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Are you seeking a high performance coach to help improve you fitness levels? If so, welcome to rundreamachieve.com. I am glad you have made it here. There has never been a better time than now to start working smarter, lose weight and gain motivation. My speciality is performance coaching. High performance coaching should be client-focused and not focused on what the consultant wants. My philosophy is on people first and profits a distant second. I formed this website over a decade ago with the focus on helping athletes to use leverage.

I have lost count on the amount of athletes I have known who were hard workers. Do hard working people always get results? No. Why are so many hard working employees who are highly educated broke? How can a high school drop out make more in a month than a PhD makes in a year? How can an entrepreneur who works smart have the time freedom that someone who has been taught to work hard does not enjoy?

I see the same in many runners. Athletes are already goal-oriented but they don’t always work with leverage. A common mistake I see runners making is running too many of their weekly mileage too slow. So, they know how to work hard but they are not getting the results. My job as a high performance coach is to help these athletes get better results by doing less. Yes, you read that right. Leverage simply means doing more with less.

How Much Does a Performance Coach Cost?

Working with a high performance coach should not break ones’ bank account. That being said, legitimate performance coaching can be an investment. There are performance coaches out there that can charge as high as $20,000 USD per month or higher. Of course, the majority of people do not have the financial means to handle this type of investment. My focus as your high performance coach is not to overcharge. I have 4 options here. You can work with me on a “as needed” basis via one-on-one fitness zoom consultation calls. In addition, I have $27, $97 and $147 USD per month charges in the private, running community.

So, the goal is allow the athlete to work with me on a month basis and as needed. I have athletes who have been with me for months and others, for years. Again, it just depends on the level the athlete is seeking to get to. We have three choices in this life. We can be average, good or great in this life.

What Qualifications Do You Need to be a High Performance Coach?

Below are my qualifications for your review. That being said, as an elite athlete I don’t gravitate toward people with degrees as much as I do with life experience and street smarts. Someone that has run faster than I have is going to get my attention and quickly. Why? They know something that I don’t. Is someone who has no degrees making more in a month that someone with a PhD? That individual is going to get my attention and quickly. Of course, someone who has demonstrated the ability to focus on a goal (achieve a college degree) and complete it also has my attention.

high performance coach
Nathan at the finish of the 2007 California International Marathon – only 64 men in the united States of America (pop: 350 million) broke the 2:20 marathon barrier that year

Coach Pennington’s Education Background

Bachelor of Arts – Physical Education – Malone University

Master of Science – Sport and Exercise Science w/Sport Administration emphasis – University of Northern Colorado

MBA (Master of Business Administration) – Purdue University

Doctoral Candidate (Doctor of Business Administration) – University of Missouri-St. Louis – class of 2023

So, a high performance coach should have the expertise, background and education that warrants the respect of the client. Are you going to have someone who doesn’t have the medical training to work on your teeth? Will you take your pet to a medical professional without a DVM degree? I wouldn’t. So, education is vital. My expertise is in fitness consulting and sport performance. You are welcome to visit the about page if you would like to know more about my background if you wish.

Is a Performance Coach a Real Job?

Yes, performance coaching is a real job. Consultants work with individuals and businesses to help their clients get better results. Organizations hire business consultants to find out what are the leaks within their processes that are causing bottlenecks. How can I get my clients better results by working smarter is the key focus that I have as a high performance coach. Why are the athletes and individuals I work with not getting the results they have been seeking? What are they doing wrong in their processes?

A common mistake I see is many runners run far too much of their weekly volume running too aerobically. Remember, to run fast over your chosen distance you need to improve your body’s lactate tolerance. So, pace sustainment is the goal for many athletes seeking to cover the distance of their chosen race as quickly as possible. How can you sustain pace more effectively than your competition. Why do the best middle to long distance runners make it look so easy? They work smarter rather than harder.

In fact, world-class runners spend around 40 percent of their weekly mileage at or below goal race pace. What about yours? So, my job as your high performance coach is work on these areas of your preparation so we get you better results. Your time is precious and you will never get it back. So, why not work in the smartest possible way to get the highest return on your time investment? It only makes sense to do this but yet so many fail to do so.

What is a Mindset and Performance Coach?

High performance coaches work to help their clients get beyond their mental blocks. I am a big believer in mental training. I visualized myself running under the 2:22 marathon barrier hundreds, if not thousands of times, while I was still a 2:43:36 marathoner. Also, I am certain that it was that mental rehearsal that helped me to eventually run 2:19:35 for the marathon. How does one go from running 6:14 to 5:19 mile pace for 26.2 miles? Will mental training without physical preparation guarantee you results?

