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The on cloudventure waterproof shoe is definitely one of the top running shoes I’d recommend here at RunDreamAchieve. The On Running brand is known world-wide. Have you never heard of it? No worries. The brand was founded in 2010 and the shoes are manufactured in Switzerland. In fact, the company also has an elite running team that are doing some pretty awesome things around the world.

Recently, at the 2022 Bislett Games in Norway On Running elite team member Joe Klecker ran a 13:04.92 5,000m placing 4th overall. In addition, Oliver Hoare broke the Oceanic and New Zealand national record in the mile placing 2nd in 3:47.48. On has some of the very best training, trail running and racing shoes on the market today.

On Cloudventure Waterproof Review

The On Cloudventure waterproof trail running shoe has definitely been given an upgrade since the older, non-waterproof version. In fact, the On cloudventure waterproof shoe has striking similarities from the On running cloudventure shoe. For example, it gives the users feet greater protection from the outdoor elements. Trail runners will certainly love this shoe as they will keep your feet dryer and warmer during cold, wet months of the year.

I hope that this waterproof on cloudventure review will provide some insight on this shoe. Of course, you can always leave a comment below as well in case you have additional questions. The cloudventure is a great shoe and very comfortable. That being said, the on cloudventure waterproof is equally as supportive and comfortable to wear as well. One of the greatest benefits of this shoe is they definitely keep your feet dry. No one has time for wet, soggy shoes to deal with during rainy weather.

Waterproof has never sounded so good. The On Running shoe brand definitely knocked it out of the part with this model for sure. That being said, the outsole of the on cloud venture waterproof shoe model isn’t as flexible as the cloudventure. Of course, the waterproof model does have more durable materials. So, this is to be expected. The shoe is very comfortable thanks to the laces that help to ensure it is locked in with a snug fit.

On Cloudventure Waterproof Upper

The upper mesh material of the waterproof on cloudventure isn’t quite as breathable as compared with the cloudventure. That being said, it most certainly will keep your feet and toes warm during cold runs. The colder, rainier weather, the more a shoe like this is going to be a necessity. So, definitely keep this one in mind.

In addition, it is also great if you wear these during warmer, hotter conditions too. The reason being is if it is raining the shoe will drain much better. Also, will dry off much more effectively too. On Running definitely designed this shoe well. The on cloudventure is the non-waterproof version of the shoe. This version of the shoe is a much better option for trail runners on dry, warm days.

Toe Box

The toe box of the on cloudventure waterproof shoe definitely provides protection for your toes. We already know trail running involves a lot of uneven ground. In addition, rocks, logs and other debris to deal with. So, having a shoe like this will definitely ensure your toes and feet are well protected. In addition, plenty of comfort and cushion changing directions on trails.

The upper of the shoe also has very durable, mobile material. Thus, you get extra support as well as protection regardless what weather condition you are dealing with. Also, the toe box works to ensure you are protected if in case you stub your toe accidentally.

Your heels will also be supported better with the newer waterproof model. There is extra padding and the shoe is extremely comfortable to wear as well. Your feet will also be snug and will be locked in place with the shoe as compared to the non-waterproof cloudventure version.

Cloudventure On Cloud Trail Running Shoe Inner, Tongue and Laces

The shoes inner attached to the tongue of the forefoot area of the shoe. I also highly recommend looking over the other models On has such as the mens Cloud X shift, womens cloud X shift, mens cloud 5 waterproof shoe, womens cloudflyer, womens cloud 5, womens cloudmonster, womens X 2.0 and mens cloud nova.

The inner of the on cloudventure waterproof shoe ensure no debris gets into the shoe. In addition, it works to keep the tongue of the shoe in place and lowers the risk of chafe. Most importantly, the shoes will make sure water and mud never reach your feet.

Who has time for that anyway while running right? The laces of the shoe allow for stretching. So, your feet can adjust accordingly to the temperatures outside whether hot or cold. In addition, the tongue of the shoe is lightweight ensuring no unneccesary weight above the top of the foot.

Speedboard and Outsole

One of the best updates of the on cloudventure waterproof shoe is the outsole. You now have more control over the conditions you are running in thanks to the multiple grip patterns. In addition, the zig-zag channels within the shoe will ensure you don’t slip when changing directions. Also, prevents slippage while running on more smooth running surfaces as well.

The outsole of the older version had a tendency to have mud stuck to the pods. Thus, the ability to propel you forward was greatly reduced. In addition, the older version would get heavier because of this which I was not a fan of.

Thankfully, the latest technology of the waterproof version is much more durable and reliable. The CloudTech pods found within the shoe provide superior cushioning with every stride you take. It is an amazing and definitely innovative shoe technology system On Running has created.

Additional Benefits

The On Cloud Venture Water Proof shoe also provides On Running’s Zero gravity cloud elements. The grip overlay provides extra trail toughness and gives the user the feeling of running on clouds, literally. So, you can definitely own any trail terrain you are dealing with easily and comfortably.

The shoe has a drop of 6 millimeters from the heel to the toe. On running shoes are very popular with this feature. So, you get minimal drop which for most runners is sufficient. Of course, other runners do prefer a larger drop. I simply like keeping the drop of my shoes as minimal as possible. The reason being to keep running form has optimal as possible.

The shoes weahs about 340 grams for size 8.5 in men (US). In addition, considering it’s a trail shoe, is very lightweight. The waterproof version is about 45 grams heavier than the non-waterproof version. Do you want the absolute lightest version of On Running’s trail running shoe? If so, definitely check out the on cloudventure peak. It is perfect for runners who want to run very fast over trails.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this overview of the on cloudventure waterproof shoe has been helpful to you. Make sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. I create new content there each week to help runners such as yourself get to the next level in their training and racing.

We have a lot of resources here from running courses, monthly online coaching and training plans to help set you up for success. You are more than welcome to visit the about page if you would like to know more about my racing background and philosophy. Wishing you continued success in your trail, track and road racing career. Keep me posted on your progress.

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