How To Deny Doubt Its Power: Actionable Steps To Run Faster In 2024

How to deny doubt its grip on us means we have to take a time out, relax and re-group.

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I know there are so many runners who feel the way I do out there.

You may be one of them.

How many times have you doubted yourself.

I ran this time back in this year.

Why can’t I match that effort?

Slow down and stop analyzing about it is a good first step. This is a great way on how to deny doubt.

Seriously, what good does it do for any of us to put that form of pressure on ourselves?

I have been running for 22 years, since I was 15 years old.

I am now 37 years young and still love it as I did back when I was a freshman in high school but the bottom line is this.

You can’t rush fitness. I realize my body is different now than when I was 15, reacts to training differently, may need more time to recover than before.

So what, then give yourself more time.

Haile Gebressalassie, who is probably closer to 50 than the age he says he is (40), just set a world-record for his age group running a half marathon in 1.00.41 at the Great North Run in England just last week.

There are examples all around us that age doesn’t have to slow us down.

Allow your body to adapt to the training. It will react in its own time.

You don’t jump into 20 mile runs at 8.00 mile pace when you haven’t done 8 miles at that same pace.

If you haven’t met that distance than why doubt yourself about what you can achieve in the future.

You ran your personal best 5 years ago.

So what. Who is to say you can’t surpass that time 5 years later? People do it all the time.

The only person who can stop you from attaining a new personal best now is yourself.

We all make excuses. How to deny doubt?

Make less of them and focus more on what you can control.

I have my wife to answer to when I do.

Those that love and care about us enough will remind us when we have small heart syndrome.

Always remember there is someone, somewhere working far harder than you are. Use that as a reminder to get your ass out of bed or out for that second run.

Do you know how much time I wasted over the years focusing on other athletes’ performances?

Too much mental clutter and unnecessary energy I could have spent elsewhere.

He ran a sub 2.20 marathon and did this or that workout.

I am only a 2.43 marathoner, maybe I just need to emulate what he (or she) is doing to get under the 2.20.00 barrier.

Invest In A RunDreamAchieve Training Plan Today

Like home business

Shut it off.

How much has television helped our bank account?

Helped your child’s health?

Assisted us in attaining your fitness goals?

Attack the things in your life that are distracting you.

What is the problem with this?

Too much mental clutter.

Slow down, simplify your plan.

Write down a plan of action.

Do make note of what has made other athletes successful in your particular race or age group but also remember, you are not them.

There is no one like you in the world of over 7 billion people and of all those who have lived in the past God made you unique out of all of them so find your own fire in your spirit to take action on what you want to achieve.

I sometimes get reminded from my wife to let go of the things I can’t control.

Sometimes we need a kick in the ass to get us back on track mentally and physically.

I don’t like a lot of things that politicians and governments do and are planning.

It is a problem I have and am doing my best to focus on happy, productive and uplifting tasks and missions.

What are some things you can do as a runner that can get you closer to your goal?

Cut out soda perhaps?

Get more sleep?

stay motivatedStop worrying and over thinking so damn much.

Have confidence in yourself.

It is ok and normal to have doubt sometimes but doubt only exists in the mind.

It doesn’t have to be our reality and we don’t have to let it control our lives.

Practice your goal pace?

Listen, goal pace training is very difficult. Practice in moderation because that shit will test your mental and physical limits.

Be real with yourself and don’t ask too much of yourself too soon in your training routine.

If I never break my marathon PR of 2:19:35 I will be satisfied but it is a goal of mine.

I have to be realistic with this goal and part of being realistic and being patient with my training and giving my body adequate time to adapt to the stress of that pace intensity.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

I have days when I doubt but I try not to focus on it for too long.

If I don’t believe I can hit the time goal in the projected date of an upcoming marathon than I simply will pick another marathon and allow myself the time to get to that type of fitness.

The worst thing you can do is go to a race unprepared and unconfident that you are going to hit the pace you have had your mind and heart set on for months only to miss it and than re-start the doubt problem all over again.

Give yourself time and avoid it altogether.

Always allow that time in between the preparation and the race itself to be a place where you find that burning desire and confidence you need to get to the race ready to light up the competition.

If you aren’t feeling it, post pone…better to be patience and delay gratification than to go into a battle with no firepower.

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