On Cloud Cloudnova Performance Running Shoe

Are you seeking more information about the on cloud cloudnova running shoe? If so, welcome to RunDreamAchieve. I am glad you have made it here. I hope this on cloud nova review will be of assistance to you. On Running is one of the world’s top running shoe brands. The company was founded in 2010 by endurance athletes. In addition, the shoes are made in Switzerland. One of the most beautiful countries in the world.

on cloud cloudnova

I love the amount of attention this company has focused on its customers. The on cloud cloudnova shoe is a light weight trainer perfect for just about every runner out there. In addition, it features On’s patented technology called CloudTec. So, you feel the additional take off, explosive energy with each stride that you take. We already know how much impact and wear and tear running does on the body. Why not invest in a shoe that is going to provide you world-class cushioning and support?

You will most certainly be at an advantage wearing these shoes as compared to other runners who do not. You literally feel like you are running on clouds with the on cloud cloudnova shoe. I have written about other models that On has created such as the X shift and cloudflyer shoes you may want to check out as well.

Can You Run in Cloudnova?

Yes, you can run or walk in the On cloud nova shoes. They provide exceptional support and have additional room for your toes. In addition, the laces ensure that your foot remains snug. Also, the shoe is extremely comfortable while running. It is also lightweight and is a good training shoe.

The on cloud cloudnova performance shoe is also highly responsive and provides the support you will need. The built in Speedboad technology will help provide more return on energy with each stride that you take. So, it makes both running as well as walking that much easier for you. As mentioned above, the shoe is also very easy to put on and take off due to the sock like construction of the shoe.

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Do On Clouds Run Big or Small?

Yes, on running waterproof shoes do run around a half-size too small. So, when you go to order make sure to order a half-size up. So, if you usually wear a pair of size 10 in Nike shoes you may want to consider ordering a 10.5 for your on cloud cloudnova running shoes. The shoe has a 7 mm heel-toe drop and is only 9.49 ounces. So, if you are seeking a lightweight trainer the oncloud nova is without a doubt a great pick.

Where Are On Cloud Shoes Made?

On cloud running shoes are manufactured and made in Switzerland. The company was founded in 2010 by endurance athletes who were seeking more out of their shoes. The on cloud nova is just one of many training and racing shoe models that you have to choose from. Again, shoes that don’t have carbon plate technology like many of On Running shoes do are not nearly as comfortable.

The construction and “heel tongue” of the shoe helps to ensure you have superior cushioning with each step you take. In addition, the shoe also has a padded heel. Thus, you get exceptional flex and an enhanced bend perfect for running miles in all types of locations. I wouldn’t advise running on surfaces that involve a lot of rocks. The shoe does has a tendency to get rocks stuck in the under sections of the shoe. So, be aware of that. The easy remedy is simply to stick to the track, roads or pavement.

CloudTech Technology

The on cloud cloud nova shoe also features CloudTec. It is a new innovation in shoe performance that On has created. On has distanced itself from other shoe brands with this making it one of the most cushioned shoes in the world. The multiple cushion units that are found within the shoe respond independently. So, the pressure being applied to your foot with each foot strike is drastically lessened when wearing the shoe.

on cloudnova

Thus, you get more support and additional responsiveness with each stride motion. Again, the athlete not wearing these compared to someone who is, is at a huge disadvantage. In addition, wearing these shoes also lowers muscle activation. Also, reduced heart rate while running in them. We most certainly cannot argue with sports science.

On Running SpeedBoard

As mentioned above, the on cloud cloudnova shoe also features On’s Speedboard technology. The shoe contains a molded plate that is located between the midsole and the upper of the shoe. So, it works in combination with the CloudTec technology to capture energy during your stride. More importantly, release that energy help you to propel forward with each stride. Sweet huh?

The shoe also molds, holds and supports your feet while you run. The on cloudnova shoe features a reinforced sock construction. In addition, a cushioned heel and high performance tongue helping your feet to feel more snug as you run. Also, to ensure that you feet remain comfortable as you are running. So, they will be extremely easy to put on and take off.

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Closing Thoughts

I hope that this on cloud cloudnova performance shoe review has been helpful to you. Make sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. I create new videos there each week to help runners from around the world get to the next level in their training and racing. You can expect a minimum of 1 new video there each week and usually 2 to 3.

Remember, there are numerous resources located here at RunDreamAchieve for you. We have training plans, monthly online coaching and running courses to help speed up your learning curve. My goal in creating this website in 2011 was to provide support and mentorship to runners. I am giving back to the sport that gave so much to me. You are welcome to visit our about page if you would like to know more about my racing background.

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