Interest Versus Commitment

Interest Versus Commitment

I wanted to write about the differences between interest versus commitment as it really has been on my mind lately.

This has weighed heavily on my heart, because I see so many people who are settling.

I work with wonderful people, both civilians and military, over the past 16 years in the military.

I talk about trading time for a paycheck often and gaining control of time on rundreamachieve.

There is a big difference between trading your time for pay while helping someone else with that time trade and just working a job you hate and not impact anyone’s life

Have you settled as an athlete or on a goal you thought you were capable of but missed and let go of?


The world is full of interested people that are not using all of their mental and physical power, to be as fully committed as they could be.

It doesn’t have to be you and it doesn’t mean you cannot be a part of their solution.

Folks are looking for ways to have more leverage over their time and finances.

What holds many people back?


Listening to negative viewpoints? Its a scam. Don’t risk. etc.

Could be a combination of all the above.

People have questions about health and things that bother them, are you willing to advise or take the time to help them?

You can.

People that want to be successful in our sport are going to be that way because they are not merely interested, they are committed and want to learn what others just have interest in.

There is nothing special about me.

I can assure you of that and yet I have run a time in the marathon few men have.

It doesn’t make me a big shot but simply to remind those who visit my blog interest didn’t get me under 2:20 for the marathon.

100 percent commitment did.

That is how I like to do things.

All in.

Who, in their right mind, would think as a 2.43 marathoner that 2.19 marathon was possible?

The committed would.

I endured setback after setback in my quest to break 2.22.00 and believed I could do it while I was still 21 minutes off.

My personal best was run  7 years ago.

I took 5th at the 2011 Monumental Indianapolis Marathon in 2.26.42 and I ran 2.32.57 at the California International Marathon in 2013, failing to improve both times.

All these efforts have been focused toward breaking my best of 2.19.35 and earning the Olympic Trials “A” standard time of 2.15.00.

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Don’t Expect It To Be Easy

There is a big difference between interest and commitment.

There is also a big difference between being a full-time athlete who has no other worries but to train and being a full-time athlete working a full-time job.

You really have to time manage and set aside all other activities that waste time.

If you are going to school part or full-time, working a job and training like I was your focus has to be razor sharp.

I learned this afternoon that Stephan Shay, brother of Ryan Shay, ran the New York City Marathon this past weekend in remembrance of his brother who passed away at the 2008 USA Olympic Trials on the same course.

The thing that makes Stephen Shay’s 16th place, 2.19.47 finish time impressive is he is working 50 hours a week at a full-time job, has no sponsors.

In contrast, my friend, Fernando Cabada, has no other cares in the world but to train hard and run fast.

No job to concern himself with other than running and no boss to report to.


They both believe in hard work but one deals with far less stress.

I trained for 10 years after running 2:19:35 trying to better that time.

Interest didn’t keep me going.

Commitment did.

How long are you willing to wait?

How much are you willing to endure?

What impossible goals have your friends or family told you were too unrealistic or out of reach, are you willing to commit to?

Who are you listening too?

Do you hear how everyone is saying bitcoin is a scam?

I can guarantee those who bought bitcoin for a cent in 2009 have a different viewpoint than the broke naysayers.

I don’t mean to sound harsh but the man or woman who bought 200,000 bitcoin for $0.01 in 2009 are not doing too bad when bitcoin is $14,435 at the time of this writing (10 December 17).

They could be athletic, business or personal goals.

We all have them but you have to be committed.

Time is going to pass whether we put in the work or we don’t.

People don’t earn Boston Marathon qualifying standards, win age group awards, lose weight, from interest.

I have learned in 26 years of athletic experience and 41 years of life that people do not make dramatic changes in their lives until their backs are up against the wall, when success is the only option.

When you want to succeed, as badly as you want to breathe, then you will be successful – Eric Thomas

Interest is for the masses, commitment is a trait we ALL possess, some of us just choose to half-heart the process.

Interest believes in 90 hour work weeks because it is just what everybody else does, commitment seeks the four hour work week and finds ways to not believe its fallacy but finds a way to make it reality.

