How Many Miles is 50K | Tips to PR NOW

Wondering how many miles is 50k? If so, welcome to RunDreamAchieve, the home of running tips. I hope this post will be helpful in regards to preparing for your 50k ultramarathon. 50 kilometers is 31 miles. So, you definitely have to work on building your endurance. In addition, still work on speed development. Yes, the 50k ultra marathon event is a highly aerobic race. That being said, you still need strength and stamina in order to start and finish the race. I have built 16 week 50k training plans here focused on helping runners achieve their goal time. Our plans range between 3 hours (5:48 mile pace) to 5 hours (9:40 mile pace). You can visit our shop page to learn more about them if you wish.

One of the mistakes I see many runners make is too running too many miles or kilometers too slow. In addition, they are running far too aggressive on easy days. Remember, you can only stress the body so many times before you get diminished returns on your time investment. So, the goal here to work smart, not harder. A 50k training plan has to encompass training at, near or far below goal 50k ultramarathon race pace. My goal is to get the athletes lactate tolerance improved upon so they can sustain race pace longer. Yes, this process takes time and effort. The good news is the body always adapts to the stress loads we place on it in due time.

How Long Does a 50K Run Take?

It really comes down to the athlete. Of course, the race is about 5 miles longer than the marathon distance. So, if your marathon best time is 8:00 mile pace your 50k race pace may be around 11 to 30 seconds slower per mile. Again, how many miles is 50k? 31 miles. So, you definitely still have to put in the volume. That being said, you also need to focus on doing quality work. The best middle to long distance runners make it look easy for a reason. They have spent sufficient time training at, near and far below goal 50K race pace. There are many people wondering how many miles is 50k. Some just want to know and others are seeking to compete over the distance.

How long it is going to take you to run 50 kilometers is entirely up to you. We all have a choice in this life. Be average, good or great. The fact that you are here at RunDreamAchieve already tells me that you are seeking greatness. You want to learn how to get the very best out of your body and achieve great results. Running fast is an art form that takes time to master. So, the key is improving your ability to handle ever increasing amounts of lactic acid build up. I always tell my athletes to stay as cool and relaxed as you can in training as well as in the race. Do not waste any unnecessary mental or physical energy if at all possible.

Is a 50K an Ultra Marathon?

Yes. Races that are anywhere above the marathon distance are considered ultramarathon. The 50 kilometer foot race is considered by many to be the shortest of the ultramarathon distances. There are runners out there who compete in 50 mile and even 100 mile races. The 50k ultramarathon event is a highly aerobic event. So, you need endurance as compared with speed you would definitely need in the mile or 5K. That being said, the 50k ultramarathon training plans here are still focused on speed development as well. Again, My goal is not for you to be average but great and to get the very best out of your body.

Recovery is absolutely essential to run a great time over 31 miles as well. Again, you can only push the body anaerobically so many times before you get diminished returns. So, you have to work hard then rest, work hard, then rest. Our focus is on periodization. We focus on training the athlete at a specific intensity at moderate effort first. We then move to increasing intensity and volume as the athlete becomes more anaerobically fit. Remember, it takes the body about 3 to 4 weeks to adapt to any stress load you are placing on it. Delayed gratification is key. The impatient have leaks in their training whereas the patient are dangerous. They don’t make big moves in the race until they first have done it in training.

How Hard is a 50k Trail Run?

Of course it is hard wether you compete in a 50k ultramarathon trail race or on the roads. You are going all out for 31 miles. So, it takes a very strong man or woman to compete in races of this length. What percentage of your weekly mileage have you trained at, near or far below your goal race pace in the past? Has it been 10%? 15%? My recommendation is to start thinking about 40 to 45% of your weekly volume. Again, the best long distance runners around the world make it look easy for a reason. They have trained sufficiently at paces that far exceed the paces they are planning on running at in their race.

The race is the celebration of your hard training. So, it should be the day when you are tense, uptight and overly nervous. Let your competition be that way on race morning. Remember, professionals also monitor their mindset as well. They control their thoughts and remove any unnecessary stresses that will stop them from getting what they want. The 50k training plans here at RunDreamAchieve are built to stress the athlete but also to ensure recovery is taking place. So, how many miles is 50k? It is a short 31 miles that will be over before you know it when you get into great shape.

Closing Thoughts

Also, remember to start conducting longer tempo runs. You will racing at or slightly above your anaerobic threshold. So, adapting to doing longer rather than shorter tempo runs will get your race pace to feel more in control. Make sure to also subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. I create new video content to help athletes all over the world get to the next level in their training and racing. Remember, doing tempo runs of just 3 to 4 miles will be very difficult at first when you are not that fit. So, allow time for your body to adapt to that stress. Remember, it takes about 21 days to 4 weeks for your body to adapt. I hope this post on how many miles is 50k has been helpful. Again, it is 31 miles. It is not a race distance to be intimidated by if you train properly for it.

Later, a run of 8 to 15 miles will be the norm. You will also be able to endure the pain of that workout. Your heart will not have to work as hard because you have trained at the proper intensities first. Again, always pre-plan first. Mental training is also critical. Your competition will neglect this part of the success process. The reason being is everyone always focuses all of their energy on physical training. The great long distance runners I have trained and lived with over the years mentally rehearse performing at high levels. It has to start in the mind first before it will ever become a reality in real life. So, spend 10 to 15 minutes every day during your training build up seeing yourself performing at the level you are dreaming about.

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