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Lifestyle fitness is going to mean something different to different people. For me, it is about living the life by your own standards. It isn’t having someone else dictating how your day should be lived.

lifestyle fitness

Furthermore, you are in control, not someone else. The results we produce as athletes and fitness-minded professionals are going to be entirely up to us. A fitness lifestyle can only come about my working your plan and planning your work. It will not come about by tip-toeing through the tulips and expecting results to just take place.

How did I run a 2:19 marathon? Proper planning and a ton of hard work and dedication. What I do not have is a lot of talent. What I do have a lot of is dedication and tenacity. How does one achieve lifestyle fitness?

In addition, I’m going to be covering some of the key strategies and concepts I have used to achieve high level fitness. I’m hoping that some of these tips will help you increase your lifestyle fitness and produce even greatest results in 2019 and beyond.

Focus On The Positives

  1. Get rid of the distractions

A huge time waster is watching television. Now, that being said, I’m not saying give it up. The average American is watching 5 to 6 hours of television per day. It is a very common practice for people to turn on the Idiot Box, respectfully. Ask yourself this question. When was the last time CNN put money in my bank account or improved my health?

Additionally, when was the last time Fox News, MSNBC or CBC helped me to lose weight? Has Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer helped me to break the 3 hour marathon barrier? The problem for most people is they allow too much negativity into their subconscious mind. This is why the media is so powerful.

A few alternatives to watching the news is reading a book, listening to a podcast, signing up for a runner course or changing your associations. Listen to the conversations of the people around you. Have you taken notes of the words they are saying? The topics they are discussing? Are they income-producing or health improving topics or the latest President Trump statistic?

Let’s face it. We all get caught up with non-sense talking points. What we should be focusing on is ways to improve our lifestyle. How can we help someone else improve theirs? These are topics of interest to me.

So, lifestyle fitness is exactly that. It doing something for yourself that will dramatically increase the quality of your life. It could be investing in a new way to brand yourself online. Perhaps, it is shopping for a new 5K to marathon training schedule to maximize your racing results.

Run Below Your Goal Race Pace

2. Practice running at goal race pace

Are you a 5K specialist trying to break the 20- minutes? Are you a 4 hour marathoner but desire to break the 3 hour marathon barrier? You don’t create lifetyle fitness as an endurance runner without practicing below your goal race pace.

There is a common mistake I am seeing far too many runners make. They start to second guess themselves when results don’t come as quickly as they would like. The problem isn’t that they don’t have the initiative or work ethic. They simply need a new strategy. What is the mistake? Running too many of their weekly miles too slow.

If your goal is to break the 4 hour marathon barrier then you have to get accustomed to running below 9:09 per mile pace. In fact, you have tp practice a minute faster than that. Why? It will make race pace feel much more manageable and easy. The physiological effect of running at faster speeds does not take place overnight. You have to be extremely patient and remind yourself that lifestyle fitness is a process.

3. Plan your work and work your plan

Mike Tyson said it best,

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face

Lifestyle fitness takes outside the box mentality. You are not going to lifestyle changing fitness via just being interested. There is a massive difference between interest versus commitment. Why do some people have life-altering changes in their fitness whereas others have a hard time making gains?

It isn’t that those that have a harder time are any less worthy of results. You truly have to be tenacious about your fitness and professional goals. You have to be willing to remain persistent and consistent, daily.

Invest in Personal Development

If you are a runner one of the best things you can do is invest in a new 5K to marathon training program. Here at RunDreamAchieve I have created 5K to marathon training schedules that helped me lower my marathon from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35. The fundamentals I teach in the Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro also helped me lower my half marathon best from 1:10:29 to 1:07:06.

Are you interested in business and building your brand online? I highly recommend investing in Pinterest Avalanche. Why? Everyone has their eyes on Facebook and Instagram while so few are missing the gold right in front of their face. Are you a fitness professional that already has a business, website or blog online? Sometimes making that investment will create lifestyle fitness in your life.

Fitness that goes above and beyond just your physical fitness. How many people have leverage over their time? 78 percent of the American population is living paycheck to paycheck in supposedly the richest country in the world. Lifestyle fitness also has to do with creating leverage over your health and time. Time is our most precious commodity and yet so few people have control over it.

You Have To Jump

Someone else dictates their day for them. Let’s be honest, many people love what they do for a living whereas there are equally, if not far more, that are fed up with trading time for money. People are not put on this earth to pay bills and die. Steve Harvey says it best in this short, 6-minute video called Jump

If you are a runner investing a runner course can do wonders for your running performance. I teach runners in the Sub 3 Hour Marathon Pro how to drastically increase your chances of breaking the 3 hour marathon barrier.

There are far too many disciplined, driven and tenacious athletes out there. The problem for most is they are not practicing running under 3 hour marathon pace often enough. It is not that you don’t have what it takes, you simply need a new strategy.

In addition to that, investing in a new training plan for your next 5K to marathon is commonly all runners need. The RunDreamAchieve Shop is filled with 5K to marathon plans for beginner to advanced level athletes. These programs were built to help you master race pace. You have to train in a specific way to get a specific result.

I’ve got a theory, that if you give 100% all the time, somehow things will work out in the end – Larry Bird

How Can I Achieve Lifestyle Fitness As A Runner?

Well, a great first step is changing the way you think. We hear this saying all the time.

Think positive.

