How To Run Faster With Less Effort

How To Run Faster With Less Effort

I wanted to create a video about how to run faster with less effort.

This is an often asked question and the bottom line is there is no easy answer or way to run faster.

It takes a lot of focus, patience and a commitment to excellence.

Running faster demands your willingness to get out of your comfort zone and often.

How many people look at the Kenyans and wonder why they are so good at running?

I can tell you why because I have lived, trained, been beaten by them and have outrun them.

Ask a Kenyan how to run faster with less effort.

They’ll tell you the golden rule, you have to get immersed in the activity.

My willingness to get out of my comfort zone along with a strong desire to get faster was why I broke the 2:20:00 marathon barrier.

It didn’t come from ‘wanting’ to run faster but a white hot desire and commitment to do so.

Mere interest is not going to do it, complete immersion in the activity will.

So how to run faster with less effort can be answered by how you define how willing you are to succeed, how long are you willing to wait and do you believe in delayed gratification.

I say that because very few people have large amounts of any of these ‘must haves’.

There is no short cuts in this sport and the same goes for business and entrepreneurship.

I talk about starting your home based business often here because it closely mimics running fast.

Easy, slow running is average, anyone can do it, but running fast is an art form and anyone can learn how to do it with enough initiative.

Making videos is new to me but hope you can get some pointers out of this video and am open to anyone who has questions and wants me to make specific video over topics they are having issues with.

Feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

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