March Marathons to Consider

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Some years ago, an Air Force colonel who had just run the marathon at his deployed location suggested forming a running club on base. Members of March FITT team responded enthusiastically; today this group numbers nearly 100 members!

Named for Pheidippides, an ancient Greek messenger who ran from Marathon to Athens to announce victory during battle, this race has long been seen as the ultimate test for runners.

1. Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon, although not quite one of the march marathons, is one of America’s premier annual marathon races and an iconic annual tradition. Held annually on Patriots Day (April 15), which commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord that kicked off the Revolutionary War in 1775, this marathon draws athletes from around the globe as spectators line streets in support of these athletes from every continent.

The course is notoriously challenging, featuring several steep hills – particularly Newton Hill at the start/finish line and Heartbreak Hill towards its conclusion – according to long-time race director Dave McGillivray these can take as much as five minutes off your finishing time!

Although challenging, many view the Boston Marathon as one of the most rewarding endurance competitions. Not only can winners receive top prize money but a portion of entry fees is donated to 30 charities as well.

Athleticians can register for the Boston Marathon beginning mid-September of each year prior, with fast qualifiers being prioritized; runners who meet standard by at least 20 minutes can register in subsequent days if there are still available spots.

As a nod to its historic roots, the Boston Marathon prohibits pacemakers. Pheidippides’s epic run from Marathon to Athens to announce Persian defeat at Battle of Marathon before passing out was said to have inspired this event’s creation; modern Boston Athletic Association organization began itinerating marathon races beginning 1897; up until 1972 women weren’t permitted to compete; Nina Kuscsik’s triumph changed that landscape drastically.

2. Chicago Marathon

Thousands of runners will brave the cold and wind this November for this world-famous marathon race, whether they are beginners or veterans of previous marathons. Be it your first or tenth, no matter your experience level; participating in the Chicago Marathon is truly unforgettable and not something you want to miss out on.

Running enthusiasts from around the globe will converge in Grant Park for a 26.2 mile challenge, known as an AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championship Series event. It passes through several of Boston’s iconic neighborhoods and provides one of the flattest routes available; thus providing fast times and fast qualifying times for Boston Marathon qualifiers.

Since 1905, when it began as an international race, the Chicago Marathon has welcomed runners from around the globe who take on its challenge of 26.2 miles. They pass landmarks such as Millennium Park, Lake Shore Drive, Lincoln Park Zoo, Lincoln Park Zoo, Mercantile Exchange, White Sox ballpark and Sears Tower before reaching its finish line in downtown Chicago.

The 2023 Bank of America Chicago Marathon will serve as a key race in the AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group Marathon World Championships, offering points awards that allow finishers to qualify for entry at Boston in April. A top-3 finish earns you entry.

New York Marathon serves as an essential piece of the 2023 Women’s World Marathon Majors series. Berhane Adere’s win at LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon vaulted her into second place behind Jelena Prokopcuka; but her place will ultimately be determined by how she performs in New York – top-3 finishes will guarantee Adere a spot as the world’s premier female marathoner at Boston.

3. New York City Marathon

The New York City Marathon stands as one of the premier marathon events. Held across all five boroughs and as its inaugural marathon distance race (26.2.2), it set world records for both men and women participants alike.

New York City Marathon is the world’s largest and most beloved marathon event, drawing more than 34,000 runners to finish this year in record-setting time – 34,729 in all! Martin Lel from Kenya won with an outstanding time of 2:10:30; Margaret Okayo of Kenya triumphed as top female finisher at 2 hours 22 minutes 31 seconds.

While the race is famed for its challenging course and prestige, its massive crowds make safety paramount. To stay safe on this course, runners should focus on their pace rather than getting caught in crowds at the beginning of the race, and not try too hard in days leading up to it by trying to see everything New York City offers in terms of sightseeing; instead they should spend most of their time resting or doing things that do not involve excessive movement such as visiting an expo or Broadway show.

NYRR offers guaranteed entry into the NYC Marathon through their 9+1 or 9+$1K programs, in which runners must complete nine races to qualify. They may also gain entry through affiliation with charities or meeting time qualification standards; for more information visit their official website.

4. London Marathon

The London Marathon began its inaugural running in 1981 and remains one of six major marathons worldwide. Arguably its most iconic race due to its location within one of the world’s most beautiful cities and rich history, its route boasts scenic beauty while offering challenging physical endurance tests while passing many significant historical sites along its course – finishing at The Mall near Buckingham Palace for maximum spectacle.

Motivation to run the London Marathon often lies with reaching personal goals. Completing this marathon event for many runners represents both an ultimate personal achievement and celebration rite-of-passage that reminds them they can achieve more than they think possible.

People running marathons as a fundraiser are an increasing trend. From winning their spot through lottery to entering through ballot, many participants raise funds for causes close to their hearts by running for charity. Some runners manage to raise significant sums that have an incredible impact on those they touch – often those less fortunate than themselves.

Every year, thousands of runners participate in the London Marathon, and celebrities often make appearances. Notable names include singer Marcus Mumford who runs for Grenfell Tower fire fund and former England rugby union captain Chris Robshaw. Furthermore, this year was notable as being the inaugural year to offer non-binary gender options when applying to join. This initiative marks an outstanding step toward equality and inclusion at this marathon event.

5. Tokyo Marathon

The Tokyo Marathon, established in 2007, has quickly become one of the Abbott World Marathon Majors’ flagship races since its inaugural run. Already beloved among elite runners and amateur runners alike, only 38,000 can enter each year; just qualifying is enough; becoming a finisher requires running well enough to achieve six star finisher medal status! –

This marathon course traverses some of Tokyo’s iconic tourist spots and temples, including landmarks and temples. What makes it challenging compared to most flat courses is that there are two tight 180-degree turns early on that may prove tricky for runners. Furthermore, runners must meet various checkpoints within seven hours or they will be disqualified and fall foul of an extremely strict time limit that requires them to pass certain checkpoints within certain windows or risk disqualification from running this race.

As with the other major marathons, entry to the Tokyo Marathon is strictly limited to those who meet specific standards and submit video footage of their performance. If you don’t meet them fast enough for lottery entry, running for charity guarantees your place in this beautiful marathon race – no matter your level of competition! The Tokyo Marathon truly makes for a stunning and special marathon experience.

Return flights to Japan can be expensive, becoming even more so as the marathon weekend draws nearer. Civitatis’ Tokyo Marathon tour provides roundtrip transportation between the marathon expo and race day – book today to ensure a spot.

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