Not Losing Weight? | Actionable Steps To Achieve Elite Fitness

Not losing weight? Overweight running can be challenging. That being said, if it means all you can do is jog for a few minutes starting off then do so. The key is to stay consistent. This will make the difference in your fitness and confidence level.

not losing weight

There are many heavier athlete out there seeking to get into the sport of long distance running. If you are one of those athletes you have made a wise decision.

How does overweight running become easier?

One, be patient and allow your body to adapt to the stress you are placing on it. Remember, the body always adapts. The key factor here is allowing yourself time to see the results.

The bottom line is this.

There are naysayers everywhere. Focus all your attention on the positives. The average American is watching 5 to 6 hours of television per day. Do the opposite. In addition, read an uplifting book, listen to a podcast, audiobook.

Why I Am Not Losing Weight even Though I Am Exercising and Eating Right?

Remember, muscle weighs more than fat. So, a lot of times you may not be getting losing weight on account of that. Yes, you may be losing fat though and running is one of the best ways in order to do that. We burn between 100 to 120 calories per mile. Of course, heavier runners burn even more. So, you may feel as though you are not losing weight but you are. You are losing fat and gaining muscle instead.

I highly recommend investing in a heart rate monitor. You can focus on your heart rate rather than worrying what pace per mile or or per kilometer you are running. Also, the fitter you get the less hard your heart will have to work.

In addition, your paces will quicken while running at the same heart rate you were running at earlier in your build up. I use the Garmin 245. It helps me to stay in the correct heart rate zones while doing tempo runs and long runs.

Start in small increments.

If all you can do is run for 30 seconds, so be it, let that be enough at first.

The most challenging part of your quest is going to be starting.

Be patient with yourself.

You will lose weight and gain confidence by consistently doing the same actions each day. It will not come overnight. Remember, the best runners in the world have to go through the process of getting into shape.

Hesitation and procrastination are the enemy.

Why is My Weight Not Going Down?

As mentioned above, it is more than likely that you are gaining muscle. As mentioned above, muscle weighs more than fat. So, as you lose fat and get in better shape you will gain muscle. Remember, we lose weight by weight of burning more calories then we consume.

Of course, you can always confide in a Physician as well. I have always confided in fitness, coaching and nutritional experts in my own training. In addition, there is nothing wrong with confiding in someone who can help you.

So, you always want to get the advice from a trained professional in the weight loss industry.

That being said, friends, family and I are all great substitutes.

A trained Physician is always a great resource as well. If you are not losing weight a training professional in weight loss can help you make significant gains.

Fred Lechuga, is a friend of mine who is committed and focused and on change dropped 150 pounds and ran his first marathon in 4.11.

He is the prime example of someone who wanted to change his life and did.

What To Do When You Just Cant Lose Weight?

  1. Review your general health
  2. Calculate how many calories you are eating and burning each day.
  3. Identify the main the reason of your weight gain.
  4. Are any health issues causing you to gain on weight.
  5. Run more mileage or start a strength training routine to help you eliminate the unwanted weight

You are most certainly not a victim. There are working professionals who are overweight just as committed as any elite athlete. We all have obstacles to overcome. Your level of enthusiasm will dictate what you accomplish.

The moment we get out of the victim mentality that society does its best to keep us in we will be successful. In addition, the goal is to surround yourself with the right associations.

Are there people around you that will take you out of your comfort zone?

Furthermore, do you have people that will not tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear?  Mentors and coaches can create lasting results.

A great piece of advice is to find them and you have one in me. People that can support you makes overweight running so much easier.

These associations will help hold you accountable toward your goals.

You already are a great runner who just so happens to be carrying a few additional pounds. If you are not losing weight think of your daily habits and what you can change to start getting better results.

You are no less capable as anyone else in the world.

In addition, you are destined for bigger and better things in the very near future.

Success is the only option.

Why Do I Feel Thinner but Weigh the Same?

It is due to the fact that you are gaining fitness and muscle. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat. So, as you get fitter you will lose fat and it will be replaced with fat. I would also highly recommend mental visualization. We have to train our minds to bring us what we want.

The vast majority of runners only focus on physical training. What about mental training? The world’s top runners combine both mental as well as physical training together. So, start spending 10 to 15 minutes daily visualizing yourself being fitter, faster and thinner. Also, crossing the finish line in your goal time. Again, it all has to happen in the mind first.

More vegetables and fruits, less garbage.

I know this is easier said than done but you can make the change. Write down your goals and visualize yourself running in your first 5K or marathon.

How to start running when you are overweight is about creating small victories each day. Make post it notes with reminders of where you want to be this year.

Surround yourself with winners. People that are going to hold you accountable.

Always consult with a Physician before starting any running routine.

It is always best to get coaching advice from your Physician. That being said, I am a resource you can lean on as well.

Running is one of the best activities to burn off fat, lose weight and gain confidence.

How Do You Speed up Weight Loss?

