Mountain to Beach Marathon Race Review

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Running a full or half marathon is an impressive accomplishment that takes both dedication and time to train for.

Mountains to Beach is an exciting race, starting in Ojai and taking participants through Ventura River Valley before finishing at one of Ventura’s beautiful beaches.

This course includes some gentle hills that won’t put undue strain on your knees.

Start Line

Mountains 2 Beach Marathon begins in Ojai and serves as both the full marathon and half-marathon start lines, while its half-marathon begins closer to the beach. This point-to-point course winds its way from Ojai, through Ventura River Valley and onto America’s last great surf town Ventura in California; all while being USATF certified as a Boston Qualifier.

runners can begin a race by positioning themselves in their appropriate corral. This enables them to navigate safely along the course and prevents collisions with other runners while also alleviating overcrowding at the starting line.

Mountain to Beach’s first few miles are relatively flat; thereafter, its course features more of a net downhill gradient – yet not enough to become too difficult on your quads. Furthermore, finishing next to a beach invites runners back year after year for another dip into the ocean after finishing. This feature keeps participants coming back year after year!


Mountain 2 Beach’s course is stunningly picturesque and relatively flat, filled with vibrant wildflowers and other gorgeous scenery. There’s only slight net downhill (but nothing serious enough to hurt your quads) before an extended gradual uphill near mile 23; make sure that you train for this obstacle accordingly.

Every mile provides water and electrolyte stations that are strategically stocked so that runners do not have to stop or wait too long for their drink. My only criticism would be the last few miles have an uphill that may feel discouraging if fatigue sets in from other parts of the course.

Race organizers did an exceptional job of communicating through email updates and giving details for everything from parking and bus transportation, bib pickup, etc.

Aid Stations

Mountain to Beach Marathon offers runners ample aid stations and volunteers throughout its course, starting with water, Clif Shot gels, and an electrolyte drink unique to this event called Chargel.

As well as essentials, runners can expect plenty of fruit, snacks and energy-boosting options along the course. Aid stations will be located every three miles or before/after trail sections. Port-a-potties will also be present so no one needs to use nature as a toilet!

The final mile is an exciting sprint to the finish line surrounded by American flags and cheering spectators, encouraging runners to sprint towards it. They encourage spectators to join this vibrant finish line atmosphere for one of the most unforgettable running experiences they will ever have! All participants receive a finisher’s medal as well as commemorative tech tee shirt; those registered for full marathon receive additional food at race’s conclusion.

Finish Line

One of the hallmarks of this race is the gorgeous scenery along its route, from Ojai through Ventura and back again. As runners wind their way from Ojai through mountains before ending at Ventura beach – all while rolling with only slight net downhill (not enough to impact quads!) – making for a wonderful way to spend 23 miles!

The finish line for the Ventura Half Marathon lies in the heart of downtown Ventura and directly adjacent to the beach, featuring an awesome race party and ideal for post-race immersion into the Pacific Ocean. Each year this popular race sells out quickly due to a high percentage of qualifying times; therefore it is recommended to register early!

The Clif Mountains 2 Beach Half Marathon begins in Ojai and winds its way through Ventura River Valley before arriving at Ventura Pier – giving 13.1 milers an experience comparable to that of marathoners. I hope this mountain to beach marathon review has been helpful to you.

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