I don’t think so. Yes, mental training and preparation is vital for fitness results. That being said, you also have to put in the hard, physical training in order to yield legitimate results. The problem is far too many athletes focus only on physical training and neglect the vital part the success formula, mental training. So, a high performance coach helps to work with clients to overcome any mental roadblocks that they may be experiencing.

One of the quickest ways to do this with me is to jump on a consultation call. In addition, you can join the private, running community we have here and work with me on a monthly basis. Also, you can cancel or re-join at anytime. In addition, I have also created running courses and training plans as well here. Again, the goal here serving as a high performance coach is to help my visitors get legitimate results. So, I create as many products that I can here, to ensure overall success.

How Do You Become a Mental Performance Coach?

As mentioned above, there are many professionals who work toward degrees in mental performance. For example, there are people who are PhD or masters degrees in psychology. That being said, there are other professionals who have life experience and expertise in getting people to achieve superhuman results. I have found that working closely with athletes on a routine, monthly basis works best. Of course, everyone has different motivations and levels of commitment.

I worked with one marathoner who dropped over an hour off of his marathon time. What is me as his high performance coach that did that? No, perhaps I was of assistance but it is the athlete that has the hardest job. It is he or she that has to make the time commitment and do the necessary work in order to get the legitimate results. You are either lukewarm or you are all in for what you are doing.

Again, we have three choices in this life. We can be average, good or great. Greatness takes much more time and financial investment. So, the individuals seeking me out for high performance coaching are seeking excellence. In addition, they have that do-whatever-it-takes attitude that all successful people have. Unsuccessful people have it as well. It simply needs to be harnessed and used in the correct way.

What Does a Performance Improvement Consultant Do?

My role as a high performance coach for the past 30 years working with athlete is to help them use leverage. We all have been taught to work hard for results. Do the hardest working people you know always get the results they seek? How many hard working employees do you know who are broke? Do you know of people with multiple degrees who are financially NOT free? How come there are entrepreneurs who are high school drops outs making more in a month than a PhD or MD makes in a year?

Leverage. Someone has been taught how to work hard and someone else has found a way to use leverage. Leverage simply means achieving better results by doing less work. We are not taught this mindset on our school systems. The same goes with athletic, sport performance coaching. I look at what the athlete is doing on a daily, weekly or month basis and work to correct the leaks in the preparation. For example, if I see an athlete running 5 percent of his or her weekly volume focused on training at or below goal race pace? A change needs to be made.

The best middle to long distance runners are running about 40 percent of their weekly volume at or below their goal race pace. Why do they make it look so easy? They have simply trained more specific to their race goals. In addition, they have taught their body to burn fat at race pace. Also, to conserve what they have much less of, carbohydrate. So, they can call on that glycogen at the latter stages of their race. The result? Faster finish times and a new personal best.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a High Performance Coach?

I look for life experience and credentials when it comes to the high performance coach I have sought out in the past. For example, I was coached for 2 years by the 1985 Boston Marathon champion, Lisa Rainsberger. Yes, she had a college degree from the University of Michigan. That being said, it was her ability to achieve an athletic goal of such magnitude that impressed me the most about her. The people that seek me out here at rundreamachieve know that I have been around for a long time. I am all in. Also, they respect the fact that I broke the 2 hour and 20 minute marathon barrier.

There are others that respect the fact that I am a military retiree. So, high performance coaches should have the formal education credentials. That being said, they also should have the self-education abilities that all high performance coaches that are legitimate should have.

I always seek out professionals who have done what I aspire to do. What makes them successful and what did they do to get to that point? What are they doing that I am not and how can I change my processes to get better results and faster? I work to help runners as well at the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. Again, a high performance coach has to be client-focused on not on what the coach wants financially.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this post on high performance coaching has been helpful to you. Remember, there are many resources available to you here at RunDreamAchieve. I have created running courses, training plans, one-on-one consultation calls as well as monthly fitness coaching. My goal for you is that you get far better results by studying the strategies I used to qualify for 2, world armed forces cross country teams. In addition, run a 2:19:35 marathon and finish in 4th place and top American at the 2007 California International marathon.

Are you ready to start getting better results? Check out the resources available to you here and let’s get to work. Your time can never be given back. So, make sure that whatever it is you are aiming to do that you do it right. Hire me as your sport performance coach or check out our products here that can help speed up your progress.

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