Is it true? I believe it is. I am proof that it works. If you desire to achieve lifestyle fitness this goes beyond just putting in 100 mile weeks. Also, remember that quality rules over quantity when it comes to running faster from the 5K to the marathon. Lifestyle fitness comes about only via repetition, consistency and persistence.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals? Here are a few key strategies I will be using more this year to maximize my own results. You are free to steal them and use for your own.

Make A List Of Goals

  1. Attend more business conferences
  2. Focus on breaking my marathon PR of 2:19:35
  3. Read at least 2 books per month
  4. Invest in more branding products
  5. Invest in real estate (passive income)
  6. Produce 5, unforgettable and impactful running courses by the end of 2019
  7. Impact more lives via RunDreamAchieve
  8. Lose 15 pounds and get back to my race weight of 150 pounds
  9. Achieve $5,000 per month in residual income to leverage more of my time
  10. Start a membership site for runners

Personally, number 2 is going to be the hardest of them all. I ran my marathon PR at the 2007 California International Marathon. I was 31 years old and finished as the top American breaking the sub-2:20 marathon barrier in the process. The challenge now at age 42 is that I have to mimic the style of training I was doing while I was 31.

Is this an achievable goal? Well, as far as I am concerned it is. The masters (40 years and older) world-record for the marathon is 2:07:50. I still feel I can run under 2:18:00 for the marathon distance but it will require immense work.

Stay Consistent

4. Focus on consistency

The mother of all learning is repetition they say. I broke the 2:20 marathon barrier on account of persistent training. The quickest way to achieving lifestyle fitness is maximizing every spare minute you have to produce the greatest results. Time is our most precious asset. What are you doing on a daily basis to gain leverage over it?

If you have a specific race time in mind how often are you practicing at or below the pace at which you desire to hold in the race? How consistent have you been in truly focusing on getting your race pace to feel easier? Remember, everyone, regardless of ability level has a hard time getting into great shape at first.

It is those that remain consistent, day in and day out, that create lifestyle fitness. This is not run-of-the-mill fitness but dramatic physical, financial and spiritual changes in their life. I started over 7 years ago in December of 2011. Interest has not kept this website going. Consistent posting and sharing helpful articles regardless if people read them or not has.

Additionally, it has taken financial investments to build the RunDreamAchieve brand.

Invest In Yourself

Here are just a few of my expenses each month.

Teachable – software I use to build my online running courses – $69 per month.

Bluehost – my website hosting which I have had since 2011 – $29 per month

ConvertKit – my e-mail marketing software I use to build my newsletter list – $29 per month

This is a personal commitment I have made in investing in my brand but also investing in my customers.

Be Fully Committed

There are going to be times where you will be training and you may not feel like you are getting anywhere. Keep going. It is during these times where we learn the most about ourselves. The most successful athletes and fitness-minded professionals I have worked with over the years never lose their sense of enthusiasm.

They are all in, no matter what. They understand that success demands process and process is critical to achieving lasting results. In addition to that, they don’t lose enthusiasm when results don’t come as fast as they would like.

These individuals achieve lifestyle fitness for one reason. They are fully committed. There is no maybe or I’ll get around to it when I have the time. These athletes, business executives and fitness professionals are not afraid of the work. They carve out sections of their day to fully commit to their craft.

I don’t know if you are preparing to run your first marathon, seeking to lose weight, or focusing on building your brand online. What I do know is that you are a winner. Anyone that comes to this site, reads this far into a post, tells me that individual wants success, is coachable and will do whatever it takes.

Common Hindrances To Achieving Lifestyle Fitness

  1. Bad associations

We all have a choice in the people we associate with. They can be leading us to the places we want to go or further away from our end goals

  • 2. Time wasters

This can be watching too much television, spending too much time on entertainment, on your cellphone, meaningless conversations etc.

  • 3. Being interested and not committed

Guard Yourself Against Procrastination

Look, it is very easy to procrastinate. I fully understand how difficult this is going to be. Anything that is worthwhile is going to take enormous amounts of hard work and effort. Remember, this will be a labor of love. You already have something you love to do. Find out what you are not doing in your daily routine and think about other activities in your life you do well. What makes it so easy for you to do that activity and procrastinate in the other area?

Use your strengths in what you love to do most and clone the same actions to work on your weak areas. Lifestyle fitness is also about finding what works and using leverage to do more with less. We all have been taught to work hard but how many people do you know who work hard and are broke?

In addition, we need to find new, innovative ways to gain leverage over our time and health. This takes more than just interest in the subject. We all need to be enormously focused on achieving lifestyle fitness. Fitness that changes not only our results, the way we look and carry ourselves but wipes away having to work for money.

Closing Thoughts On Lifestyle Fitness

For once, hard working people need to be taught how to make money work hard for them. We already understand this with our fitness results. Why haven’t more people been taught how to earn passive income rather than warm a seat somewhere for 8 hours a day for linear income?

Lastly, lifestyle fitness is going to require a lot out of you. It isn’t just about how many miles a week you are running. What percentage of your weekly mileage is conducted at or below your goal race pace? What percentage of your day is focused on preparing for your elite fitness result? Are you willing to invest in becoming a better runner and athlete?

Hopefully this post on lifestyle fitness has given you some insight on how you can produce lasting results in your fitness routine. We have covered some of the common mistakes athletes make, hindrances that keep them from achieving their results and why goal-setting is critical for success. Finally, feel free to leave a comment below and let me know if there is any pain point you have that I can assist with.

Make sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube Channel and get our latest video updates. If you are seeking to perform at a higher level in endurance races purchase your 5K to marathon training plan at the RunDreamAchieve Shop.

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