On Cloudultra Running Shoe Review

Road or trail runners alike will love On Cloudultra shoes for their ultra cushioning and comfort on every mile. The shoe company utilizing their innovative CloudTec outsole. Thus, On has designed their first trail shoe to take on long distances while keeping your feet content. Be sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. I focus on making new content there each week for runners and fitness minded professionals. I hope that this post and the resources you find here will be helpful to you.

They’re designed with On’s successful Cloudtec design, which utilizes hollow cells to absorb impact and propel you forward. By working with your stride and the biomechanics of your feet, these shoes provide a smooth, responsive ride.

Are Cloudultra Good for Running?

Swiss-based On Running has long been known for creating shoes with the motto of “Running on Clouds”. Their models feature pods beneath the feet which offer cushioning and responsiveness while still offering a lightweight feel.

These shoes boast an excellent reputation for comfort. Thus, making them a great option for runners who prefer soft surfaces to run on. Furthermore, their light weight means you won’t feel like you’re wearing a heavy shoe while out running.

However, you might notice their shoes to be on the narrower side for some people when compared to other brands. If this applies to you, it would be wise to purchase one size larger than usual.

On has designed the Cloudultra as a trail shoe designed for all terrain. This includes long distances on rocky trails and off-road running in mountains. The upper is constructed of two layers mesh which is lightweight. Also, breathable while providing extra support in high wear areas.

Are On Cloud Ultras Good for Hiking?

Swiss-based On Running creates road, trail and hiking shoes with an innovative concept: “running on clouds”. Their shoes utilize hollow pods (called “clouds”) that compress for a cushioned landing. The result is you will rebound with energy return as you take off.

The Cloudultra utilizes On’s signature Helion superfoam and Cloudtec outsole construction. Also, featuring air pocket (or “cloud”) pods running the full length and width for exceptional cushioning on technical terrain. Plus, On has included Speedboard. It is a plastic plate in the midsole designed to offer extra protection when running over rocks or tree roots.

The Cloudultra weighs in at 1 pound, 6.6 ounces. In addition, it compares favorably with other top women’s hikers. For example, the Salomon’s X Ultra 4 GTX and Danner’s Trail 2650 GTX. Also, HOKA’s Speedgoat 5 trail runner. The shoe has a lightweight design and grippy Missiongrip rubber compound. Thus, this shoe makes an ideal trail-to-town shoe that isn’t as bulky as traditional hiking boots or fast packers.

How Much is On Cloud Ultra?

On Cloudultra is an elite ultra-running shoe designed by On Running that provides comfort with an energy-efficient sole. The shoe is crafted with two layers of mesh for excellent airflow and weight reduction. In addition, its upper features a two-layer mesh upper for lightweight ventilation.

The outsole is constructed with On’s proprietary CloudTec material. So, it compresses upon foot strike and reboundes to provide energy with each step. Additionally, it features a speed board made of Pebax liquid-injected TPU plastic. Also, with elastomers which add rigidity to the pods in the midsole.

Despite this additional layer of foam, the shoe remains lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy or stiff on your feet. This makes it ideal for those who require additional cushioning without compromising speed.

The On Cloudultra comes in an array of colors, so you can pick the pair that matches your personal style perfectly. Not only is it great for running and hiking, but its price point also offers you great performance for your money. If you’re searching for a high-end trail running shoe without breaking the bank, this might just be it!

What Are On Cloud Shoes Good For?

On Cloud Shoes are designed with active people in mind – people who like to stay active wherever life takes them. This Swiss brand offers a comprehensive selection of shoes to accommodate all running disciplines, such as road running, trail running and multi-terrain terrain.

Each On Cloud shoe is powered by the revolutionary CloudTec technology, providing soft cushioning with explosive take-off in its unique sole design. It utilizes a combination of padding, mesh and inner supports to provide comprehensive foot protection.

The sole of a shoe is composed of individual pods beneath that collapse when your foot hits the ground, then spring back into shape for cushioning and an energetic response. On’s signature Speedboard(r), situated between CloudTec midsole and upper section, helps transfer energy generated on landing into forward motion as you push off.

On’s CloudTec is a responsive and springy sole that adapts to the foot’s natural movements, helping reduce muscle fatigue and lower your heart rate. Additionally, it protects against heel impact and minimal toe-off so your feet remain secure as you run or walk.

Who is On Cloud Owned by?

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Though many may be familiar with On Cloud, the brand only represents a portion of the market share. Although avid runners are an important segment for On Cloud customers, the company could expand its awareness and success by targeting other demographics like sustainability initiatives.

Why Are OC Shoes So Popular?

The On Cloudultra is a top-of-the-line trail running shoe designed for ultra distances. Combining two layers of Helion superfoam midsole with Speedboard rockplate technology for superior grip, stability and propulsion, it offers an impressive entry into On’s trail lineup.

For the first time ever, On has integrated their Helion foam into a trail shoe to provide improved cushioning that’s ideal for long treks. Plus, their Missiongrip outsole rubber provides generous traction on various terrains.

On has also introduced FlipRelease, which is a simple switch you can turn on or off to provide extra room in shoes during long runs when feet may swell. This clever design feature works best during warmer weather to reduce pressure points on feet when they’re getting hot and sweaty.

The On Cloudultra trail running shoe is an excellent option for trail runners seeking a shoe that can handle ultra distances and is built to last. With an 8mm heel-to-toe drop, this shoe works best on medium to high arches who prefer a light natural ride with moderate cushioning.

Are On Cloud Shoes Made in China?

Established in Switzerland in 2010, On Cloud Shoes are the product of former Swiss Ironman champion Olivier Bernhard and friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti. These three men founded their brand with a mission to design footwear using cutting-edge technology – including CloudTec technology – entirely within Switzerland.

The concept was to give runners an unparalleled running experience that wasn’t possible with traditional running shoes. To achieve this, researchers developed patented technology consisting of individual ridges that change shape in response to horizontal and vertical forces.

Cloudultra Shoes reduce pressure points on your feet and keep you comfortable for extended periods of time. Furthermore, these lightweight shoes boast an upper that’s both breathable and durable.

Cloudultra Shoes are ideal for long distance running and hiking. Plus, they use a lot of recycled materials which is good for the environment. Plus, their Speed Lacing System makes slipping them on and off effortless.

On Cloudultra Review

Swiss-based On Running create shoes with the revolutionary concept: “Running on Clouds”. Their original intention was to provide cushioning and responsiveness in every step.

Over the years, On has refined their shoe design to meet customer demands – whether that means long distance trail running, high mileage road running or hiking.

For the Ultra, On has combined two layers of their ‘Cloud Pods’ with a ‘Speedboard’ rockplate to provide maximum support and protection. They’ve also utilized On’s Helion foam for the first time in this style of shoe.

The midsole is incredibly light with a sock-like fit for an accommodating ride. The outsole features an iconic guidance line that starts in the heel and splits at the forefoot – it may occasionally catch rocks but provides gentle guidance as you accelerate.

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