La Sportiva Akyra Trail Running Shoe Review

Are you seeking more details about the La sportiva akyra trail running shoe? Do you need a trail running shoes that can handle even the toughest terrain? If so, the la sportiva akyra trail running shoes are your perfect match.

This shoe is ideal for rugged mountain runners who require the extra protection. Also, the stability that an aggressive lug pattern offers. They also provide high levels of cushioning and support as you traverse rocky, scree, or shale trails with ease.

How Much Do the Shoes Weigh?

The Akyra isn’t the lightest shoe around, but it does provide impressive stability and protection. Additionally, we’ve tested it extensively to see if you can handle rugged trails longer in a lighter shoe.

Akyra’s outsole is an impressive performer with its friXion rubber, deep trail bite lugs and Impact Brake System. We tested it extensively on slippery surfaces such as iced or snowy conditions. Thus, giving it superior grip in all conditions tested.

Akyra’s uppers are worth noting, thanks to their TPU overlays that keep your feet secure even on rugged terrains. Unfortunately, TPU can stretch out, making it easier for your foot to slip inside of the shoe and cause blisters. To combat this issue, these uppers feature an innovative exoskeleton design built-in. It provides structure and support while still being lightweight.

How Much Does the Akasha Weigh?

La Sportiva Akasha shoes weigh in at approximately 330 grams in men’s sizes. Of course, this isn’t a huge difference from most other shoes on the market. That being said, it’s encouraging that La Sportiva doesn’t scrimp on lightness when creating their footwear.

This shoe boasts the ideal combination of support and flexibility in its outsole, providing unparalleled comfort. The FriXion XT technology on the outsole absorbs shock from rough terrains. That being said, the EVA foam injected into the midsole provides cushioning and protection from impact.

The Akasha’s upper is soft, breathable and provides a snug fit that eliminates compression points during long races. This makes the shoe ideal for endurance events as well as training sessions.

Testers have been extremely satisfied with the La Sportiva Akasha’s grip on various surfaces and terrains. Its 4.5mm lugs offer enough traction on wet and dry trails and steep rocky technical trails. In addition, off-trail surfaces, as well as dirt roads.

La Sportiva Akyra Gtx Review

The Akyra is an aggressive trail running shoe designed with a tough welded TPU upper. Also, a robust Trail Rocker 2 outsole to tackle tough trails. It also boasts a breathable and waterproof Gore-Tex lining to keep your feet dry. In addition, comfortable during long runs in cold weather.

La Sportiva’s FriXion rubber and deep Trail Bite lugs offer superior grip on any trail surface. Additionally, La Sportiva’s Impact Brake System on the outsole increases braking power. So, when ascending steep climbs or scrambling up a summit you will be good to go.

A new lug pattern, featuring hexagon-shaped lugs on high wear areas and phallic chevrons throughout the outsole, provides ample surface area for maximum grip no matter what surface you’re running on. Furthermore, this outsole effectively sheds mud and snow even during wet conditions.

It’s an ideal shoe for long hikes and long distance runs, though not quite as responsive as trail running shoes and heavier than most technical mountain running shoes. Additionally, it lacks flexibility and protection compared to hiking shoes; however, you will still get the stability, durability and traction that you require.

Are La Sportiva Good?

If you’re searching for a pair of shoes that offers the stiffness, durability, protection, stability and grip of hiking boots with the speed, flexibility and wicking properties of trail running shoes, La Sportiva’s Akyra Gtx is an ideal option. Engineered by their R&D department with FriXion rubber outsole and deep Trail Bite lugs with Impact Brake System for superior grip on steep inclines and descents alike – these shoes will not let go!

The shoe’s uppers are well-padded and feature a narrow toe box for a secure fit. One wear-tester commented that the shoe felt “really secure and locked down,” while another mentioned how the TPU overlays gave the mesh some structure while working seamlessly with the lacing system to provide an even distribution of pressure.”

Do La Sportiva Running Shoes Run True to Size?

