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Are you seeking how to improve upon your Indian Army physical requirements? I am glad you have made it here to RunDreamAchieve. My goal with this post is to share with you some pro tips to help you run faster over your 1.6km (1 mile) run. Pace sustainment is one of the biggest problems most military members face. I served for over 20 years on active duty in the US Army. Also, am a former member of the US Army World Class Athlete Program. You can visit to learn more about this prestigious unit.

I also understand what it takes to run fast over numerous distances. No, I didn’t have a lot of talent. That being said, I did have a large amount of work ethic. So, if you are lacking talent but have initiative you will succeed. I have run 2:19:35 for the marathon, 14:18 for 5K, 4:22 for 1.6km (1 mile) and 9:27 for the 2 mile distance. Indian Soldiers have to face the same challenges as US Soldiers. A common mistake I saw many US Soldiers making is not running enough at or below their goal run time paces.

The result is many Soldiers were falling out during ability group runs. So, they couldn’t hold the pace and naturally had to slow down in order to recover. Why does this happen? A major reason is they have not developed or stressed the energy systems of their bodies adequately enough. I built a new running resource called the Army ACFT Embrace the Suck 2 mile course. Yes, it is built specifically for the US Army Combat Fitness Test. That being said, the concepts, tactics and strategies can help military members from allied forces as well.

What Physical Fitness is Required for Indian Army?

The Indian army physical requirements are that Soldiers need to run 1.6km for their cardiovascular test. In addition, Indian Soldiers need to also pull ups and balancing/long jump. So, you do have to focus on building your upper body. I often get asked how many push ups should I do a day. Push ups will help to ensure that you maintain your form during your all out 1.6km run. Consistency will ensure that you succeed on your physical fitness test.

Air Force PT test 2022
MAJ (ret.) Pennington finishing as the top American and in 4th place at the 2007 California International Marathon in 2:19:35 (5:19 per mile for 26.2 miles)

My top recommendation is to focus on building your aerobic mileage first. You have to focus on strengthening your ligaments, tendons and muscles first. Anaerobic training like doing speed workouts, hill repetitions and fartlek training workouts demand immense fitness. So, it is vital to focus on base-building first. A common mistake military as well as civilians make is trying to rush their fitness. The 1.6km run is a highly anaerobic event. The key strategy with this new course is to improve the athlete’s lactate tolerance.

How Many KM Run in Indian Army?

The Indian Army Soldiers need to run at least a 5:46 1.6km time. The Soldiers that are aiming to max out on points of the Indian Army PT test need to run a time of 5 minutes and 30 seconds. You will not run times like these running once or twice per week. So, you definitely have to run more mileage. In addition, ensure that the mileage you are doing is quality.

I would make sure to start doing strides twice per week during your base-building phase. Remember, the longer your build up the better off you are going to be. Also, the faster you get over the 1.6km distance the more competitive you are going to be up to the marathon. Strides are short, 50 to 100 meter accelerations that can help you improve your form. In addition, are great drills to do prior to starting your workouts.

I always tell my athletes that strides can also help your leg turnover. Remember, over a 16-week training plan you will have spent several kilometers at sprint pace. Also, you can do these short sprints on top of all the other workouts you are doing throughout the week.

Indian Army 1.6 KM Running Time

So, to improve your Indian army 1.6 km running time I would focus on a 16-week training block. The new Army Embrace the Suck 2 mile course I created will take you from A to Z on how to succeed. It consists of 9 modules with 58 video lessons. In addition, covers the exact strategies I used to lower my personal bests. You will be learning the same tactics and fundamentals the world’s top middle to long distance runners use.

An additional path to success is to spend more time training at your anaerobic threshold. We are running between 85 to 89 percent of your maximum heart rate. So, the longer you can spend at this intensity, the better. Remember, it takes between 3 to 4 weeks for your body to adapt to any stress you are placing on it. A common mistake military as well as civilians make is trying to bypass the most critical step of fitness. You need to build your aerobic fitness first. You, then, start working on your speed development.

So, there is a method to the madness in terms of getting into superior shape. My aim with this new course was to create a step-by-step process on how to succeed from the 1.6km distance up to the marathon. The US Army focuses on a 2 mile (3.2km) run on our physical fitness test. The Army ACFT Embrace the Suck 2 mile course can help Indian Soldiers as well succeed. You will be learning some tactics that will help you drop significant time off of your 1.6km run time.

How Can I Run in Indian Army?

Focus on building your endurance and improving your overall leg speed. Yes, easy running is still important. Remember, the benefits of the hard training you are doing today will be seen several weeks and months from now. So, you have to be patient. The Indian Army physical requirements are there to challenge you and set an objective for you to go after. I am 100 percent certain that this new course will help you bypass the challenges that other Indian Army Soldiers face.

My goal is to help you to work smarter and use leverage. I shared the strategies I learned from 3 of the world’s top middle to long distance coaches. Below are three of the mentors that helped me run a 4:22 1.6km time, 9:27 for 2 miles, 14:18 for 5K and 2:19:35 for the marathon.

  • Dr. Joe Vigil – mentor of mine, world-renowned exercise physiologist and distance coach
  • Jack Hazen – my collegiate coach and head mens and women’s 2012 Olympic distance coach
  • Lisa Rainsberger – 1985 Boston Marathon champion and my coach while assigned to the US Army World Class Athlete Program (WCAP)

Yes, you can most certainly qualify for and serve in the Indian Army. That being said, you have to get in superior shape. You will need to run a time of at least 5:46 for the 1.6km run. I highly respect the Indian Army physical requirements as these are competitive times. My aim with this new course is to help you surpass your physical fitness goals. Also, to help make these time requirements less demanding. Yes, running 5:30 (max) to 5:46 (minimum) for 1.6 kilometers is highly competitive.

How Do I Run 1600 Meters in 5.30 Minutes?

I teach exactly how to do this in the course. That being said, you definitely have to work on your speed development. The key is to improve your lactate tolerance. Easy running will not teach you how to do this. You need to be doing 1, vo2 max workouts per week. The Army 2 mile course I built focuses on this philosophy.

Imagine how much stronger you will be over 1600m by improving your lactate tolerance. We are running between 95 to 100 percent of our maximum heart rate running at vo2 max. Your vo2 max is your body’s maximum oxygen uptake. It is running so fast that your body can’t clear the lactic acid faster than it building up.

Why is this important? It will help to make your 1.6km goal race time to feel easier. Remember, the faster you run over 1600m the more competitive you are going to be over 5k, 10k, half-marathon and marathon distances.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this post on how to make the Indian Army physical requirements less demanding on you has been helpful. Would you like to stay in touch? Make sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. I focus on making at least 2 new training and racing videos there each week. Again, I want you worker smarter and getting better results. There are plenty of Indians, like Americans, who are working hard and missing their fitness goals.

Remember, higher mileage is not always the answer. You can run high mileage too slow and still not hold goal 1.6km pace. Again, it comes down to following a legitimate training plan. Also, doing the correct workouts and knowing why you doing the workouts. This new course takes the guesswork out of your preparation. I look forward to interviewing you after you finish this course. In addition, hearing about your new personal best over 1600m. Lastly, sharing your story on the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel.

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