Johnson Crane Marathon Race Overview & Perks

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This challenging double-lapper through Johannesburg’s south western townships serves as an excellent Comrades Training Run as well as being a fun way to tour the city – definitely worthy of a weekend away!

Johnson Crane Hire’s LG 1750 mobile crane and Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1 mobile crane have joined forces on this project to assist Azari’s predetermined lifting schedules by raising blades from below the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Soweto Marathon

The Soweto Marathon is an annual running event held in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. It includes full marathon, half marathon and 10km races that begin and end at FNB Stadium Soweto. The Johnson Crane marathon is one of the other great marathons in South Africa.

The Soweto Marathon’s route is truly unique as it takes runners through some of South Africa’s most important heritage sites and landmarks, including Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital – which is third largest hospital worldwide and Diepkloof and Pimville with their historic streets – two Nobel Peace Laureates Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu both called Diepkloof home, plus historic streets where their families once resided – making this marathon unique in South Africa.

Local elite runners have struggled to compete against Ethiopian and Lesotho athletes who dominate this event. Mothibi believes local runners can overcome this challenge through proper training – including hill work and speed work sessions in your buildup plan, especially during August/September preparations.

Maritzburg City Marathon

Maritzburg City Marathon may not feature massive fields, substantial prize pools or much fanfare; but its unique features bely its club-level organization. It takes runners on a 21km lap around Victorian city, taking in both ups and downs along a circuitous course designed by WWI veteran Vic Clapham to honor those lost during his war service. Runners may opt for either one or two circuits during South Africa’s summer sun.

Runners have the choice between running either one or both loops of this course – designed by WWI veteran Vic Clapham in honoring those lost during WWI by creating this event that commemorates their sacrifice by honoring this route created specifically around these historical figures who had sacrificed so many lives during his service by honoring this race and honoring them by creating something special!

The race has quickly become one of the premier Comrades Marathon qualifiers and also features a Wheelchair Quarter Marathon on race day. Furthermore, it holds African Marathon Championships every four years and introduced AIMS Marathon Flame for Africa during a special ceremony at Drill Hall to kick-start weekend activities.

Blade Nzimande, born and educated at Edendale and University of Natal respectively. Alan Paton (author of Cry the Beloved Country), born in Pietermaritzburg and attending Georgetown High School as well as University of Natal respectively.

Riebeeck Berg Marathon

The PPC Riebeeck Berg Marathon is an annual race held between the picturesque twin towns of Riebeek-Wes and Riebeek-Kasteel in the Riebeeck Valley. Offering four races – full marathon, half marathon, 10km and 5km – runners experience fresh country air among rolling vineyards and distant mountains while seeing many charming old buildings along Riebeek-Wes’ high street.

The Bothmaskloof Pass climb is the toughest section of this race. Although only 2km long, its steep gradient of 7% requires runners to engage their lowest gear to traverse this 2km climb before heading downhill towards the finish area.

The Riebeeck Berg Marathon, one of the smallest qualifying marathons for Comrades Race of Two Oceans in South Africa, is sponsored by Pretoria Portland Cement (PPC). PPC operates eleven factories across Africa that produce around 11 1/2 million tons annually of cement products as well as lime manufacturing – they are among the main suppliers in South Africa of both products.

Comrades Ultra Marathon

The Comrades Marathon, much like the Johnson Crane marathon is an endurance race that requires years of preparation. Boasting challenging hills and known for being one of the toughest runs ever undertaken, this race is often described as one of the toughest challenges on Earth. Debuting in 1921 by train engineer Vic Clapham to honor soldiers killed during South Africa’s Anglo-Boer War between South Africa and two Boer states, its predecessor ultramarathon races include those held annually since then in Japan or Hong Kong – only the latter two can match its endurance!

Runners should anticipate cramps, nausea and diarrhoea during training runs. Some runners may even become so exhausted they consider giving up, but as long as they continue their training and take proper care in caring for their feet they should be fine.

An effective Comrades race begins with a sound mental approach. There will undoubtedly be moments of doubt and weakness during your Comrades journey; therefore it is essential that you come up with reasons for not quitting before starting. Discussing goals with friends and family will keep you motivated throughout.

JM Busha Marathon

Harare: Organisers of this year’s JM Busha Marathon have unveiled plans to make the annual 21km run even bigger and have increased prize money, promising winners of both disciplines an estimated payout of $3 000 each.

Organisers say they aim to attract athletes from across the country and Africa for this year’s JM Busha 54 races event, held May 25 at Alex Sports Club. The race is sponsored by JM Busha 54 races – a non-profit organisation with social investment programs designed to foster sport, education, peace, stability, harmony and unity between peoples.

Investor Joseph Busha, who conceptualized this marathon event, hopes it can grow as big as London, Berlin and New York’s iconic competitions in time. At a press conference he said they aimed for this to become “Africa’s biggest marathon,” inciting more young people into athletics participation for an improved future for African nations.

Prison to Prison Marathon

The New York City Marathon is considered the pinnacle of competitive long-distance running and an emblem of endurance, yet many runners consider crossing its finish line only the start. Prison inmates find that conquering 26.2 miles provides them with a sense of personal achievement while giving meaning and purpose back into their lives.

Director Christine Yoo’s upbeat yet non-cheesy documentary 26.2 to Life explores the San Quentin Prison Marathon, in which prisoners train with volunteer coaches for an annual 105-lap race around its lower yard. Featuring several of its members–such as Markelle Taylor who hopes to break three hours and run his first real marathon when released–this film depicts both their individual triumphs and tragedies that keep them motivated onward.

Coach Frank Ruona is an experienced marathon runner who wants his team members to achieve their own dreams of running marathons around the globe, yet must remind them that life isn’t as straightforward.

Gaborone Marathon

Botswana can offer runners an unforgettable marathon experience. Along its course lies some of Africa’s most breathtaking scenery; supporting local charities while getting to visit some of its world-renowned wildlife parks can only add to this extraordinary journey.

The race is organized by the PGM Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young people through sporting events. Alongside organizing marathon races, this non-profit offers scholarships and programs to encourage participation. Over its three year existence, marathon has raised over one million Pula for PGM Foundation – one of their major fundraisers!

The first edition of Gaborone Marathon took place in 2010, and has since become an enormously successful event, drawing athletes from around the globe to participate. Additionally, this marathon serves as an invaluable platform to foster unity within Gaborone and advocate for healthy living habits – Diacore has provided their support as sponsors by taking an interdisciplinary approach to sports development; recently they made a donation of 400,000 Pula towards renovating Gaborone Squash Club. Whether it is the Johnson Crane marathon or one of the other above mentioned marathons, proper training will get you a new PR.

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