure but while we are working our full-time jobs it doesn’t mean we can stop working on ourselves.

Work harder on yourself than you do at the job. Working hard at the job will make you a living, working hard on yourself will make you a fortune – Jim Rohn

Re-read the above quote to yourself once more.

Do you wake up each day and ask yourself,

Am I doing everything I can to better my health and wealth?

What choices am I making that keeps me from doing the same routine, day in and day out?

These are the important, tough questions we are not asking ourselves.

Our time is limited yet we accept normal and comfortable for what it is.

It takes risk to break away from this normality and if you are like me, you want more out of life than staying in the same routine.

Reality Check

The experience I had in Afghanistan that I wrote about in interest versus commitment changed my thinking dramatically.

The men who were on that deployment team with me are all still in the military, accept for one, and it isn’t me.

A few have even deployed again and fortunately, redeployed safely back here to the United States.

Business as usual for these men as they love what they do.

They all could spend their time studying wealth so that they could be with their families more often or have more money in the bank.

Instead, they talk about their football teams, drinking beer or other things that interest them.

We all have interests but when health and wealth are not involved, I am not interested.

They all experienced the same ‘near miss’ that night as I did, yet they continue to accept their employment lifestyle, trading life for a paycheck.

What I realize is ownership, full control and leverage of my time, not the amount of rank on my collar or what car I drive, is what I am most interested in.

I never wanted to be rich. I just wanted to be comfortable. What I now realize is to be comfortable you have got to be rich. I do not think the root of all evil is money. I believe the absence of money is the root of all evil – Les Brown

Military members passion is to serve and we all serve in different ways.

I am still in the military but my mindset is completely different as I see a lot of things now that I was completely blind to and never took action upon for over a decade of my life.


The greatest benefit isn’t getting what you want. The greatest benefit is what you’ll need to become in order to get what you want.  – Eric Worre, Entrepreneur, network marketing professional

What I experienced that night was entirely different.

I have read too many obituaries and have seen far too much chaos on both our side and the so-called enemies side that my decision was to think like a child and make a choice to try something different.

I read about the rich getting richer, while our men and women, most of whom are below to middle class, come back from wars maimed, mentally unstable or worse.

This is a wake up for call for anyone who is currently serving.

Why are they are they hanging out in Monaco or, sipping martini’s on a white sand beach somewhere while you are overseas, away from your loved ones, risking your life fighting for some billionaire or trillionaire who helped fund it?

People are spending their life allowing others to think for them instead of thinking for themselves.

Something has to change, either you and I make that change or someone else will gladly do it for us.

I didn’t start rundreamachieve to be a site about me.

It could have been where I talk about my racing and how I did this and that.

What good would have that been for anyone.

I am trying to wake people up, get them out of the mind fuc* they have been stuck in there entire lives as I had to do.

When you want to succeed as badly as you want to breathe, then you will be successful – Eric Thomas

This is what drives me every day.

I am fed up with normalcy.

It is time for a change and sitting idly by doing nothing about it is not acceptable.

My time to change is now, whether my friends or family listen, is not my concern.

All toxic friends and associates I am choosing to have limited association with.

I simply cannot have negativity any more in my mental rolodex.

We have been subject to decades of negative programming from television, radio, to friends and family who think the same way.

We are all taught to conform. Incredible pressures are put on us every day to do things the ‘right way’ and yet no one ask the question ‘is this really the right way?’ We live our lives to please those around us and the scary thing is the people around us, are doing, exactly the same thing – Eric Worre

Choosing to re-wire your neural pathways and making small changes in the way you think can make a world of difference.

The majority of people will not be willing to spend weeks, months and years without television reading books instead.

The luxury of the weekend watching television is so comforting.

The bottom line is this, in order to live comfortably, you and I are going to have to be more than interested.

There must be absolute commitment to action.

Are you willing to endure?

If others want to talk about CNN and talk broke they can choose to do so but our life is too short not to focus our attention on love, abundance, creativity, strength, empowerment, happiness.

We all have one life and people, those that truly care and can drastically change our lives, will walk into our lives.

It is up to us to listen and the reality is most don’t and settle in where they are.

The reality is most people like having a safe, secure, salaried job and trade their time driving to and from work in a vocation that they chose.

They like having someone else take care of them but as I write this online leadership training post I want you to think about your time.

How much control of it do you have?

Do wake up when you want to?

Have you created the reality you wanted as a child or has your peers, teachers, parents, friends and colleagues helped create it for you.

Did you to go to college to get a college degree so you could get a good paying job like I did?

Did you go to graduate school so you could get an advanced degree like I did so you could be more marketable than your fellow man?

Do you have college debt that you payed for 12 years on to pay back the debt you had to take out because you followed the rules and instruction manual?

Are you a multimillionaire because you didn’t follow the status quo, go to college or finish high school?

True leadership is thinking outside the box and all I see around me is people who are thinking and doing the same thing.

Life is too short not to live to our fullest extent and at any given time, we can change it.

We are not trees!

