High Performance Nutrition

High Performance Nutrition

glutathione enhancementHigh performance nutrition is probably one of the most overlooked, undervalued aspects of endurance sport preparation.

Have you ever wondered the amount of muscle tissue damage occurs during a 20-mile long run?

How about the amount of environmental pollutants we breathe in on a daily basis.

What is the point in simply putting in the miles, track workouts, hill repetitions and hard fartlek efforts when we don’t take into consideration antioxidants and our nutritional needs just as seriously.

We aren’t firing on all cylinders.

There are countless athletes around the world who are doing everything right in training.

They have mastered how to hit specific paces for long runs, fully understand physiological adaptation and can quote you all the world records for distance running events.

The problem is not everyone is focusing on the most important aspects of training.

Let’s face it folks.

We can do all the training needed to create a masterpiece on the roads or track but if we are not taking our nutritional needs seriously we are setting all of ourselves up for failure.

It Is Time For Truth

One of the things you see with aging is that as the mitochondria produce ATP they get damaged. The more a person produces energy, like a long-distance runner, the more they are going to damage their mitochondria if they don’t have adequate antioxidants around. Turns out that for the average person by the time you hit age 55 their mitochondria become so damaged they start leaking a lot of free oxidants into the mitochondria and the cells. Without adequate glutathione they are going to have a lot of damage going on – Dr. Joe Pizzono

Running Is More Then Workouts

high performance nutritionTry going out and running a sub 60-minute 10-miler off of eating potato chips and drinking soda every day and see how that goes for you.

How about this.

Try doing 100 mile weeks, staying up until midnight every night and not taking in the proper amount of calories per day and see how you feel doing repeat K’s on the track .

Try doing everything right and still feeling fatigued without fully understanding the reasons why.

Back in 2007 I was diagnosed with anemia. I had all the motivation anyone could want in this sport but my performances weren’t matching up.

Low iron levels were the culprit and I guarantee had I known than why I know now, I was also probably extremely low on glutathione.

If you want to take your distance running, lifestyle and racing to a new level you have to consider high performance nutrition.

Invest In A RunDreamAchieve Training Plan Today

Listen To The Research

If you are an a middle to long distance runner or endurance specialist and have never heard of glutathione, now is the time to start researching.

Every cell within our bodies produces this antioxidant, yet hardly anyone knows of it, has ever heard of it or what it does.

I have written about glutathione and researched it heavily since January and am continuing to read more about it via PubMed.

There are currently 113,940 peer reviewed articles written about glutathione and its effect on everything from cancer to endurance sports performance.

Exercise Depletes Glutathione

Did you know that 90 minutes of exercise depletes 60% of glutathione within your body?

This is a startling fact.

Proper amounts of glutathione is instrumental for energy production within the body.

How often have you felt fatigued and wondered if you were overtraining or couldn’t seem to figure out why you just couldn’t maintain pace?

The reason why high performance nutrition is so crucial like eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, foods high in glutathione, foods like meat, nuts and fish, all of this plays an enormous role on energy production within the body.

The impact on helping other people increase their health by learning something they more than likely have never heard about, gain leverage of their time (by seeking this alternative means of earning an income) and helping others who may be suffering from an illness or diseases is my main objective.

I can’t make anyone take action.

What I can do is share and let others see what I have seen and possible than share as I have the importance of health, nutrition and our time.

Leverage of Time And Happiness

You can do whatever you wish with this information.

What I will say is that I have and undergraduate and graduate degree in exercise science, have studied nutrition, athletic performance, physiological adaptation and mindset heavily the past 23 years and I have never been more fascinated with this form of high performance nutrition.

A Startling Fact

Statistics tells us that living a sedentary lifestyle without exercise has the same detrimental effect as smoking a pack of cigarettes every single day.

A 2011 study showed that 75% of American adults are physical inactive and 25% participate in no exercise at all throughout the day.

Did you know that low levels of glutathione have been attributed to faster aging?

This article is about high performance nutrition but the scientific research on glutathione supplementation, its positive effect on so many health-related issues, is so great it simply cannot go unnoticed any longer.

This plays a major factor as to your overall long-term success as a distance runner and our health as a whole.

Energy Production And Oxidative Stress

high performance Training at high levels demands such an enormous oxygen based demand on our bodies.

If you and I are not taking this serious we might as well be sitting back on the couch and watching Dancing with the Stars.

Oxidative stress is 10-12 times higher on us as endurance athletes then your regular individual who may workout only once a week or not at all.

You see these are the things we as athletes are not taking into account.

We have to train at or below race pace to create the lactic acid adaptation to maintain pace for our chosen events.

How much time are we spending on studying high performance nutrition.

Did you know about glutathione before you arrived here at rundreamachieve?

Did you know that higher levels of glutathione have been shown to strengthen the immune system and fight against countless diseases and lowers inflammation in patients with lung cancer?

It can even slow down the aging process.

Closing Remarks On Nutrition

I will end here but the importance of this knowledge far exceeds anything I have written about here on RDA.

I say this in closing, I was given a bit of advice by Dr. Joe Vigil. If you have never heard of him, he is a world-renowned exercise physiologist and one of the world’s top distance running coaches who has coached numerous Olympic distance runners including Deena Kastor.

He told me once,

Nate, it isn’t just what you do in the workout, what are you doing to be the best you can be the other 24 hours of the day

We can’t expect to achieve our goals by going about the halfheartedly. This topic goes far beyond just athletic performance but overall health as a whole.

There are countless people around the world who are suffering from diseases and illnesses and know nothing about this but should.

Time Is More Valuable Than Money

Don’t be involved with world global network if all you want to do is make money.

What becoming an associate can do is give you more leverage of your time, help you earn a side income and most importantly give you, at least, the opportunity to try out their nutritional products and notice the differences in how you feel as have I.

What Is Most Important

Life is more important than how phat your ride is and how many diamonds are on your chain.

This is health we are talking about.

There are people in the hospital as I write this who don’t give a flying rats behind about money.

They want to be with their families and they want freedom of their time and their health.

Very few people have control of their time  (which is more priceless then income).

What we do with the time we have is going to be totally dependent on us. The television screen never did anything for my health or bank account.

It never freed up time for me to spend with my spouse or family.

I made a decision to read and exercise more, study alternative ways of thinking to re-wire my thought patterns.

It isn’t my job to change how you think and feel. I hope what I write motivates you in some way or at least helps you gain the knowledge I didn’t have until the beginning of this year.

I am a heavy researcher when it comes to lifestyle, mindset, exercise physiology and health so I went into researching glutathione, riboceine and Herbalife as seriously as I have done with my own training, racing, writing and relationship building.

There is nothing more important in life than our families, our time, health and the relationships we make.

We spend an awful lot of time working to make a living and much less of that priceless time truly learning ways that help us make time work in our favor.

It is up to you to fully get what I mean by that.

It took me many years to fully ‘get’ the idea of race pace training, that running 140 mile weeks just so I could say I could do it, was not going to get me any closer to breaking the 2.22.00 marathon barrier.

There were certain fundamentals that I had to learn before I got under the 2.20.00 barrier.

People would do better, if they knew better – Jim Rohn

What my job is to do is to care for other people.

I am not going to continue to research this as a 2.19 marathoner and not share what I have learned, my thoughts with my readers.

This is too important and I hope you’ll do the same and continue to better your health and life.

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