Interest likes working hard.

Commitment seeks out ways to work smart.

You can be interested and committed and be both but someone who gets fed up enough will create major changes.

Those that get sick of having more month left at the end of the money will create more revenue streams like starting a home based business with max international.

Commitment is not interested in interest because it knows that being comfortable and secure like 99.99% of people seek will not bring real results.

We learn nothing by remaining comfortable.

Interest takes little effort, commitment is both painful, involves risk and failure and that is why few stick with it or quit when it gets tough because what sane person would continue upon failure after failure right?

We want to run faster, are interested in doing so for a few weeks or months and when the results don’t come or when we fail over and over again, we lose any commitment we once had.

Patience And Persistence

Listen to the language of those you work around or associate with.

I was a skeptic about network marketing for years, heard all the comments and what I now realize more than ever is this.

Whether it be business, running, goals, anything we do.

Time is going to pass whether we take action or not.

I regret I didn’t take action when I was a freshman in college but I took a chance earlier this year and have not regretted it since.

People would do better, if they knew better – Jim Rohn

There was an incident at work when I worked at Fort Knox that truly impacted me.

It involved a respected woman that I worked with while assigned to Fort Knox who came into a meeting with tears in her eyes and said,

CPT Pennington…if I could quit today I would

She has been here for 28 years.

What is the difference between her and the individual who retired 30 years ago at age 30?

Is she any less educated, full of ideas, worthy?

I think not.

She is extremely driven but we sometimes get caught up in groupthink.

We conform to what others say we ought to do instead of following what our hearts yearn for.

What happens is people decide that where they are is where they are supposed to be when poking a hole in life and seeing something beautiful, rather than something we fear, come out the other end, is what we really should do.

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How are we ever going to know unless we try?

What would make someone give up a small $49 investment to start a business that answers a need, that could free them from so many of life’s worries and so freely waste the same amount on something of no value?

It is a mystery to me.

Why do so many not take action and so few do?

I have an enormous respect for anyone who is committed like that but I also wonder why so many disciplined, educated, competent people accept their environment?

Why isn’t there a sense of urgency to make a dramatic change?

Are we that set in our comfortable ways to see what is possible anymore as adults?

What happened to when we were children when anything was possible and we had no worries?

Did reality set in?

The reality we have been taught to accept?

Why, if they are so unhappy, and the woman I mentioned isn’t, do not more people seek other avenues of earning income?

Why do we as runners get so bent out of shape over a bad race as if our worth as human beings revolves around how fast we run.

Listen, our worth isn’t comprised of what car we drive, how much is in the bank or how fast we run.

We are all taught to conform.  Incredible pressures are put on us every day to do things ‘the right way’ and yet no one asks the question ‘is this really the right way?’. We live our lives to please those around us and the scary thing is, the people around us, are doing exactly the same thing – Eric Worre

My advice to you is this, if someone were to give you an opportunity to learn a skill in 2 to 5 years that could help you retire 30 years early to do something else you are passionate about, to have total control of your time, would you seriously take them up on the offer?

“I dont have the time to start a business”

“I’d love to get in better shape but I just don’t have the time.

My favorite?

I don’t have the money.

Want to know a quick way to fix that?

Get a credit card.

Some of the highest paid entrepreneurs out there were broke when they started and did this.

You can quickly gain back the money used to purchase your business starter pack and have an enormous long-term cash flow from that one-time investment.

Too many people let fears of the unknown stop them from taking action.

Of course, that more than likely isn’t you but it does happen with other people.

Why do people not have the time?

Is it because their jobs take such a large portion of it from them.

Is pleasing the boss more important than your health or your time that you can never get back?

People are working longer hours for less pay and benefits.

Having a college degree isn’t a gurantee either.

Student loan debt is now at $1.4 trillion dollars.

Life responsibilities take so much from you that you give to what really is unimportant and disregard what is vitally important.

Your health and time to spend with your family?

Game Changers

Two game changes for me personally, was giving up distractions in my life.

