Knee Pain Running. Tips To Overcome It

Knee Pain Running

I have had three knee surgeries, all from pieces of cartilage that broke off my knee caps. It all happened in the early to late 1990s’.

Fortunately, I have not had any major issues since but knee related injuries are common on our sport.

I usually write very long posts so will let this be very brief and may start writing much shorter posts for time sake. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than many runners make it out to be.

Injuries are bound to come sooner or later in our sport. We don’t live in an environment like the Kenyans who get to train daily on dirt roads and softer surfaces. Third world countries have a luxury that many other countries do not, lack of concrete and pavement.

If you run into any form of knee pain from running focus on rehabilitation first. Your goals and running dreams second, because if you don’t tackle the root of the problem in the first place you are only extending your wait time in getting back to the roads and track.

Here are a few brief tips:

1. Use ice cups – fill up stirofoam cups with water, place them in your freezer and use them to massage your knees after your runs

2. Take time off if the pain becomes too great or have a Physician take a look at your knee. MRI’s are the best but are often costly. If you are out running and feel something rolling around in your knee you more than likely have what the medical world calls ‘floating bodies’ in your knee.

3. Live Clean

This is simply a small piece cartilage that has broken off and is moving around your knee capsule. You can still run through it, albeit some pain, if it moves in the wrong spot and I can assure you, you will know when it does.

Overcoming knee pain from running is being smarter than the guy or gal who chooses to continue to try to train without listening to the body first. This is common sense, not always common practice.

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