Burn more calories than you consume. It really comes down to that. That being said, you have to be patient. Remember, it takes the body between 3 to 4 weeks to adapt to any stress load you are placing on it. So, if you are trying to do extend to a 10 mile long run you need to first condition yourself to go 4 miles first.

We are always in control of our thoughts and attitude. No one has power over you but you. So, be mindful of the words you use and the thoughts you tell yourself. Here are a few other things to keep in mind.

  1. Consume a breakfast that is high in protein
  2. Cut out or limit sodas and juices
  3. Drink 8 glasses of water per day
  4. Choose foods low in fat
  5. Consume more fiber
  6. Drink tea or coffee both of which have caffeine in them
  7. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits
  8. Eat your food slowly

Keep your focus on your long-term goal. What is it that you want to accomplish. Is it to run your first marathon? Lose 50 pounds? Run a Boston marathon qualifying time?

Stay consistent. So many people give up too early. The most important thing you can do is keep you a consistent workout routine. It can be walking for 5 minutes for 2 weeks at first and then transitioning to jogging for 5 minutes.

The key is to get started and don’t stop.

How many people in the world have started a weight loss plan or goal and lost the passion for it and nothing changed?

Your objective is to stay at this for a long period of time. Make the commitment.

distance running tips

How Can I Force My Body to Lose Weight?

  1. Start a strength training routine
  2. Consume a diet high in protein
  3. Sleep better
  4. Consume more vinegar in your diet
  5. Consume less sodas and juices
  6. Eliminate candy and fast food
  7. Drink healthy beverages like water, coffee and tea
  8. Lower your consumption of refined carbohydrates
  9. Consume more fiber in your diet

Society says that overweight people are lazy, don’t care and are unmotivated.

This is absolutely false.

Overweight people are just as capable as their lighter counterparts.

Everyone has dreams and goals. The key is to act upon those dreams and aspirations. You cannot have ideas and expect them to become reality without action.

Why is it No Matter What I Do I Can’t Lose Weight?

Have you considered starting a running routine if you are not currently involved in one? If not, this is may one activity that can help you. I also recommend pool running. Yes, it is boring but it takes all the impact off of your joints. Also, it is equal to running on land when you factor in the water pressure.

Surround yourself with the right people who will help you to go where you want to go. Remember, it is very easy to gain weight and much more a challenge to lose it. You definitely have what it takes.

Fitness takes time to create. No one becomes fit out of the blue. You really have to be patient and stay consistent with yourself.

If you are not losing weight it just means you have to adjust your workout routine and diet. It can be minute, small changes that will make an enormous difference.

Find the right people who are supportive, caring and that will bring out the best in you.

Keep fighting and take action.

The quality of your life depends on it and having that support and motivational structure will make the process sustainable for you.

Take Small Actionable Steps Each Day


If all you can do is walk 5 minutes per day than let that be your success story for the day.

Don’t get caught up in wanting to jump 10 steps ahead when you haven’t begun the first step. Make sense? Make small, bite size goals that you can achieve each day.

Success is about making that first step and making gains as you go.

Walking for 5 minutes per day for a week should be seen as a small milestone.

5 minutes of walking becomes 5 minutes of running, 5 minutes of running 2 days per week is 10 minutes of total running time.

You can add the amount of time you exercise and the number of days as you get fitter. Again, be patient with yourself. Focus on today, not how far you have to go.

We all have a choice and we are in control of our actions.

Support Associations

Find A Strong Support Team

The running community is filled with helpful, knowledgeable and caring individuals.

They know the difficulties of running and how not losing weight can be a challenge. We all have dealt with this.

Find groups of runners either online or within your community to walk or run with. This is a great tip on how to start running when you are overweight. It makes it easier to get started with other people who understand what you are doing.

Walking vs Running

I know this isn’t going to be easy but I am confident you can do it.

Remember, you have a home here at

This site is growing and what makes this site special is the people who visit it.

Walking may be your first step to starting a running program.

That being said, I know there are many of you out there who may feel so overwhelmed, unhappy and not know where to start.

Walking is that start until your body adapts to the work you are putting in and becomes less of an obstacle.

Closing Thoughts

Break Your Training Into Segments.

It takes a great deal of physiological adaptations for the body to become stronger. That being said, it always does. You have no choice but to get fitter if you stay on a consistent, daily routine.

You want to lose the weight so you can run sexy, happier and achieve goals that you never thought you could achieve. I am sure you may feel as though you are trying to climb Mount Everest.

Walking 15 minutes a week may be the equal to acclimating at base camp on the world’s highest mountain.

That being said, continue to move, act on your goals until you reach the summit.

The summit could be losing 10, 20 or 200 pounds. Remember, others have done it as can you. Your enthusiasm will make this a reality.

Take small, incremental steps each day and build from there. Not losing weight as quickly as we want can most certainly frustrating. That being said, with patience and consistent training you will make it to your goal weight.

Each walk or run builds on itself. Make sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube Channel. I’ll be creating videos each week to help you run faster from the 5K to the marathon. In addition, other topics that will help you gain confidence.

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