Noosa Half Marathon Race Review & Perks

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Noosa offers the ideal setting to find your running bliss, with its flat, fast and friendly multi-lap course located right in Noosa township – always within earshot of fellow runners! Choose between going big with the full marathon distance or keeping things manageable with half marathon options available to you.


Aspiring to run a half marathon can be daunting, but by staying strong and dedicated your dreams can become reality. When preparing yourself for race day, here are a few essentials: running shoes and shorts should be purchased, an emergency first aid kit should include extra gels and bandages, an easy-to-follow training plan should be created, as well as regular workout sessions on an ongoing basis.

Noosa’s stunning beaches, tranquil waterways, lush rainforest, vibrant cafes and restaurants make it the ideal setting for an unparalleled running adventure! No matter if it is a half marathon race or full marathon run – Noosa offers courses tailored to help runners meet any running goal they set themselves!

Runaway Noosa is part of the HOKA Runaway Marathon Series bringing incredible destination running events to breathtaking locations around Australia and New Zealand. Join us in Noosa, Queenstown or Hawke’s Bay and experience world class running with breathtaking natural beauty and local hospitality!

Noosa Half Marathon offers a flat and fast multi-lap course beginning and finishing in Noosa Township only steps from Hastings Street – never feel far from fellow runners or spectators! Select from full marathon, half marathon, 10km or 5km distances until you find your happy place on the track!

The Course

Our out and back lap course allows you to break the race down into manageable pieces for easier pacing, as well as giving you the chance to spot your support crew! In 2017, cheer squads will be situated throughout the course to give a huge boost of energy!

With our 13 week training block focusing on gradually increasing mileage and race-specific workouts, you can build up endurance, strength and speed for Noosa Half Marathon race day PBs. SQUADRUN will work closely with you to tailor a training plan around your lifestyle, commitments and fitness level – the priority based plan will help guide your training efforts!

The Noosa is designed with an aggressive rocker shape to suit uptempo running and racing, featuring an extremely narrow use-case shoe designed specifically for uptempo training and competition. If you follow its geometry correctly and use correct form while running this super responsive shoe you’ll experience an abundance of enjoyment as it pushes your limits further than you could ever have anticipated!


The Noosa Half Marathon promises runners an exciting journey through Noosa Parade, Gympie Terrace and Hilton Terrace in the heart of Noosa. Boasting an easy multi-lap course with beachfront views – perfect for first timers and experienced pros alike – experience the exhilarating rush of crossing the finish line on this day of promise while ticking one big item off your bucket list!

Noosa Township offers an unparalleled multi-lap course in its heart – within walking distance from Hastings Street – where competitors never feel alone! Take on a full Marathon, half Marathon, 10km distances – or challenge yourself even further with our Noosa Hinterland trail run from Twin Views Lookout to Tewantin for ultra satisfaction!

Last year, Dave Ridley claimed victory in the men’s marathon, comfortably outrunning Jamie Lacey and Hugh Clancy to finish two minutes ahead. Roxanne Shahtahmasebi triumphed as the women’s marathon winner – finishing just 30 seconds ahead of Jessica Willis and Nikki Curry.


No matter your running level or pace, Noosa Half Marathon provides everyone with an opportunity to enjoy an exceptional running experience in an incredible location. Each participant is assigned an estimated finish time start wave allowing them to relax into their event without feeling pressured by timing mats at start or finish lines.

Noosa Half Marathon offers first-timers an ideal opportunity to set and achieve personal best times, whilst enjoying Noosa’s spectacular scenery on our flat and friendly multi-lap course, starting and ending within walking distance from Hastings Street so they never feel isolated from fellow runners and supporters! Participants aged 16 years or over may compete. There are cut off points at various stages along the route – those failing to make these times may be directed back onto footpaths without receiving timing results.

Noosa Half Marathon offers the ideal way to explore sub tropical Noosa. From stunning beaches, elegant restaurants with incredible ocean views, lively cafes and bars, world class shopping, relaxing spas and world-class golfing – Noosa truly has everything. Combine your training and racing goals with a holiday in Noosa to create memories that will last a lifetime!


Running enthusiasts will get to experience the stunning beauty of Noosa with this spectacular multi-lap course that winds its way through Noosa township. There are multiple distance options to select from so runners of all ages and abilities can participate and set their own personal best times.

The race begins in Hastings Street and travels along Hastings, Noosa Parade and Gympie Terrace before ending up at Hilton Terrace at Noosaville. Both half marathon and marathon courses feature flat terrain; with the former featuring some hills for added challenge. All half marathon competitors must be aged 16+ while marathon participants must be 18+ to join. There will be course cut-off points throughout, if participants fail to reach these they will be directed back and will not receive timing results.

At Noosa’s 2023 marathon event, runners from across Australia took to its streets with Dave Ridley emerging victorious by over two minutes from Jamie Lacey and Hugh Clancy – while Roxanne Shahtahmasebi won women’s marathon just 30 seconds ahead of Jessica Willis with Nikki Curry close behind.

Closing Thoughts

Noosa offers an ideal environment for running adventures, with its breathtaking beaches and scenic national parks providing an idyllic running course. There is also a diverse selection of restaurants with spectacular ocean views, outdoor bars and cafes, superb shopping and relaxing spas in Noosa that makes this holiday destination irresistibly welcoming.

Noosa Marathon offers a flat, fast and welcoming multi-lap course with multiple distance options available – ideal for first timers looking to push themselves and set personal bests! Experience the excitement of world-class competition and make Noosa your new go-to running destination.

Visit world-famous Noosa for the Runaway Noosa Marathon and experience its vibrant sunshine and good times over a sunny weekend. With its exclusive multi-lap course, runners will experience Noosa at its best: its beautiful beaches, gourmet restaurants, fantastic cafes and breathtaking national parks. Mix and match events throughout the week to customize a Noosa experience that’s tailored specifically to you.

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