New Balance 550 | 2024 Review

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New Balance is best known for their running sneakers, but they also have a wide selection of other footwear options. The 550 model is an especially popular option among those seeking high-quality sneakers that fit well and look good.

In 1989, The 550 made its debut as a low-top basketball sneaker. It addressed several issues that plagued other NB basketball sneakers of that era, such as breathable uppers and padded collars.

Why is the New Balance 550 So Popular?

The New Balance 550 has become one of the world’s most beloved sneakers due to its laid-back aesthetic and high profile collabs. Celebrities and fashionistas alike have taken notice of this casual NB style, making it one of the must-have sneakers around.

The 550 was New Balance’s initial performance basketball sneaker, intended to break into the larger sports market. While more comfortable than their earlier 480s, it didn’t provide the same breathability or star power that Nike and Converse were offering at that time.

Following their collaboration with Aime Leon Dore founder Teddy Santis, the 550 has quickly gained notoriety and been noticed by celebrity stylists like Gab Waller. According to Waller, clients are “must-haves” after seeing it on Instagram style icons Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner and the Hadids.

In addition to these popular collaborations, the 550 has also been adopted by Black employees at New Balance who created a series of 550s to promote open dialogue and highlight their Black experience. Creative director Joe Freshgoods collaborated on this collection which features the 550 on a soft yellow canvas.


How do New Balance 550s Fit Women?

New Balance shoes are known for their comfortable fit right out of the package, thanks to their ability to accommodate various foot widths from X-Narrow to XX-Wide.

Women typically opt for true to size when it comes to New Balance 550s, though wider feet should size up half a size. Alternatively, these shoes come in an extended width which provides more wiggle room inside the toe box and reduces toe-creasing when wearing thicker socks.

The New Balance NB 550s fit like most of their other shoes, offering maximum comfort and breathability. Not only that, but these shoes are incredibly durable and low maintenance – ideal for casual jeans, tracksuits or joggers; they can even be dressed up with bootleg trousers or oversized jackets for a more formal look.

The 550 is one of New Balance’s most beloved sneakers, having been re-released multiple times since 1989. It’s become a major player in the sneaker market due to its classic aesthetic, reliable leather upper construction and comfortable fit that make it popular among both men and women alike.

Is New Balance a Brand of Nike?

Nike and New Balance were founded by co-founders with joint ownership, yet they remain distinct companies. Although both active lifestyle apparel & footwear companies, their technology, comfort levels, design aesthetic, and price points set them apart from one another.

Since 1906, New Balance has been a one-man operation manufacturing arch supports. Now they offer footwear and apparel across various sports and lifestyle spaces. Their products can be found in over 120 countries through retail partners around the globe.

Nike and New Balance are two well-respected shoe brands that cater to various preferences. They’re especially popular among athletes and active consumers who take pleasure in staying active.

Nike and New Balance have similar product offerings, but Nike enjoys a wider market share due to its larger and more accessible online presence.

New Balance’s popularity stems in large part from their commitment to inclusivity and diversity, which is evident through collaborations with designers such as Miu Miu, Salehe Bembury, and Aime Leon Dore. These projects have created a community that appeals to many sneakerheads simultaneously and further solidified New Balance’s position as an upscale brand.

Women New Balance 550

The New Balance 550 is a classic basketball shoe that has become increasingly popular with casual sneaker buyers. Its uncomplicated yet sleek design makes it ideal for people who want to look good while playing or running errands.

In 1989, New Balance unveiled their 550 model as a low-top counterpart to their iconic 650 model. Though it lacked athlete endorsements and received little notice from basketball enthusiasts, this shoe nevertheless proved popular nonetheless.

In 2020, New Balance and fashion house Aime Leon Dore revived the 550 as a casual sneaker. Since then, there have been multiple collaborations and general release colorways of this shoe which has quickly become one of their top sellers.

The 550 is a comfortable shoe featuring an Ortholite insole to wick moisture away and keep feet dry and fresh. Additionally, its lightweight breathable leather upper requires minimal upkeep for daily wear.

Is the New Balance 550 a Limited Edition?

The New Balance 550 has quickly become one of the brand’s most beloved lifestyle silhouettes. The 550 designed as a hoops shoe. It has since become a go-to for sneakerheads seeking something not too flashy. That being said, still durable enough to last through prolonged usage.

The 550 is easy to maintain due to its leather upper. Furthermore, the shoe uses a cemented construction method. Thus, meaning the rubber cup outsole and foam midsole are secured together by contact cement and stitched onto the upper.

In 2020, designer Teddy Santis joined New Balance to revive the 550 under his label Aime Leon Dore. This time around he went with preppy cream and collegiate colorways that featured dark red. Also, forest green, navy, and grey accents on the uppers as well as yellowed aged midsoles.

Rich Paul followed suit in 2021, releasing his own pair of 550s. Paul’s shoes featured cream uppers and buttermilk, sky-blue, and navy accents. These reimagined versions of the classic basketball shoe offer a subtle update for fans who wanted something different.

What Does New Balance Brand Represent?

The New Balance 550 is one of the brand’s iconic lifestyle sneakers. First released in 1989, this low-top basketball shoe has since been reintroduced as a timeless lifestyle silhouette through various collaborations over time.

Sneakers have had a remarkable run, thanks to clever decisions, meticulous care of detail and dedicated creative partners. According to Joe Grondin from NB’s business unit manager of global collaborations and energy, the brand has transformed from just allowing collaborators to customize color and material placement to creating an environment tailored specifically for them.

The New Balance 550’s rise to the top is evidence of this shift. Collaborators like Teddy Santis and Joe Freshgoods have made their mark on the shoe by creating their own worlds around it, which bodes well for future collaborations between both companies.

Should I Size Up or Down for New Balance 550?

The New Balance 550 is one of the brand’s most beloved retro basketball sneakers, originally released in 1989 as a basketball shoe and now finding popularity within fashion circles due to their vintage aesthetic.

The 550 is a low-top shoe featuring smooth leather uppers, breathable mesh lining and a rubber sole. These versatile shoes can be paired with many different outfits for an effortlessly stylish look.

Shoes with a tight fit around the foot may be uncomfortable for people with wider feet. Buying true to size will provide a comfortable fit, but if you would prefer more room in the shoe, consider going up half a size.

These shoes feature a narrow toe box, so make sure there is room for your feet. If they feel too tight, add an additional sock or insole for extra cushioning.

Like all retro sneakers, the 550 will flex with wear and provide a comfortable fit over time. However, they do take some break in period so it is recommended that you try them on first to find what fits best for your foot.

Are New Balance a Good Brand?

The New Balance 550 has long been a beloved shoe among sneakerheads and fashionistas around the world, thanks to its iconic retro aesthetic and superior craftsmanship that have made it an icon in footwear for years.

Though New Balance may not be as well-known as brands like Nike, they still produce quality shoes for everyday use. Their innovative designs boast premium materials and advanced features that make every step feel comfortable and natural.

For instance, the New Balance 550 features an orthotic-friendly design that makes it suitable for those with foot pain or discomfort. Furthermore, its bacteria-fighting properties keep your feet fresh and free from odours.

For those seeking a durable pair of shoes that can withstand long distance running and other activities, this shoe is an excellent option. Plus, it features a foam midsole for cushioning and a suede toe cap for extra protection.

Though the 550 is not offered in a range of widths, it fits true-to-size (TTS). However, those with narrow feet should consider ordering half a size up for extra wiggle room when ordering this model.


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