Navy PRT Standards Female | 1.5 Mile Run Tips

Are you seeking how to surpass the Navy PRT standards female sailors are expected to meet? Have you had issues in the past sustaining your goal 1.5 mile run time? If so, welcome to RunDreamAchieve. I am glad you have made it here and hope these running tips and resources available here will help you. I served over 20 years on active duty in the US Army. So, understand the challenges these military physical fitness tests can place on our military members.

I created a running course called the Army ACFT Embrace the Suck 2 mile course. The course is focused on helping Soldiers run faster on the 2 mile portion of their ACFT Army test. That being said, I also created it to help service members in other branches. In addition, civilians seeking to run faster from the 1.5 mile all the way to the marathon distance.

In fact, the strategies I cover are why I was able to eventually run 9:27 for 2 miles, 14:18 for 5K and 2:19:35 for the marathon. No, I didn’t achieve those times quickly. It took many years of sustained training in order to run those times. That being said, I followed the tips I was taught by 3 of the world’s top distance running coaches. My goal in creating this running course was to help military as well as civilians to start working smarter.

How Fast Do You Have to Run 1.5 miles in the Navy?

The navy prt standards female state that women have to run in 18 minutes and 37 seconds or less. The biggest problem most athletes face is pace sustainment. In addition, dealing with higher amounts of lactic acid build up. The trick is teaching the body to clear it faster than it is building up. Why do the best runners always make it look so easy? The reason is they spend a higher percentage of their weekly training at or close to maximum effort.

Air Force PT test 2022
MAJ (ret.) Pennington finishing as the top American and in 4th place at the 2007 California International Marathon in 2:19:35 (5:19 per mile pace for 26.2 miles)

In addition, they are also spending longer periods of time training at their anaerobic threshold. Our anaerobic threshold is running at or around 88 percent of our maximum heart rate. So, if your maximum heart rate is 175 beats per minute your tempo run heart rate should be around 154 beats per minute. Remember, it takes between 21 days to 4 weeks for your body to adapt to any stress load you are placing on it. The goal is to gradually, over a 16-week build up, lengthen the duration you spend at your AT effort.

Navy PRT Standards 1.5 Mile Run Female

Below are the Navy PRT standards female sailors need to meet in order to pass. So, as you can see below the category you wish to finish in and time needed to run will vary according to your age. My goal in creating the Army ACFT 2 mile course is to help ALL service members run faster on their physical fitness test. The strategies you will learn in the course will help you sustain race pace longer than your competition.

More importantly, you will be learning what the world’s top middle to long distance runners do in order to run fast, longer. One of the best recommendations I can provide is focus on building a strong foundation of aerobic mileage first. Remember, fitness cannot be rushed. You don’t start doing sprints, hill repetitions, tempo runs or faster, varied paced long runs until you build your fitness first.

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Navy PRT Running Plan

As mentioned above, focusing on a 3 to 4 week period of time building your aerobic mileage is key. You will strengthen your ligaments, tendons and muscles by doing this. In addition, lessen your chances of dealing with an injury by training smart. I would also recommend implementing strides into your routine twice per week during your build up.

The reason being is these short acceleration drills will help improve your form and work on your leg speed. In addition, you can do these on top of your other weekly workouts without building up any significant lactic acid. Lastly, you will have spent several miles or kilometers at close to all out sprint paces at the end of a 16-week training build up.

How Do I Train to Run 1.5 Miles in the Navy?

The best middle to long distance runners spend about 40% of their weekly mileage at or close to goal race pace. Of course, they make it look easy for a reason. They are simply spending more time out of the weekly training schedule practicing running at or significantly faster than goal pace. That being said, you don’t need to run that high of a percentage of your mileage to run a faster 1.5 mile run on the PRT.

You do need to start practicing getting used to what it feels like to run at or far below goal pace though. I discuss the specifics of how to do this in the course. What has been the longest tempo run you have done leading up to your PRT? 1-2 miles? 3 to 4 miles? I would hope that is closer to 4 miles. The reason is you are running over double the distance of your PRT 1.5 mile run distance. How much stronger do you think you would be if you devoted 100% to running a great time instead of just an average or good time?

What has been the longest long run have you done in the past training for the PRT? Can you honestly say you have been committed to progress and success? The great thing about this course is I cover every tactic I was taught to eventually become a member of the US Army World Class Athlete Program (WCAP). What I want for you use is to utilize the tactics and set a new personal best over 1.5 miles. Seeking to apply for the Navy Seals? You will need to run 4 miles in at least 31 minutes. This course is a must have in order to do this successfully.

Navy PRT 2022 1.5 Mile Tips

Focus on your speed development. I recommend doing 1, vo2 max workout per week. Your vo2 max is your body’s maximum oxygen carrying capacity. The focus os tempo runs and vo2 max workouts is you are recruiting more fast twitch muscle fibers. The more of these you can recruit the more efficient you are going to run. In addition, the easier your 1.5 mile goal race pace is going to feel.

The reason for this is you are running much faster than you can sustain. Thus, you are accumulating lactic acid faster than the body can clear it. Naturally, we have to stop and take breaks in between our intervals. Again, if you are patient you will see significant results and new personal best from 1.5 miles to the marathon distance.

The navy prt standards female sailors must meet are there to challenge you. I created this course to help you surpass them. Yes, it is called the Army ACFT Embrace the Suck 2 mile course. That being said, the tactics and strategies contained within it can help civilians and military members, regardless of distance. The same training tactics apply whether running 1.5 miles all out or a marathon.

Closing Thoughts

If you would like to keep in touch then make sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. I regularly create video content there to help both military and civilians run faster from the 800m to the marathon distances.

Please keep in touch with me. I am looking forward to interviewing you after you follow the running tips and 16-week training plan at the end of this course. I am 100% confident that if you follow what I teach in this course you will see significant drops in time off of your current 1.5 mile best.

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