How To Improve Running Performance Guaranteed

how to improve running performance

How To Improve Running Performance

One of the most commonly asked questions I have received is how to improve running performance?

It is asked because people that desire results ask questions. They don’t sit back and wonder about it.

I have sought out to write here to motivate other athletes and even non-athletes. You may have told yourself your entire life that you don’t have the talent, that you have never been much of a runner.

Let me ask you this.

How much time have you devoted to seeing how good you really can be.

I’m not interested in fluff here.

I don’t care if 5000 people see this. What matters to me is the 1 person who takes the time to take what I am writing to heart and takes action.

When people take action, they usually find out things that the other 99.99% are missing.

Sometimes it takes 23 years before you find out the very thing that could answer the question, how to improve running performance immediately.

How to improve running performance? work!

Trained and Untrained

What I have found in over 23 years of athletic competition and through an enormous amount of failure is that people want more then they do.

We want to make more money, yet aren’t willing to put in the work, seek out the opposite way everyone else is choosing to go.

We want to lose weight but that television show that does absolutely nothing for your fitness or bank account which people have been programmed into using is just too valuable compared to a 35 minute walk or run.

We remain in this matrix, get up, do the same thing.

It gets tiring and it gets monotonous. I drive by a cemetery on my way to work and I have to view it on my way home.

I often think about my goals, aspirations and most importantly my time (and others) every time I drive by.

You have to be willing to do more then the individual to your right and to your left, not in an unethical type of way, but simply the want to do is greater then just the want to achieve something.

Don’t Get Cocky

This isn’t a question of being an arrogant person saying ‘look at me, I’m better then you’.

What I am saying is you have to have the courage, desire and drive to make your running goals a priority in your life and wanting to run faster isn’t going to cut the cake.

There has to be action made, a conscious decision that that where you are currently at is unacceptable and most of the time, people don’t make up their minds until they have no other choice but to succeed.

It when the alternative is to follow the instruction manual everyone else is following.

The next time you are stuck in traffic on the way home from work I want you to remember this post.

There are hidden gems within this post,  which are going to be up to you to consider.

I won’t make you nor is it my job to do so.

If you want a different result, there has to be switch in your mind that no longer accepts the wiring that society has helped create over decades, action needs to be taken or the same results will continue in your life.

Running performance and overall success demands of us to continue to think of ways to excite, energize and motivate our minds to create what we dream about.

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Overcome Your Fears

You are never going to know for sure what you are capable of in this sport unless you make the absolute commitment to create change

You weren’t born with much talent?


Do you realize how many people sell themselves short by saying they simply don’t have talent in this sport?

How many people have you known who either quit, got tired or simply didn’t care enough to see what they were capable of?

They wanted to excel. They simply didn’t’ want to wait five years to a decade to see it come about.

It Doesn’t Work 

What are the alternatives in regards to income? Work for 40 years to retire old? Rely on a pension when there is no guarantee it will even be around 10-30 years down the road when you want to retire.

Who came up with the idea that you have to work your entire life, only to experience a little freedom in the later stages of ones life?

I’m not accepting that in mine, others can if they want but we all have a choice with what we do with our time.

We can freely trade it away or provide value to someone, somewhere who is willing to listen, spend hours, days, weeks and even months researching the data that the naysayers have not taken the time to do.

It is all a choice.

You get 84,600 seconds in a day. Imagine if you wake up every day with $84,600 in your bank account and everyday, at the end of the night, it’s gone whether you wasted it or not and the next day you get another $84,600. You would do everything in your power to spend it cause you know the next day your getting $84,600, you don’t want to leave anything there. You would make the best of it right? You get 84,600 seconds. Why waste time? It doesn’t carry over to the next day. It doesn’t earn interest. Take every day and make something with it, make something positive with it. – Harlem Elvis

You have to commit and stick.

If all the people around you are telling you what you can’t do, that, it doesn’t make sense, that they have you all figured out, then simply let them be.

It is your choice what you want to do with your athletic talent.

Did you expect a ‘how to’ post?

Don’t Have Time 

There has to be devotion and you have to believe in what you do even when the ocean of people around you who are doing the same thing are telling you to be realistic.

Well guess what, that train of thought is no different than selling yourself short as an athlete.

It is making up in your mind that you simply don’t have what it takes, that is sad.

Don’t do that to yourself and don’t expect to get miraculous results thinking like everyone else.

What you do as an athlete is art, don’t let negativity steal your creativity.

We all can create something with it and how much we create is up to us.

Everyone else complies, follows the rules, colors between the lines, sit here, do as your told, be where your supposed to be.

Compliancy and I have never been friends.

 Improve Running Performance 

The price is either action or inaction.

The problem is not enough people keep the momentum going long enough in order to see the long-term results of their hard work.

They will run plenty of junk miles and then get discouraged and sell themselves short when they don’t see the results.

It isn’t that you don’t have what it takes, you simply have to change your tactics.

Did we come out of the womb with rules or was it taught?

Are we in never-ending military conflicts on account of us coming out of the womb hating other nations or was it created by people that were here long before we arrived?

The beautiful thing about our minds is we can dream about anything we want to do.

Being told to be realistic is limiting.

It is like telling someone who has not yet achieved their athletic or professional goal that it is simply too big to achieve.

Too big for who?

