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How Many Weeks to Train For a Marathon

How many weeks to train for a marathon is a common question. Athletes want to know what is the best time frame to training properly for this event.

How Many Weeks to Train For a Marathon

My best recommendation is to train anywhere from 12 to 20 weeks for the marathon distance. That being said, always keep quality versus quantity training in mind. Higher mileage does not always equate to better marathon results.

I trained as high as 142 miles a week but ran a 2:19:35 marathon on 85 to 90 miles a week. It isn't about quantity when it comes to the marathon. What is? Pace sustainment.

12 To 20 Weeks To Train For A Marathon

I have been running since 1992 and marathons since 2002. I always trained in 16 week blocks for the marathon distance. The minimum is 12 weeks and the longest I would train is 20 weeks for the marathon distance.

20 weeks is good as long as you spend the first 4 weeks building base mileage and doing light strides. Furthermore, the main focus should be a 16-week block of specific training.

Specific meaning training specifically to train at or far below your goal marathon race pace.

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I have written numerous articles here at rundreamachieve pertaining to marathon training. My goal is to assist athletes in gaining leverage over their training and performance. Below is list of articles you may want to look over which may provide some additional insight you are looking for.

So, when it comes to how many months should you train for a marathon a good rule is at least 2 and at most 5. I have created two marathon courses here for athletes seeking to break either the 3 or 4 hour marathon barrier. Perhaps, they would be of interest to you.

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