My Lifetime Fitness

My Lifetime Fitness

My lifetime fitness goal is help others get ahead in this sport.

There is more joy in seeing others achieve their goals and dreams even more so then my own.

I have never really understood how discussing my own personal workouts will help aid or assist other runners in anyway.

We hear about workouts other athletes do in training but at the end of the day what does that really do for you and I?

Inspire Others

I do from time to time post workouts I have done but more or less it is a way of sharing with others the knowledge that ‘hey this guy is out there doing it like me, he gets it’ and that really, at the end of the day, is what I want.

I want to share some of my workouts so that perhaps someone else can go out there and do something I have utilized and use it to their own advantage.

There has to be more than just talking about yourself unless it is shared in such a way that you will be impacted someone else’s life.

For me personally, I have always enjoyed reading other top runners workouts and I also love reading about workouts runners of all ability levels are doing.

You get a sense of where their head is at in training and what seems to be working for them.

I have been running since I was 15 and just recently turned 45.

Age Isn’t Everything

Age should never be a factor in athletic performance, far too often people jeopardize what they can do because they think they are too old to still achieve it.

Getting older doesn’t make the process any easier but that doesn’t mean goals cannot be reached on account of it.

Our brain capacity and physiology is nearly limitless but it takes an unnatural, almost obsessive mindset to reach out and grab tough goals.

They don’t come easily and whether that means losing 5 pounds, dropping a minute off your 5K or achieving an Olympic Trials standard, the commitment has to be there and you can’t let age be the defining factor.

Share With Others

rundreamachieveI get people enjoy discussing their training.

People want to be heard, to feel important, to know that what they are doing them, to others.

Everyone has worth.

Elite runners are to be respected, yes, but runners of all capabilities, nationalities and genders…matter.

My heart will always be with those out in the masses in races across this country and the world who never get the notoriety and attention they deserve and I intend to change that here at rundreamachieve.

It may take a month, a year or a decade but I will continue to build this site and put runners in the spotlight whether it takes a year or the next two decades. All runners can be elite in their own way.

Invest in A RunDreamAchieve Training Plan Today

Elite, at least in the athletes I have been around, is all about appearance fees, hitting olympic standards and medaling.

Everyone deserves VIP Treatmenthow to avoid hitting the wall

I find it very odd that I can be in the VIP sections of races and hearing runners being asked, ‘how did you do’ and hearing responses like this ‘I set a PR by a minute and qualified for the Olympic Trials, I guess I’ll take it.

You guess you’ll take it?

Elite effort to me is a single mother or father, working a job, raising kids and still out putting in 50 miles a week on top of that. It is someone with a disability and despite that can go out and run a 30-minute 5K.

It is the individual who still works after a very tough goal after 6 years of trying to better his personal best for distance despite failure after failure and not losing the love, joy and enthusiasm for the journey.

My lifetime fitness objective is to stay as hungry as possible and train my body to go past its physiological limits but also to keep in mind others that aren’t as fortunate as I am, that they matter too and something has to be done to get them ahead.

There are those who are working just as hard, if not harder than me, and won’t run at my level.

Runners competing at the national and international level must always remain humble (and many are).

Help Motivate Others

Life and running is more about uplifting others and making them feel special and less about how fast we can run a mile workout or making an Olympic team.

There is nothing more special in life than taking the focus off yourself and putting it on someone who never in their wildest dreams would think you even cared about what they were doing.

Someone needs your expertise in the sport.

Find a way to encourage them in some way in 2022.

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