The Resistance Barrier

running performanceNegativity initiates the amigdyla, the part of your brain that is controlled by fear.

Stephen Pressfield, in his book, The War of Art, calls it ‘the resistance’ or ‘lizard brain’

It that part of your physiology that tells you don’t do something, where fear resides.

If you are driving down the road and you see police sirens in your rear view mirror or when you look at your caller ID on your phone and get that sick feeling in your gut because you know its’ your boss calling you.

It is that voice in your head that says ‘what happens if I fail’?

If you were not born with much physiological talent then you had better expect a hard fight.

That being said, it is by no means a reason not to set up in your mind that you will not fail and if you do, you will only become more motivated.

You either resist to your fears or you drive on and stay committed.

The committed know there is limited time on this earth and want to take action while they are here.

Would I love to run as fast as Dathan Ritzeinhein?

Sure, am I willing to work for 15 years to equal what he has been able to do in two?

Absolutely. I can tell you that 99.99% of the athletes I have known have not answered that question the same way as I have.

You have to find purpose in what you do, otherwise, as Steve Jobs, says,

Any sane person would quit, so you have to do what you love

Patience And Results

Everyone wants results, few are willing to wait decades to see them come to pass.

It will demand your time, focus and energy and like anything else, if the love and passion isn’t there, your not going to to truly see what you can do.

If you listen to the first tom, dick and harry that tell you that you don’t have what it takes, too fat, short, your nationality, skin color, country of origin doesn’t equate to athletic prowess you won’t make it.

The problem is far too many people have followed the dummy’s guide on the way they are to live their lives.

We go to school, study to get good grades, are frowned upon if we fail, are looked as failures if we fail to meet spec or the expectations of the boss.

What ever happened to each individual’s creativity? Does individualism mean that you are not a team player?

Does one who sets out on the path that no one else wants to follow disingenuous?

If I would have listened to the same athlete who actually ran slower on the same course that I ran my 2.19.35 marathon PR on (2.20.43) while I was a 2.43.36 marathoner, I would have never seen it become a reality in my life.

No, it will make me work harder to provide value to the people who truly want to take the advice and want there question on how to improve running performance answered unlike the normal ‘how to’ runners world post.

I don’t see any major running websites mentioned glutathione.

I notice quite a few telling you to run more mileage but one of the most vital, potent advantages to help you run a faster race from the 5K to the marathon distance, hardly no one is talking about.

Running Success Is

It is mindset, a belief in delayed gratification, that when you fail you see it as an opportunity, not as a setback or a reason to quit.

The Kenyans I have trained with do not understand giving up.

They have too much love and focus for what they are doing, they hold on to no limitations.

If they fail, they keep trying.

You don’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

This has been termed ‘insanity’ but guess what, people continue to do it.

In terms of time, I see people I work with who are totally miserable with their source of income.

If you work in an environment of negativity, where gossip rules, where people love to talk bad about you, then why do you choose to remain there?

For a paycheck?

Because there is no other way to create value in someone’s life by your talent and skills while earning a living?

There are other ways.

 The Status Quo

There are other ways and like running performance, either you keep doing the same training and dreaming of a new results or you start training at race pace and hang out on the edge where few are willing to go.

Everyone wants results, not everyone is willing or has the patience to endure for months, years and if your like me, decades to see the fruit of their labor pay off.

How to improve running performance involves a lot of tactics that are needed to succeed, many you can find on the resource page but beyond physical training you have to look at the other less known avenues for athletic success.

I mention a running performance guarantee simply because I know if you follow through on these thoughts, suggestions and strategies listed in this post you will come out on top.

You might not get the result you are seeking as fast as a Dathan Ritzenhein or Shalane Flanagan but if your willingness to succeed is high enough you can achieve a similar result.

It may take you or one, five, ten or 15 years to achieve what they can in one,  it all comes down to how tenacious you want to be in order to see your goal become reality.

Everyone wants, few are willing to do the work long enough to see the result.

Following the map, the instruction manual is unoriginal and the way it has been done for far too long. Fall in line, comply, just don’t make a ruckus and don’t be yourself.

That mindset is outdated.

Take the road less traveled, both as an athlete and a professional, that people have made up their minds is a scam, waste of time.

I heard a saying once.

Don’t pay attention to people who are talking behind your back, they are behind you for a reason

How true that is remains to be seen, in a crowed sea of voices we hear every day, it is the voice that says, ‘do what you fear’, ‘live, don’t just exist’, ‘make the best of what you have’ that needs to be taken seriously.

The naysayers, those who tell you your goals are unrealistic, that you weren’t born with the right genes, don’t have what it takes, aren’t firing on all cylinders.

Don’t let them steal your energy or your time.

You either find alternatives to free your time or you stay on the well traveled path, where everyone finds solace.

It is that safe and secure place where comfort resides, where most willingly remain.

We all need to break away from the status quo.

I just find it odd that so many comply, follow the rules, listen to what others say is not possible for them.

Life is too short to live with limitations.

If you fail, so what.

Every successful person has failed, make a conscious decision to help other people and do the opposite of what mainstream society tells you one must do to live.

There are people who are breaking this so-called way of life everyone follows.

I can attest that I have failed far more than I have succeeded as an athlete. People will respect and love you for your honesty, integrity and openness.

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