My philosophy changed from spending too much time watching television (something I did for 99.99% of my life up until 8 years ago) and helping musicians get richer by listening to the radio in my car, to reading books, getting involved in the direct opposite of what people told me not to get involved with (network marketing).

I gave up listening to radio to and from work to listening to motivational and business speakers instead.

I am not saying you need to do this.

We all need some entertainment and distraction from time to time.

My reasoning for this entire message stems from an experience I had in Afghanistan.

My living quarters came within a  few hundred hards of a direct hit by an artillery round from ‘the enemy’.

My thoughts of war are that I long for the day it ceases to be taught and people even know what it was.

Interest became commitment for me that night.

Everything I was told about lifestyle development, network marketing, conformity, significantly changed for me in a matter of seconds.

Time is going to pass whether we listen to those around us, who tell us what we are doing is crazy, unrealistic, not worth it or a waste of time.

Listen to the voices that surround you, are they bringing you financial freedom, abundance, health?

Have you ever heard the Law of Use?

It states that whatever you do not use, you lose.

We all have the capacity to do far more than what we are capable of.

There are those who have taken action and than stalled.

They like to be called entrepreneurs, just don’t want to put in the work necessary to have the time ownership and lifestyle.

Id like to call myself a sub 2.15.00 marathoner and 6-figure per month earner.

I realize the enormous work output I am going to have to expect of myself to make that a reality in my life.

I am committed.

To get you must first give and too many have network marketing and running confused.

They think you can get without giving.

Big difference between the two.

If people could become rich and own their time by way of interest, there would be far more wealthy people and much less poverty.

This takes work.

Running is no different.

Running keeps you in shape, what I am talking about can make one financial free and have the time to run as much as one wants.

He missed the boat.


I wasn’t interested in network marketing, starting a business, controlling my time and until I experienced failure a few times with the marathon and what I dealt with in Afghanistan, I was content where I was at.

Working a job was perfectly fine for me personally until that night.

In a split second I realized a few things.

I was not in control of my time.

As a child, I never envisioned ever serving as a Soldier, that was my father’s role and although I have been honored to serve the past 12 years, it was a result of the choices I made early in my life.

I was searching and even upon graduation from college my only passion was running, fitness and business.

A near miss was a blessing in disguise in the mountains of Afghanistan, far from close family and loved ones.

I could have lost my life or had been maimed for life as have so many on both sides of this game we call war, my teammates could have been hurt.

My wife could have never seen me again!

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Do you think I am fearful anymore of people who will not slow down from the business of life, who adhere to accepting life and their circumstances as is, who may think less of me for wanting to help, who think I am out for a business rather than helping others see some alternatives that can truly change their reality?

Who can, in turn, do the very same thing for another human being?

I don’t want to be involved with a business that isn’t revolved around lifting others up.

I am sick and tired of seeing the poor barely getting by while the rich get even richer.

The rich are that way because they study different skill sets that the poor have just as much right to learn.

Society and school, their friends have all taught them to get a job while the rich study how to build and start businesses.

We all need to start doing some soul searching here and I intend to get involved.

I am not going to sit idly by anymore and not do anything.

I was given a second chance when I got off that plane from Afghanistan and arrived safely back here to the United States.

There is a song sung by Jeremy West called ‘The Motions’.

Have you heard it?

iframe width=”660″ height=”350″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen>

It speaks about going through life wondering if we lived our lives with all the zest possible, did we live with interest or just go through the motions?

Did we accept the 9 to 5, living paycheck to paycheck as the acceptable way to live, go through the motions or did we use our eyes to see, ears to hear what so many chose to never listen to or narrowed it down as being unrealistic, not worth the time?

Time is going to pass regardless.

When is the best time anyway?

My life was threatened in a matter of seconds in Afghanistan and if whoever fired that rocked propelled grenade had been a better shot that night I may not be writing you this right now.

I am not a salesman nor do I care to be.

Products like the helo watch or max international sell themselves.

You don’t have to have the fear of not being good at sales.

