No Slack If You Want To Be A Great Runner

No Slack

While I was stationed at Fort Campbell I worked with a Command Sergeant Major (highest rank for an enlisted Soldier) who had “no slack” as her license plate.

I’ll never forget CSM Teresa King for as long as I live.

She was the first female ever to become the Commadant of the US Army Drill Sergeant School at Fort Jackson.

The example she set was the same example I have tried to follow as a runner and businessman.

You seek out those individuals who are better than you and educate yourself on what you need to do to succeed.

There are no short cuts in our sport.

People who are earning money while they sleep have a different mindset. Most people know no other way than to trade their time for it.

You have to invest and like, running, there is no short cuts in business and lifestyle either.

Do you want to live on your terms or reside in the safe and secure environment of relying on a paycheck?

This isn’t to say that working hard for money is a bad thing but what is a bad thing is not having leverage of your time.

The one characteristic that separates the rich is they use leverage, they do not work for money.

How is it that 1% of the world’s population own over 96% of the wealth?

How is that even possible?

Do they know something the poor to middle class do not?

No, but they do think differently.

It isn’t like what they are doing is a secret but to find out what they know we have to change our mindset from television viewing on the latest iPhone gadget to seeking out knowledge instead.

How many people do you know of have a library card?

Do you know there are people who have written books who are millionaires and billionaires and people will not pick them up to find out how?

Like running, business asks you to do more with less (leverage).

As runners we think to run a great marathon we must up our mileage when often times our best results come not from volume but from smart training.

The Problem With Comfort

The problem with comfort is we are never tested, we get caught up in our day to day routine and we all become soft.

Don’t think I am not guilty of this too.

I am but I constantly remind myself of this and am always pushing the envelope with what I do.

I spent years training on the Route 7 in Steubenville, Ohio spending most of my weekdays and weekends on that highway while I was in high school and in college when I returned home for break.

There have been times in my life when I have taken time away from running and although I thoroughly enjoy my time off, it isn’t hard to get comfortable.

Training is demanding and it demands much more mental and physical inertia when just starting back.

I have been an employee for the past 13 years so I suppose my DNA has changed in the past 4 years studying marketing, internet businesses, search engine optimization.

A part of my reasoning for studying entrepreneurship started in 2011 and fully blossomed in Afghanistan in 2012.

As I get older (38 years young currently) the more having control of my time becomes more important.

The 5 for 2 Trade

I read a book by MJ Demarco in 2011 while I was in Afghanistan called the Fastlane Millionaire.

The book fascinated me because it was the first book I read by someone who had to experience dead end jobs and barely getting by state that time, not so much money, was of the utmost importance.

I remember one night the base we stayed on was nearly hit by an artillery round that landed about 300 yards away from where I was staying.

That experience changed my life.

It was from that moment on that my desire to help motivate other athletes and employees seek better ways to gain leverage to deliver better results.

What MJ Demarco states in Fastlane Millionaire is that most people will willfully accept a negative 60 percent return on their time investment but not with their money.

As employees, when we work a job we are trading our life for money.

This is the absolute worst way to earn money according to one of the worlds most respected business minds, Bob Proctor.


Your pay is tied to your time.

If you were to lend me $500 and I gave you $200 back would that be a fair exchange?

I don’t think so, most people would expect their money back.

We work 5 days and accept less than 2 for our freedom.

This isn’t freedom whatsoever, what it is, is a negative 60% return on our most precious commodity, our time.

Running And Time

Running results are no different than people who are fed up with not having the amount of time or income to do the things they desire.

What is the problem?

Runners that think running more volume will make them a better marathoner are not using leverage just as much as the employee who know his or her time has to be exchanged for their pay.

Don’t show up for work, don’t get payed.

How is this leverage?

It is a  philosophy we all were taught growing up that the only way to make it in the world is go to school, get good grades and get a job.

When was the last time your parent or school teacher said the above statement only with become an entrepreneur at the end?

Entrepreneurs get payed while they sleep and more people would rather spend $49 on a video game or a pair of pants then start a business that would pay them while they slept.

It isn’t so much that they are at fault as it is the philosophy most people were taught growing up.

Earned income is what most people know not portfolio or passive income.

Once you start seeking out answers that the majority are not, results start to become a way of life for you.

Running high mileage isn’t the answer to being a better 5K to marathon runner.

A better, strategic plan that involves training at or below goal race pace coupled with equal attention on recovery will.

If you want to run a marathon in 2:37:00 or 6 minute mile pace do you think 20-24 mile long runs at 8:30 pace will get you to your goal?

No, no and wait for it….no!

Running slow doesn’t help you to race faster.

You have to break out of your comfort zone and spend some time where most choose not to.

I have always felt that long slow running produces long slow runners – Sebastian Coe, Olympic Gold Medalist and former world record holder for the 800m (1:41)

What Needs To Be Done?

Start using more leverage in your training and for your lifestyle.

No one is going to hand us anything, not as athletes or even our dreams and goals.

You may love your job and what you do, the problem lies in the fact that even people who have passion for what they do cannot pay their bills without a paycheck.

They accept where they are and that may be a beautiful place.

Bob Proctor, a world-renowned business mean say this.

While I was growing up my grandmother told me to be content with what you have. Grandma was wrong, good to be thankful for what you have but not good to be content. It was discontentment that brought us the lightbulb. It was discontentment that brought us the airplane. Be thankful, not content with where you are.

I see far too many people who are accepting where they are.

They have to ask permission when to take a vacation, are laden with debt and don’t have leverage.

I see the same with runners I have known over the years who second guess themselves when they don’t reach their goal.

It isn’t that you don’t have the capability.

How are you organizing the way you train?

We must guard against conformity because it is all around us.

People loving their comfort.

If you want to run faster you are going to have to ask out of yourself the commitment to do the things others choose not to do.

It doesn’t make you better and them any less, it is simply a choice.

People usually don’t make drastic changes in their life until they make things urgent, until their backs are up against the wall.

Where are you at in your life?


Do you want more time?

Do you want to run faster but past mistakes or the choices you are making in the way you design your training plan keep you from getting the results you want?

Seek leverage to have more time, earn more income, run faster and live a fuller life.

No slack.

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