Hoka Challenger ATR 6 Women’s Shoe Review

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HOKA designed the Challenger ATR 6 to be an all-terrain trail shoe suitable for various running styles. It’s lightweight, comfortable and breathable with a cushioned platform to provide extra stability on uneven terrain.

The outsole features 4mm deep lugs for excellent all-terrain traction. Although more aggressive than those found on HOKA’s road-oriented Clifton shoes, they don’t compromise comfort or lightness of the shoe.

What Does ATR Mean in HOKA?

Hoka makes many great shoes that are suitable for road running, but if you spend most of your time out on the trail, one of their all-terrain shoes may be more suitable.

The Challenger ATR 6 is a lightweight and grippy shoe ideal for all terrain, including trails. Plus, it provides the legendary protection and cushioning from HOKA.

This shoe’s midsole is constructed with compression-molded CMEVA foam, providing a firm feel underfoot. It may not have the same bounce that some of HOKA shoes did when they first released, but it still provides ample cushioning and protection.

This shoe boasts several improvements over its predecessor, such as an upper that holds your foot better and a slightly firmer heel. While I would’ve preferred more space up front, Hoka made some positive modifications that I think will prove beneficial in the long run.

Are Hoka Challenger ATR 6 Waterproof?

The Challenger ATR 6 is an all-terrain shoe that excels on roads and trails alike. While not designed with technical runners in mind, this lightweight and grippy all-terrain shoe offers great versatility for those looking to switch up their running routine or race in mild to moderate terrain.

Hoka Challenger ATR 6s are an excellent option for runners who care about the environmental impact of purchasing new shoes. Made with Unifi REPREVE synthetic yarn and recycled poly laces, they utilize a mix of recycled materials.

These shoes not only boast an eco-friendly design, but they’re incredibly comfortable too. Our testers unanimously found the Challenger ATR 6 to be one of their most comfortable running shoes ever.

Although this shoe’s outsole does a good job of gripping dirt, its lugs are too short for rough or extremely muddy terrain. Therefore, these shoes are best suited for road-to-trail runs but not suitable for running through snow or heavy mud.


Why Are Hoka Shoes So Special?

Hoka Shoes offer a unique combination of softness and responsiveness, boasting an amazingly low heel-to-toe drop for natural strides.

Hoka’s running shoes feature asymmetrical foam midsoles to support your foot and absorb impact. Plus, their ‘J-frame’ midsole prevents overpronation for a more balanced, efficient gait.

Hoka shoes feature asymmetrical foam as well as compression-molded EVA (CMEVA) foam for lightweight performance and strong energy return. In recent years, HOKA has upgraded this technology to make it more durable, creating new formulations with greater elastic properties and enhanced wear resistance.

Hoka’s shoes are engineered with outsoles designed for various terrain types. The Challenger ATR 6 features a multi-purpose outsole with mid-depth lugs that make it suitable for most trail and road conditions.

How Much Does Challenger atr 6 Weigh?

The Hoka Challenger ATR 6 Women’s is an ideal shoe for runners who need a shoe that performs well on both trails and roads. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and provides plenty of cushioning when running long distances.

The Challenger ATR 6 is an environmentally friendly shoe, boasting a lightweight construction made of recycled materials. Perfect for those who value the planet just as much as their feet!

Testers of the Challenger ATR 6 reported that they fit true to size. Furthermore, they stated that the shoes provide excellent security with a premium padded upper.

The Challenger ATR 6 boasts 4mm lugs and a zonal tread pattern, offering plenty of grip when on even terrain. However, it should be noted that this shoe isn’t designed for highly technical trails; if you plan to utilize it in such circumstances, we suggest one of the other models from HOKA collection instead. This way, you can ensure the best performance from your Challenger ATR 6.

Hoka Challenger ATR 6 Women’s Wide

The Hoka Challenger ATR 6 women’s wide is a versatile shoe designed to perform on roads-to-trails, longer training days, and ultra distance events. It’s lightweight and comfortable to run in while providing ample cushioning.

The midsole is equipped with CMEVA, a compression-molded EVA that provides the shoe with an ultra smooth and comfortable ride. Plus, it boasts a symmetrical design and Early Stage Meta Rocker Geometry from Hoka One One technology which guides your foot through its gait cycle.

The Challenger ATR 6 trail shoe from Hoka is a bit narrower than some of its counterparts, but still provides a comfortable fit for most users. Additionally, it comes in Gore-Tex version which makes it perfect for wet trails.

The lugs on the outsole provide excellent grip when on trails, yet are organized in clusters for ease of use on pavement as well. The rubber compound is soft and tacky, offering great grip across most surfaces.


What Does ATR Mean in Hoka Shoes?

Hoka Shoes are renowned for their thick foam midsoles that absorb impact. Also, disperse shock and keep your feet protected while running long distances. The Challenger ATR 6 lives up to this reputation with 29mm of compression molded EVA (CMEVA) cushioning to cushion and support your foot as you tackle hard-packed dirt, gravel, rocks, sand and more.

The midsole is reinforced with TPU rubber for extra durability. However, it’s the welded overlays on the mesh upper that really help lock down this shoe, providing it with more stability than other models in its class. Remember, focus on nutrition too. Great success in our sport is essential and nutrition plays a vital role.

Overall, the HOKA Challenger ATR 5 is an ideal neutral trail running shoe that performs best on dry single track trails. However, its wide midfoot and spacious toe box make it suitable for road or gravel trail runners as well.

HOKA has taken inspiration from other brands and added an under-heel platform in these shoes, providing some stability without adding too much weight. The end result is less tippy than previous versions but still doesn’t quite match Hoka’s signature low-riding zero-drop sneakers.

Does Hoka Fit Wide?

The Hoka Challenger ATR 6 Women’s Wide is a neutral shoe designed for light trail use. It provides full ground contact and 4 mm lugs on the outsole for stability in even challenging terrain.

The outsole is ideal for running on tarmac roads or sidewalks. The lugs provide a good balance of softness and sensitivity, while the shoe’s padded midsole provides stability when traversing rough trails.

Hoka’s iconic meta-rocker design is one of their most beloved features. This curved platform helps you transition smoothly from your heel to your toes, making it a great feature for runners with difficulty with their gait cycle.

Hoka has designed an excellent active foot frame with a “bucket seat” feature to lock your heel in place like being in a race car. This helps prevent your feet from rolling outward when running and provides great arch support.

The Challenger ATR 6 has been upgraded with a mesh upper and reinforced toe. It’s lighter than previous versions and features a higher stack of CMEVA foam for increased cushioning.

Are Hoka Shoes Wide or Narrow?

If your feet are wider than average, consider shoes labeled “Wide” or “Extra Wide.” These shoes tend to be wider than standard-width options and may fit better if you have bunions.

HOKA offers a selection of shoes designed specifically with wide feet in mind. You can try on these shoes either in store or online to see if they fit your foot comfortably.

The Challenger ATR 6 is an adaptable shoe designed for running and hiking alike. Its comfortable design offers superb stability when covering long distances.

Running in this shoe is an ideal option for runners seeking a lightweight shoe to run in. Additionally, it provides excellent cushioning to runners training for marathons or ultramarathons.

The Challenger ATR 6 features 4mm lugs on its outsole for superior trail traction. This gives you confidence to tackle even the toughest conditions on your next trail run with ease.


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