Irish Army Fitness Test | Run a Faster 1.5 Miler

Are you training for the Irish Army fitness test? If so, welcome to RunDreamAchieve. I am glad you have made it here. I served over 20 years on active duty in the US Army. In addition, ran professionally for our US Army World Class Athlete Program (WCAP). So, understand what Soldiers have to deal with. In addition, trying to focus on proper training without over training. I recently created a new resource called the Army ACFT Embrace the Suck 2 mile running course. I know the Irish Army has its Soldiers run 2.4km or 1.5 miles on their physical fitness test.

So, created a running course not only for US Soldiers but members of other militaries as well. I have run 4:22 for the mile (1609m), 9:27 for 2 miles (3.2km), 14:18 for 5K and 2:19:35 for the marathon. So, understand the complexities of the 2.4km run. My goal in creating this running course is to help military members as well as civilians run faster from 1.5 miles to the marathon distance.

The key focus first has to be on building your aerobic base mileage. Yes, you can add in doing strides twice per week during your base-building phase. Remember, the longer your build up the more physically and mentally prepared you are going to be.

Irish Army Fitness Test Requirements

The Irish army fitness test requires Soldiers to run a minimum time of 11:40 for the 1.5 miles for men. Female Soldiers need to run a minimum time of 13:10 for the 2.4km distance. Irish Soldiers also have to meet body composition standards just like US Soldiers do. The Irish Army fitness text is also comprised of modified push ups and press up exercises.

Air Force PT test 2022
MAJ (ret.) Pennington finishing as the top America and in 4th place at the 2007 California International Marathon in 2:19:35

So, it is vital that you are focusing on strength training as well as building on your aerobic endurance. You don’t need to be in the gym more than once per week in my opinion. Remember, focus on high reps and low weight. In addition, medicine ball drills, box jumps, weighted sled sprints and other explosive-type exercises. The Irish Army fitness test is very similar to our older US Army physical fitness test. We, too had to meet specific body composition requirements.

In addition, our told physical fitness test was comprised of doing as many sit ups and push ups in 2 minutes as we could. Our physical test would conclude with a 2 mile (3.2km) run. So, your Irish physical fitness test is very similar to ours. Our new Army combat physical fitness test or ACFT is comprised of 5 events we do prior to a 3.2km run.

Irish Army 1.5 Mile Run

As mentioned above males need to be able to run a time of 11:40 and females need a time of 13:10 or better. Pace sustainment is the biggest hurdle that military members around the world have to deal with. So, the main focus on creating this new running course was to help athletes to use leverage. Remember, the key strategy we have to get right is to improve the body’s lactate tolerance. Easy running will not produce this physiological effect.

Faster, anaerobic running will. The new course consists of 9 modules comprised of 58 video lessons. I cover the exact strategies I was taught by 3 of the world’s top distance running coaches. In addition, other training methodologies that will ensure you cut significant time off your current 2.4km run time. I would recommend a 4-week base-building phase. The reason for this is to focus on building your fitness and strengthening your tendons, ligaments and muscles first.

You don’t want to rush fitness. Remember, the body needs between 3 to 4 weeks to adapt to the stresses you are placing on it. So, the benefits of the hard training you are doing today will be seen several weeks and months from now. Expect to be challenged but also expect results from the hard training you are doing.

Irish Army 2.4km Running Tips

Focus on doing longer tempo runs

Tempo runs are spent running at 85 to 89 percent of our maximum heart rate. So, the key is to spend longer periods of time training at this intensity. Be patient. You have to adapt to what it feels like to handle a 3.2km to 4.8km run before you focus on 8 to 10km runs. The good news is that the body always adapts. The fitter you get the longer you will be able to sustain longer durations at AT effort.

Conduct 1, vo2 max workout weekly

We run at 95 to 100 percent of our maximum heart rate while running at vo2 max. We are running so fast that we can’t clear lactic acid faster than it is building up. Naturally, we need some time to rest between these types of intervals. We recruit more fast twitch muscle fibers when we do speed workouts, hill repetitions and tempo runs.

The more of these we as athletes can recruit the more efficient we are going to race. Remember, the faster you run over 2.4km the faster you will be able to cover longer distances. You should also be mentally rehearsing. Mental training is a commonly overlooked skillset that athletes are not paying attention to.

The world’s top runners do. They know that physical training combined with mental training is what brings about superior running results. So, start spending 10 to 15 minutes daily during your training build up seeing yourself performing at a high level. More importantly, crossing that finish line with your goal 2.4km run on the clock.

Heart Rate Monitor Training

I would strongly consider you to start using a heart rate monitor. I use the Garmin 245 and it helps me stay in the correct heart rate zones while I am running. A common mistake many runners make is running too fast on easy days. In addition, too slow during faster, anaerobic training days. The world’s top distance runners do utilize these devices.

Yes, there are times where you definitely want to go off of “feel” instead of constantly using a heart rate monitor. That being said, heart rate monitors are great resources especially during tempo runs and faster, varied paced long runs.

Remember, don’t run long and slow every single weekend during your long runs. This course covers some very unique ways of setting up your training so you get significantly better results from 2 miles to the marathon.

Closing Thoughts

Would you like to keep in touch? If so, make sure to subscribe the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. I aim to make at a minimum of 2 new training and racing videos there each week. My goal is to help military members as well as civilians meet and exceed their fitness and racing goals.

More importantly, to share with you the top strategies and fundamentals that I was taught. I want more military members setting new personal bests. I created this new 2 mile running course to help set runners such as yourself up for success.

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