La Sportiva Akyra is one of their more robust trail running shoes, designed specifically to handle more rugged terrain. Its Frixion rubber outsole boasts larger lugs which provide enhanced traction on off-trail scrambles and other rough trails compared to many of La Sportiva’s other shoes.

La Sportiva’s outsole features a series of 4.5-millimeter oval lugs designed to provide superior traction on rock, mud and hardpacked dirt. While these lugs may not be as large as some of their other designs, they’re still enough to make the shoe suitable for most types of rough trails.

One feature that makes the Akyra an ideal trail shoe is its close-fitting uppers and narrow toe box. Our wear-testers found this to be a major advantage for aggressive mountain running shoes, helping keep feet secure and comfortable even on tough trails.

If you’re thinking of trying La Sportiva Akyra shoes, we recommend going one size up from your street shoe size. Unlined slip-lasted shoes typically stretch a full size while linings typically shrink half a size; take this into consideration when making your selection of La Sportiva Akyra footwear.

Are La Sportiva Wildcats Waterproof?

La Sportiva offers a selection of waterproof trail running shoes designed to handle rough, challenging terrain. Some even feature Gore-Tex lining for enhanced water resistance.

GORE-TEX lining also enhances breathability, which is especially essential when wearing shoes in cold climates where rain may be frequent.

However, it should be noted that gore-tex lined shoes typically don’t offer the highest level of breathability available in a shoe.

Therefore, runners who prefer breathable options may find this isn’t the best option; if your feet are sweaty, you may struggle to get enough airflow over the lining.

La Sportiva’s greatest accomplishment is not its waterproof lining, but rather the multi-layered upper. This includes a durable mesh cage, breathable GTX lining and TPU heel cage that help stabilize the shoe despite feeling bulky due to their multiple layers. While they may make for bulkier walking, La Sportiva’s main draw is its traction.

Are La Sportiva Akyra Waterproof?

Akyra from La Sportiva is a heavyweight trail running shoe that not only packs an impressive punch, but also provides superior protection for epic adventures. This robustly built shoe is ideal for those seeking to cover long distances over rugged terrain and can be used year-round – even during wintertime!

A TPU upper offers support and durability, while the Trail Rocker 2 outsole keeps you moving forward. The lugs are designed for grip in all directions for excellent traction no matter the surface.

The midsole is composed of dual injection shock-absorbing Memlex and full length EVA, providing a highly cushioned ride while offering extra protection for your feet. Furthermore, Ortholite insoles help reduce moisture accumulation on your feet to keep them comfortable and dry.

Akyra is an excellent option for trail runners looking to maximize their time on the trails. It also works well for runners who have been using hiking boots for years and want to transition into more trail running shoes. Plus, Akyra provides newer runners with a longer running shoe that’s not too stiff and doesn’t hinder movement speed.

La Sportiva Akyra vs Ultra Raptor

La Sportiva Akyra shoes are an excellent choice for long distance runners and mountain racers who require shoes with cushioning, protection, and durability to stay safe on technical terrain. The Italian brand has recently updated these shoes in order to stay relevant in a market where other models are gaining ground. Be sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. I focus on making new content there each week. I hope that this post and the resources located here has been helpful to you.

The Ultra Raptor is a favorite trail running shoe among thousands of hikers and runners. This high-performance shoe boasts great drainage, sticky rubber outsole, rock guard, heel/side protection, as well as an arched sole for extra grip on rough trails.

It has a well-deserved reputation for being durable and tough, boasting an exceptional build quality that can withstand hundreds of miles of abuse. Plus, its TPU overlays and robust rubber components offer plenty of protection.

The Ultra Raptor II features the soft and sticky FriXion XF 2.0 rubber compound, Sportiva’s grippiest rubber compound (rock climbing shoes excluded). Its 4.5-millimeter oval lug pattern offers a good balance between sharp lugs for better rock performance and more circular lugs for soft ground traction.

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