My Deployment Reality

I spent 4 months in Afghanistan in 2012, much of that time was spent on patrol missions outside the safety of our forward operating base or the ‘FOB’ as Soldiers call it here in the United States.

I prayed for safety as we left ‘the wire’ out into the dusty roads, through mountain passes and neighborhoods.

I remember the eyes of the men, women and children as we drove by.

I can remember driving by children and through neighborhoods as people through rocks at our trucks and could I blame them?

They were taught to hate us just as we have been taught to hate other countries.

Is it no wonder I have more of a fondness to children then to adults?

My thoughts were always those of safety, alertness and calm but I also felt an unease in my heart.

As I placed on my full battle kit uniform, loaded my weapon and climbed into those up armored trucks a million thoughts went through my head.

You want real online leadership training, you came to the right place today.

In the United States military you are considered a ‘leader’ when you pin the rank of a Non-Commissioned Officer.

My viewpoint is different, anyone who follows their heart, even at the risk of not looking like a leader by other so-called leaders, is my idea of what a true leader is.

A child is a leader and can teach adults more leadership qualities.

All ranks of the military are leaders, not all Soldiers are killers or want to hurt anyone, most mean well.

I would rather be an artist than a leader. Ironically, a leader has to follow the rules – Criss Jami

Every individual who chooses to volunteer to fight their Nations’ freedom is a leader but it takes true leadership to ask why the military exists in the first place?

True leadership is not interested in following the instruction manual but leaders, in the eyes of modern day society state, as long as you do as you’re told, follow orders, you are a good leader.

What is a good leader?

What is a bad leader?

Success and Failure

We gloat and salivate over the successful but the failures of the world we look down at.

The failure in the military may be someone who doesn’t meet the boss’s expectations and gets a poor evaluation report.

It could be someone who has had a hard time with their fitness and fails to pass a military physical fitness test and despite having 22 years of leadership experience is kicked out on account of it.

How can you achieve your dreams? I’ll tell you the secret but no one ever follows it. Just do things different, do things in life the way other people don’t do them – Sheldon Adelson, multi-billionaire

I work with someone who is experiencing this right now.

So, my question is, is being a leader following what others tell us we ought to do or is it following our hearts as we did when we were children?

Is being a leader adhering to the rule book, following the instruction manual, showing up on time or trying something that just might not work, involves risk or may make us look bad?

If our time is limited than why do we spend so much of it worrying what others think of us?

Why do we spend so much time trying to measure up?

Some things in life simply don’t matter and yet we give them so much weight.

Where did we go wrong?

Doing less meaningless work, so that you can focus on things of greater personal importance, is NOT laziness. This is hard for most people to accept, because our culture [American] tends to reward personal sacrifice instead of personal productivity – Timothy Ferris, author of the 4-hour work week

Nutritional Products, Athletic Performance And Hard Work

Online leadership training, as it pertains to athleticism and my partnering with Max International, is also about being up front and honest.

Life is more than running.

I have friends who have no identity outside of the sport and just read recently that the 2014 Boston Marathon champion, Rita Jeptoo of Kenya, was busted for taking performance enhancing drugs.

They can run fast and they like to tell others they can, but at the end of the day my (or their) personal best for the marathon distance, doesn’t do a damn thing for your bank account, health or time.

No product is going to do the hard work that is involved to become a great runner.

No, you have to rely on your hard work and dedication in order to get results.

You also have to think differently than the majority of the people around you.

In order to have what others will not have you have to do what others will not do – Les Brown

People with little to no education or work experience were making more money in a month than some trained professionals make in a year.

These people owned their time.

What a difference.

I chose it because of the two massive needs they were helping other people answer, questions that the status quo wasn’t.

Those two needs are economic and health related.

How do we answer those needs?

Thinking like true leaders and innovators think.

Who brainwashed you into believing that the only way to earn a living was to have a job – Seth Godin, best selling author, entrepreneur

What Max showed me was how to make money work for me instead of me working for money.

This is what the majority of the Industrial Aged world still follows.

People would do better if they knew better – Jim Rohn

Not Down On Jobs Just Up On Opportunity

Those of us who have jobs are fortunate to have them with the way the economy is.

I hear that quite often but the fact that we have submitted a resume or applied for a job tells me we all have bought into the indoctrination we have been given since we were kids.

We were brought up to be consumers, to think as employees, to work for someone else.

You have no boss when you become an entrepreneur.

Your success is dependent on yourself and how much work you are willing to put in.

Are you interested or committed?

It also depends on if you are willing to listen to those who do not follow the instruction manual.

I mean no disrespect to the wonderful leaders I have known over the years in and out of uniform, but most do what they are told, play it safe and follow the steps to being a good employee.

All you have to do is look around and you can see what normal looks like, it isn’t hard to miss.

How do you break free and start thinking for yourself instead of allowing others to think for and run your life?

Follow your heart even at the risk of others thinking less of you.

Who cares if they do.

Are your decisions and thought process putting money into their bank account?

More than likely, no, so why do you spend so much time worrying what they think?

Stop doing that!

It starts with you and you, as well as I, have the choice to take action or simply remain where things are comfortable.

