Nordictrack Exp 7i | 2:19 Marathoner Tips

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The NordicTrack exp 7i is an ideal entry-level treadmill ideal for those looking to start their fitness regimen from home. It boasts many great features, like iFit interactive workouts and Bluetooth technology.

Its powerful 3.0 CHP motor allows speeds up to 12 mph. In addition, the machines features a 12% incline, helping you burn more calories during your workout. Plus, its 20″ x 60″ running belt accommodates longer strides while cushioning reduces impact from feet and legs.

What Are the Reviews on EXP 7i?

The NordicTrack exp 7i is a mid-level treadmill within the T Series, the company’s home gym treadmill line. It boasts an HD Smart Touchscreen display. Also, Bluetooth audio capabilities, two 2-inch digitally amplified speakers. In addition, automatic trainer control for added convenience.

The EXP 7i offers a spacious 20″ x 60″ running deck, FlexSelect cushioning and SpaceSaver design. It has a 3.0 CHP motor that’s suitable for walking and light jogging. That being said, may not be the best option for long distance or intense exercise routines.

It comes iFit enabled. Thus, giving you access to an ever-expanding library of workouts. Also, training sessions and guided walks around some of the world’s most stunning locations. Plus, take advantage of iFit Family Membership for a month at no cost!

The NordicTrack exp 7i treadmill has earned rave reviews from users for its reliability and quiet operation. Plus, it’s compatible with iFit’s world-renowned fitness experts. Thus, offering live and recorded training classes. So, making this an excellent option for anyone searching for a new treadmill that works with iFit.


Does NordicTrack Exp 7i Have Bluetooth?

The NordicTrack exp 7i features Bluetooth capability. So, allowing you to stream audio from your phone or tablet directly onto the machine. Plus, its two digitally amplified speakers deliver a superior audio experience.

This treadmill boasts a generous 20” x 60” running deck. Also, the machibes supports inclines up to 12% and speed settings up to 12 mph. Thus, making it suitable for most fitness goals. Plus, it boasts an impressive 3.0 CHP motor, workout fan, and SpaceSaver design for added convenience.

With this treadmill, you can also access iFit for trainer-led destination walks and runs. It’s one of the most popular interactive training options and comes included with your purchase of this treadmill.

At just under $1,000, the EXP 7i offers great value for the money. It provides ample power for walking or light jogging. Also, the iFit feature provides access to trainer-led destinations around the world. As an entry-level treadmill for NordicTrack users looking to try something new, this model would make a great option.

How Heavy is NordicTrack EXP 7i?

Are you seeking a heavy, well-built treadmill that can withstand long, intense workouts? If so, the NordicTrack EXP 7i treadmill is worth considering. Although it lacks some of the high tech features found on more expensive machines, this machine still provides plenty of features and functionality.

For durability, this machine is an excellent option. The machine is crafted with solid tread and 1.9” precision non-flex rollers. So, should last at least a decade with proper care and maintenance.

The NordicTrack EXP 7i folding treadmill can be folded away. Also, stored away when not in use, giving you portability on-the-go and room to room movement within your home.

This NordicTrack treadmill comes with a 3.0 HP motor to facilitate walking or light jogging. Plus, its 12% incline can be adjusted manually or through the iFit system. As NordicTrack’s premier fitness database, iFit is constantly being updated with new programs, training tips, and videos for your convenience.

Is a NordicTrack Worth It?

NordicTrack is a renowned brand known for producing top-of-the-line treadmills. Their entry model, the EXP 7i, offers all of the essentials at an unbeatable price point.

This treadmill is iFit enabled, giving you access to the iFit app and thousands of classes and workouts. This includes world-class trainers, metric tracking, scenic routes and more for added enjoyment.

It also features an incline max of 12%, ideal for increasing fat burned during workouts. Incline training has become increasingly popular over recent years. One of the main benefits is that it helps improve cardiovascular health, build muscle tone and burn calories.

This treadmill may not be as cushioned as some of the top models in its price range. That being said, it still managed to handle sprints and HIIT intervals without issue. The 3.0 CHP Commercial Plus Motor provides enough power for running or jogging. Also, its 1.9-inch precision rollers keep the 60 by 20 inch belt moving smoothly.

How Do You Move a NordicTrack EXP 7i?

When moving into a smaller apartment or home, folding treadmills might be an ideal solution. Foldable treadmills can easily be folded away for storage and tilted back onto their wheels for effortless movement.

The NordicTrack EXP 7i is an entry-level treadmill offering plenty of features at a reasonable cost. It has 10” HD touchscreen for iFit streaming and also 3.5 CHP motor. Also, a max incline of 12% (plus decline of -3% for downhill training). In addition, it features FlexSelect cushioning from NordicTrack that absorbs some shock during running or walking on the deck.

The treadmill’s 10′ HD touchscreen is an attractive feature. Thus, enabling users to control their speed and incline while browsing iFit’s 16,000+ workouts. Unfortunately, membership for iFit is quite pricey at $1 per day – however, this cost-saving measure cannot be overlooked!

Is ProForm better than NordicTrack?

When selecting a treadmill, you need to take into account several factors. For example, your budget and how often you plan on using it. NordicTrack tends to produce higher quality models with greater durability than ProForm does. So, if running is your goal then NordicTrack may be the better option.

However, NordicTrack treadmills tend to be pricier than ProForm’s more budget-friendly options. So, it is important to weigh your options carefully before making a final decision. Furthermore, NordicTrack treadmills tend to be larger and heavier than their residential counterparts from ProForm. Thus, giving them a more industrial feel compared to the more residential models from ProForm.

Both brands provide treadmills equipped with powerful motors, adjustable incline/decline settings, HD touchscreen consoles and trainer control. Furthermore, both brands feature iFit Connected Fitness Apps to track your progress through workouts, recovery exercises and more.

How Long Should You Train on a Treadmill?

As a beginner, start with 15 to 20 minutes of treadmill training at least three times a week. Gradually increase the duration of your sessions until they reach 30 to 40 minutes over several weeks.

Beginner running workouts on the treadmill are much simpler than outdoor runs. The reasons for this is due to its moving belt that propels your body forward. So, it places less strain on your glutes and hamstrings. Nonetheless, it’s still essential to warm up your muscles and prepare yourself physically for strenuous training.

To prepare your legs for running outdoors, increase the incline of your treadmill to at least 1-3%. Doing this forces your legs to produce similar force as when outdoors and can help build the stamina needed for a marathon.

As a beginner, you can start with exercises such as the side shuffle and lunges. To perform these, get behind the treadmill in plank position with your core engaged and legs stretched out to both sides of the machine.

How Effective is Treadmill Workouts?

Treadmill workouts are an excellent way to increase your overall fitness level and help keep you healthy by decreasing the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

They make for an ideal addition to your home gym, as you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home. Plus, these machines can be tailored specifically to meet your fitness goals and needs.

Sprint interval training is one of the most beneficial treadmill workouts, as it burns calories while building cardiovascular endurance in a short amount of time. Furthermore, sprint interval training increases anaerobic capacity so you can run farther and faster than before.

Another effective treadmill workout is walking on an incline. Jogging at an incline is twice as efficient at burning calories than running flat, so make sure your treadmill has this feature included.

NordicTrack 10i and 14i users have the flexibility to adjust their incline from 0-12%, as well as set a decline angle – perfect for beginners or just wanting to add variety into their workouts! This feature makes it easier than ever for you to customize each session according to what level of expertise you possess.


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