This, along with listening to negative viewpoints like “its a scam” “you’ll never make any money with one of those things” etc.

I can attest to the fact these are not true.

I’ve been receiving residual payments every week for over 5 years with max international.

That is my reality and I want it for other people but I will not help folks who aren’t motivated and would rather have their time wasted by someone else who cares little or not at all for them.

Folks that want more out of life, who want more time freedom, money to pay off debts, the ability to travel and help other people are attractive to me.

If someone is willing to try rather than not try at all has my attention.

I’m afraid we have too many people paying attention to what is on their television set than spending equal time on how to get away from a fixed income.

Fixed incomes pay the bills and most don’t even do that.

We have a major dilemma in this country (supposedly the richest country in the world) where far too many highly educated, focused, driven men and women are barely making ends meet financially.

Banks don’t loan a cent to their customers.

One of the greatest lies ever told is that banks actually lend money to you.

People are taking out mortgages, students are taking out student loans seeking that better job and yet how many of us have truly learned to live without the concern of what something costs.

The average college graduate in America is finishing with $38,000 in student “loan” debt.

It is even worse in England where college graduates are graduating with an average of $59,000 in debt.

If you do not believe in what you are doing, nothing is worthwhile and people will see right through you.

I started running in 1992. 25 years ago.

People tend to listen to those who ‘stick’, who don’t try something and quickly quit, who have knowledge through failure, who care.

Pushing my limits is just as important to me now as it was 25 years ago, helping others do reach their impossible goals, even more so.

I fell in love with the commitment of creating art by running, interest alone, was not an option.

In Closing

I know this has been lengthy and I appreciate you taking the time to read my thoughts.

There is far more power, satisfaction and love that can be shared by a few rather than just one person.

Napoleon Hill, author of the classic book, Think and Grow Rich, calls it ‘the Master Mind’.

He talks about Henry Ford, who had not even finished 9th grade, became one of the most wealthiest and accomplished men in US history.

He didnt have all the answers so he surrounded himself with people who did have the skills he lacked.

He and his team, together, impacted the world.

Do you think he would have been as successful as he was if he tried to do it all alone?

Did he not display an uncommon characteristic simply by asking?

We don’t even ask anymore, too afraid of what people make think of us.

Do you want to retire early or work a job for the next 50 years you may have no real interest in?

Do you want to truly run faster or just read about people who are running as fast as you want or dream of?

You have three choices in life, be good, be average, be great. Your mama didn’t make it, the teacher didn’t make it, you made it. If you choose to be average that is all you are ever going to be in life – Joe Newton, coach of York High School and one of the Nation’s top distance running coaches

Interest and Commitment are two different things.

We, as distance runners, know health and fitness.

If you have fears about anything, keep in mind those who are deemed ‘successful’ in the eyes of society, have dealt with the same fears.

They were not interested, they were committed, even if it meant running head on into their fears.

I am not fearful of doing anything that will make me healthier and wealthier and most importantly helping others see this as their reality as well.

We live with the same 24 hours those with wealth have, who own their time and do not punch a clock or report to a boss, who, like the woman I work with, accept where they are and are afraid to risk.

Our life and time is limited.

If any of this message resonates with you, or may with someone else, please feel free to contact me.

The question I asked of myself back in 2000 when I graduated from Malone University

what do I really want to do with my life?

I found the answer to on 7 February 2013.

My only regret is I didn’t give multi-level marketing a chance two decades ago.

Now, lets go change the world, face fears, do things others are not willing to do so we can have and do what others will not.

Let’s help them not have to experience regret and ask at the end of their lives  ‘what if I would have tried’.

The clock is ticking.

Are you interested in getting ahead physically, emotionally, spiritually and economically in 2018?

Being interested isn’t enough.

Commitment takes more work, focus and drive.

I’m leaving the two links below for you to reference.

You have residual bills.

Why not have residual income?

Think it over.

Tips On How To Break The 3 Hour Marathon

                             Committed To Breaking The 4 Hour Marathon?

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