Motivation Running | Tips to Help You Get Better Results and

motivational runningMotivation running takes time, patience and focus to get the most out of.

Do you wonder if your age will hold you back from attaining your performance time goals?

We all have had similar concerns but why? Why do we give our mental energy to things that have not even occurred yet?

It is normal to be nervous of the unknown.

We worry about if the training we are doing is going to pay off. In addition, if our boss approve of the amount of time we are devoting to the sport to countless other concerns.

I wasted far too many years of competing worrying about things that simply didn’t matter

What changed?

It was simple.

I came to the conclusion that it is pointless to lose sleep over focusing on things outside my control.

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Remember, there is no need to feed your time or energy on areas outside of your control. 

If you have done the hard work then the rest will take care of itself.

Goal Setting

We have a choice whether to worry about every little detail leading into our next workout or race. Motivation running involves goal setting. 

Seth Godin, a multiple New York times best selling author was asked, ‘what makes you so productive‘.

I was struck by his answer, watch television or go to meetings and I do things that I am scared of.

He brings up in his post, Quieting The Lizard Brain, states

We say we want one thing, then we do another, want to be successful but we sabotage the job interview. Also, we want a product to come to market, but we sandbag the shipping schedule. In addition, we say we want to be thin but we eat too much. We say we want to be smart but we skip class or don’t read that book the boss lent us.

The contradictions never end. When someone shows up and acts without contradiction, we’re amazed. 

Focus On What You Can Control

Why do we let such meaningless concerns and doubts rule the way we feel leading into a race? 

Let go and just do.

Stephen Pressfield says our concerns and doubts stem from a section of the brain called the amygdala. Pressfield terms the lizard brain or the resistance.

It is the part of the brain that is control of fear, rage and reproductive drive. Godin says it perfectly,

the resistance is the voice in the back of our head telling us to back off, be careful, go slow, compromise.

So, I encourage you to do what Seth Godin does, do the things that scare you.

I am not going to question aspects of my training as I have in the past and neither should you. Do the best job you can do in your preparation and put all of your faith and energy into taking comfort in that.

Let the rest go.

Once we over think, especially in preparing for our races or worrying about if we will get to our goal weight, it stops us from being as productive as we could be.

It is cold outside. What will happen if I fail?

So what. Don’t think, just act. 

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