You don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great – Les Brown

Steps To Online Leadership Training

1. Stop thinking like a consumer

We consume but we never have our fill.

We are taught since we are young to buy things yet ironically all the bells and whistles never give anything back as it pertains to income or health.

There are tons of things in your home and life that you don’t use, need, or even particularly want. They just came into your life as impulsive flotsam and jetsam and never found a good exit. Whether you’re aware of it or not, this clutter creates indecision and distractions, consuming attention and making unfettered happiness a real chore. It is impossible to realize how distracting all the crap is – whether porcelain dolls, sports cars, or ragged T-shirts – until you get rid of it. – Timothy Ferris

Seek out the reason why that is so.

Use your imagination like you did when you were a kid.

If you fell, so what, you got back up.

When did you worry about a boss then?

Did the fact that you fell off your bike make you give up trying to learn how to ride it?

You learned by failing!

If you asked a question when you were a child did you stop asking just because your mother or father told you to?

No, we all kept asking until we got an answer.

Why have we stop asking the tough questions now as adults?

Are we afraid that someone may be offended?

2. Start thinking like a producer

A producer creates art, is not afraid to fail, embraces it and realizes that it a part of the success formula.

If you want success than you had better be willing to fail.

Producers are entrepreneurs.

I was watching the video I have attached of Elon Musk, who failed many times and nearly lost his enormously successful businesses, Tesla Motor Company and Space X.

Do you think he accepts being an employee?

I am not saying there is anything wrong with working for someone else but what I am trying to convey is that we are all here for an extremely short amount of time.

Are you seeking to gain control of it?

Are you focusing on clean, healthy living?

Do you think you will do so by working a job?

How much of it is wasted by someone else telling you how you are to spend your day?

Are you doing the things necessary today to have the things other people who do not choose to take action will not have?

3. Stop being afraid to fail

As children we spent most of our day playing, being creative, falling, getting back up.

You try that today and you will be considered a failure.

Your evaluation report may be affected if you don’t keep up with the boss’s demands and expectations.

What if you fail?

The truly successful people, whether they be marathoners, business or network marketing professionals, all realize that failure is a part of the process.

You don’t win the New York City Marathon because of a nutritional supplement.

I had an acquaintance write to me and say

I’m sorry for your struggles as a marathoner.

I wrote back thank you but I value those struggles because had I not experienced them I would have never earned a National ranking or ran a marathon in a time only a handful of men in the United States are able to run.

The struggle needs to carry more weight than it does with people.

People are attracted to me because one, I care, and two, they know I have experienced what it feels like to miss the mark and they can relate to that.

Rundreamachieve isn’t a website about Nathan Pennington, but about helping others get what they want or at least trying to motivate and throw gems to people willing to listen.

All we seem to respect, admire and salivate over is success.

Success stems from the struggle and if you want it, you had better be willing to accept and respect it for what it is.

Don’t run from it.

We all have the capacity to do more than we are doing yet we get comfortable in our own, safe little world and as long as we color in between the lines we are happy.

Your time is limited.

What are you doing today to gain control of your time?

It is time for you and I both to start thinking outside the lines of safety.

The ‘right time’ is never right.

Who guaranteed you and I tomorrow?

There will never be the perfect time so stop adhering to the negative voices that surround you.

Online Leadership Training Truth

Hard work and getting up when you fall is a way to make it across the finish line in first place at New York City, not because of a product you endorse.

You also have to good genes and extreme work ethic.

You can supplement your training with world-class nutritional products but if you want to be great at anything, don’t be under the delusion that you can have it without work.

4. Think Differently

I consider a child more of a leader than some of the most distinguished leaders I have ever known.


A child isn’t concerned with his or her ego.

They don’t care if you have run a 2.19 marathon or are a Hall of Fame Basketball player.

The don’t know what hate or war is nor do they care.

They, like pets, love you unconditionally.

They are willing to keep trying when they fail.

They don’t stop asking questions and their questions can test you.

The mark of a great leader is one who isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions.

Adults consider you an authority on a subject if you have mastered it yet most adults forget that anyone who has mastered any area of their life were first students.

True leaders don’t forget that humbleness is important, not forgetting that you too, we’re once a novice.

The great speakers and professionals in all areas were once timid and fearful, some still are, yet they still do it anyway.

The thought of sitting back and not trying makes them sick to their stomach.

Following the rules, sitting in straight rows, doing as you are told, obeying and complying is not being a good leader in my opinion.

My opinion means very little to most.

Will this post completely shock and change anyone’s life?

It can, if people take actionable steps to do the things that most people that surround us will not, but the reality is most people will keep doing what their reality has taught them.

I hope this online leadership training post has moved you in some way and that you seek out what the few choose to study.

Life is meant to be lived and my intent of this post was to motivate you to take control of it instead of letting someone else do it for you.

Adults compete with one another.

If you came here for online leadership training I want to be very clear, your feeling may get hurt so just want you to be aware of that.

I pull no punches here at rundreamachieve.

I didn’t create this site to be a ‘me’ site but a ‘we’ site.

What good does it to tell you what place I took in my last race or what workouts I am currently doing?

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