La Sportiva Akasha 2 Trail Running Shoe Tips

The la sportiva akasha 2 is a technical mountain running shoe designed for endurance competitions and long distance trail runs. It’s comfortable, lightweight and breathable – ideal for all-day comfort on your runs!

This upper is designed to stretch with your foot as it expands during longer hikes or runs. Air Mesh and PU leather overlays help maintain the shape of your foot while offering excellent protection and support.

Are La Sportiva Akasha Durable?

La Sportiva Akasha 2 trail running shoe is designed for long distance races and ultra marathons. Featuring a FriXion XT outsole and EVA midsole that provide excellent protection and cushioning to feet, as well as a PU leather reinforced upper.

These components make the Akasha 2 shoes durable and flexible, making them ideal for runners who enjoy a variety of terrains. Furthermore, their well ventilated design can repel moisture quickly, making them an excellent option on dry or muddy trails.

Its 3 mm layer of “LaSpEVA” combined with a thicker dual-injection MEMlex EVA provides underfoot cushioning and protection, while its STB system of TPU inserts through the upper and midsole offers stability. Large stack heights help keep feet in place while still offering good energy return on technical terrain, while a full rubber outsole provides ample traction on loose or hard surfaces alike.

These shoes feature a Trail Rocker design to smooth out heel-to-toe transition, an ideal feature for loose or steep terrain. Furthermore, these lightweight shoes don’t feel too heavy on your feet even after spending all day hiking in the mountains.

How Much Do the Shoes Weigh?

La Sportiva’s Akasha 2 trail running and ultras shoe is designed with dual injection shock-absorbing Memlex EVA midsole for cushioning without adding too much weight, plus a 4.5mm deep FriXion XT outsole that offers superior traction on any terrain.

The upper is constructed with breathable 3D Air Mesh and Dynamic ProTechTion overlays for support and flexibility on long days. Padded at the rear, PU leather overlays protect and secure feet when running over technical terrain.

La Sportiva’s Trail Rocker technology is used in combination with numerous chunky V-shaped lugs that shed sticky mud. Additionally, two opposing slanting lugs provide extra braking power on rocky and steep terrain.

How Deep Are the Lugs on La Sportiva Akasha 2?

La Sportiva Akasha 2 shoes boast deep 4.5mm multi-directional lugs for excellent traction. Constructed from FriXion XT 2.0 rubber compound, these lugs offer superior grip on various terrain.

Trail runners often run over varied terrain, necessitating grippy soles to help them traverse uneven and rocky surfaces. Selecting the correct lug pattern is key; short lug patterns work best for trail runners who primarily traverse hard-pack trails.

Conversely, if you’re running on mud and softer terrain, deeper lugs are necessary to provide traction on the ground. Shoe manufacturers use various materials when crafting their lugs; which one works best for you depends on your intended running environment.

The Akasha 2 features a lightweight dual-injection Memlex EVA midsole with 3mm LaSpEVA layer. In addition, an Ortholite insole and Cushion Platform for ample cushioning. Also, protection on long miles while also offering great energy return for faster efforts.

La Sportiva Akasha 2 Review

La Sportiva Akasha 2 trail running shoes are designed for maximum support on long distance trails and mountain running races. Their FriXion XT compound outsole, injection EVA midsole, and Ortholite insole deliver exceptional cushioning to your feet.

The La Sportiva Akasha is a lightweight shoe designed to help you maintain speed. Also, endurance over hundreds of miles on the trail. It has an air mesh upper for excellent comfort. In addition, an Air Mesh base with PU leather overlays that prevent it from collapsing over time.

La Sportiva Akasha ultra runners will appreciate its superior shock absorption and traction. In addition, its comfortable outsole and midsole.

La Sportiva Akasha II boasts an improved upper made from modified mesh for improved breathability. Also, durability, making it more abrasion resistant than its predecessor.

La Sportiva Jackal vs Akasha 2

Jackal brings together the dynamic midsole and aggressive outsole of Akasha II with a wider last and high volume upper to create the ideal shoe for ultra-distance trail running. This combination offers optimal cushioning and stability in one convenient package – making it an ideal choice for runners of all levels.

The Jackal’s midsole is composed of dual density compressed EVA combined with Infinitoo PU inserts for plenty of cushioning while maintaining the stability and protection provided by its 1.5mm rock guard underfoot. FriXion XT 2.0 provides grip on the outsole, a sticky rubber compound designed for use across various terrains.

The upper of the Jackal is constructed with breathable ripstop mesh laminated for durability and protection. It also has a gusseted tongue to drain water, an integrated toe bumper, and an extended wrap-around rand for additional coverage.

La Sportiva Lycan 2 vs Mutant

La Sportiva Mutant is a trail running shoe designed with durability in mind, making it suitable for mountainous terrain, trails, and other demanding conditions. With its sturdy construction and lightweight design, this shoe offers excellent grip when traversing difficult terrain.

The Mutant is designed for maximum grip and responsiveness on steep technical trails. It boasts a stiff midsole to support and control your foot as you ascend, along with its Spyral tongue design and unique lacing system that locks in place your feet during strenuous activity.

Reviewers have raved about how comfortable the Mutant is to wear. It boasts a breathable shoe, helping keep users at an ideal body temperature while running, and is surprisingly lightweight for such a durable shoe.

Moreover, the Mutant is highly durable and offers great traction on rocky and slippery surfaces. Its outsole is constructed from a sticky rubber compound commonly found in climbing shoes, featuring wide lugs that can grip a variety of surfaces.

The Mutant has a distinct lacing system that will make you stand out in any crowd. Available in an array of colors, runners can find a pair that perfectly reflects their personality and sense of style.

La Sportiva Bushido 2 Review

La Sportiva’s Bushido 2 trail shoe is an ultra-durable and technical trail shoe designed for stability on rough and rocky terrain. This makes it a great option for runners who enjoy running through trails with roots, rocks and steep sections.

This upper is constructed with breathable AirMesh and microfiber overlays that vary in density and flexibility along the medial and lateral sides of the shoe, creating a low-profile design with minimal pressure points.

FriXion(r) XT V-Groove2(tm) features forefoot lugs that wrap the midsole to provide superior stability and grip on off-camber terrain. With dual compound rubber, you’ll experience excellent traction on any type of terrain–dry or wet.

These shoes were remarkably stable and responsive, enabling me to move quickly over difficult terrain without experiencing a sluggish response. Their stiff chassis also makes them suitable for larger individuals needing extra support.

Are La Sportiva Trail Shoes Narrow?

La Sportiva Akasha 2 sneakers have become increasingly popular in the ultra-running community, thanks to American Ultra Running Star Anton Krupicka’s decision to run in them when he returned for racing at 2021 Leadville 100.

These shoes are much narrower than La Sportiva’s Wildcat and Bushido II models, due to the smaller stack height used compared to other trail shoes in their lineup.

Trail runners will appreciate this as it allows them to feel comfortable on long hikes or expeditions. Furthermore, it provides more stability while navigating technical terrain – always a plus in my book!

The Akasha is unique in that it features a tongue and lacing system that prevents debris from flying around. This feature, which many other shoes with normal tongue-and-lacing systems cannot offer, makes the Akasha particularly desirable for hikers or mountaineers who frequently traverse loose surfaces.

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