On the Cloud Shoes | 2024 Review

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On the Cloud Shoes are the world’s lightest fully cushioned running shoes. Their unassuming design makes them suitable for a range of activities from racing 5ks to running errands.

On’s patented CloudTec system is comprised of tiny hollow ‘clouds’ on the outsole. The ‘clouds’ compress with impact and expand to absorb energy. Also, providing sneakers that are highly sought-after for their unique style and comfort. This innovation has become one of the main reasons why On’s shoes have become so popular over time.

What is Special About On Cloud Shoes?

On the Cloud Shoes are engineered with cutting-edge running technology to set them apart from competitors. Their lightweight design is both breathable and comfortable, making them a great option for everyday wear.

The latest On Cloud model features elasticated speed laces that can be quickly pulled on and off. Thus, without the need to tie them. This feature is standard across the entire On Cloud family of sneakers. Also, making them great for a variety of activities such as gym sessions or workout classes.

Moreover, the upper is made from engineered mesh which is both breathable and lightweight. Additionally, it has a gusseted tongue for additional structure to the shoe and an improved fit on your feet.

On is renowned for using many recycled materials in their shoes. Particularly, they utilize polyamide called PA11 that’s derived from castor bean oil – a material which can be reused and recycled multiple times. This helps them conserve resources during production while making products more eco-friendly.


Are on Clouds Good for Your Feet?

Many people work jobs that require them to be on their feet all day long. That can be taxing, so investing in a shoe that helps reduce fatigue and provide support for your foot may be beneficial.

The On Cloud shoes are ideal for everyday use and boast a unique design that provides cushioning, stability and support. Plus they’re lightweight and breathable – making them more comfortable to stand in all day.

They boast a multi-layer sole that absorbs shock and provides an agile ride, making them ideal for people who spend a lot of time standing or walking – particularly those who run regularly.

On the Cloud 5 shoes are lightweight and boast an 8mm heel-to-toe drop, providing all-day comfort if you’re on your feet for extended periods. Furthermore, these waterproof shoes can handle rain, sleet or snow with ease.

What Country is On Cloud Shoes From?

On Cloud Shoes is a Swiss shoe brand founded in 2010 by former Swiss Ironman champion Olivier Bernhard. It quickly gained notoriety as one of the most sought-after running shoe brands within Switzerland.

Since 2010, On has gained the support of more than 3 million runners in more than 50 countries. Their products are tailored for any runner and come in an array of styles and colors that suit everyone.

They are a relatively new brand in the industry, but their running sneakers provide innovative technology designed to maximize performance. Additionally, they are lightweight and comfortable – making them an ideal choice for any runner.

These shoes are meticulously engineered in Switzerland by a team of expert scientists. Utilizing only high-performance materials and the most cutting-edge technology, they offer unbeatable comfort and style.

On relies on a number of contract manufacturers, including three in Vietnam. They work closely with these businesses to manufacture their footwear and are open about where they source their materials.

Are on Clouds Really Comfortable?

On the Cloud Shoes are an excellent choice for runners seeking increased foot comfort during workouts. Their special technology cushions impact and energizes take off, reducing shock on your feet and knees.

They are also incredibly lightweight and comfortable for long runs, making them ideal for beginners or anyone feeling burdened by their previous shoes. You can find these sneakers in a range of colors and styles on Amazon, Zappos, REI, Fleet Feet, DICK’S Sporting Goods and other online retailers.

On The Cloud 5s are a great casual shoe with an unmistakably stylish look and On’s speed lacing system, which makes them effortless to slip on and off – perfect if you hate having to deal with laces!

How Did On Cloud Shoes Get Popular?

On the Cloud Shoes have become popular due to their unique and comfortable design. Crafted with special material, they provide your feet with a softer sensation when wearing them, plus they keep your feet cool and dry even when sweat accumulates inside them.

Olivier Bernhard, the founder of On, wanted a shoe that stood out from others. Drawing upon his extensive running experience, he wanted to provide his feet with an improved running sensation. Together with partners David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti they set out to design an improved running shoe with improved cushioning properties.

They utilized their newly developed technology to create shoes that feel like “running on clouds.” The soles are filled with hollow pockets to absorb shock and impact from each step, creating a sensation of “running on clouds.”

This groundbreaking technology is what has made On the success it is today. Their founders were former professional athletes, so they understand how runners run and how to optimize performance. As a result, On has won multiple awards for its groundbreaking footwear designs.

Do On Cloud Shoes Have an Arch?

No matter your foot arch type or level of fitness, there are running shoes designed with your needs in mind. But if you have flat feet, it’s essential to find shoes with adequate support and cushioning.

Suzanne Levine, DPM, RPT, PC suggests looking for shoes with even arch support when selecting your footwear. To test your arch strength, Levine suggests performing what’s known as the “wet test” on paper with water running over it.

The wet test is an effective way to assess your arch shape and determine which shoes may be necessary. All that requires is that you step on a piece of paper and observe whether the imprint is skinny or oval-shaped.

The Cloudflyer shoe is ideal for runners who require additional stability underfoot. It features forked Cloud outsoles to reinforce your medial foot, along with Helion(tm) superfoam to provide cushioning. Furthermore, this model has a multilayer speedboard(r), which helps prevent overpronation, and an exclusive star lacing system to provide secure closure.

How Long Do On Cloud Shoes Last?

On Cloud Shoes are designed to be a versatile shoe that can be used for walking, running, hiking and even travel. Their many construction callouts influence how they perform in various contexts; on the whole they are ideal for everyday people looking for comfort, durability and long-term performance.

The lifespan of On Cloud shoes varies based on how often you use them, your body type and the conditions where you train. On average, these shoes should last somewhere between 500 miles and one thousand kilometers.

With On’s unique subscription service, they send you new shoes every six months so your footwear remains at its peak performance. Additionally, the company uses recycled materials in its shoes such as the heel, tongue, lining and lace to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Can On Cloud Shoes Get Wet?

On the Cloud Shoes are waterproof and ideal for running in wet or muddy conditions. Their sturdy midsole provides extra traction on rocky or unstable terrains, making them an excellent choice for hiking enthusiasts.

If you want your On the Cloud Shoes to stay clean, be sure to first remove all mud and dirt from them before washing. You can bang them together over a garbage can or brush them off with an old toothbrush to get rid of any residue that might remain.

Another way to clean your On the Cloud Shoes is by washing them in the washing machine. Simply follow the instructions provided on your footwear’s label for instructions on how best to do so.

However, it’s essential to read the tag carefully so you can do this safely and without damaging your footwear. Use a lower thermal setting and stop the cycle regularly to inspect your footwear for damage or defects.


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