Hampton Court 10K Race Review

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Experience Hampton Court Palace through this scenic flat 10k run! Starting inside the Palace gates and moving along Thames Tow Path and Home Park before making its final sprint finish back inside its gates.

The palace is a popular tourist attraction and can be reached via train from London Waterloo (zone 6). Additionally, bus routes 111, 216 and 411 stop directly outside its gates.


This fast, flat and visually engaging course runs along the riverside grounds of Hampton Court Palace to the South West of London. Runners enjoy an initial closed road loop around Thames Ditton before passing through Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames Ancient Market before following iconic three mile stretch known as Barge Walk along Thames to arrive at Palace itself. This route is known for its personal best potential and has been described as one of the most scenic routes in all of England.

This race begins and finishes inside the Palace, which will be open for visitors to view after you’ve finished the 10k! Additionally, enjoy running past its grand architecture after finishing. Visit its beautiful gardens as well as experience their famous maze!

This year’s event will take place on Sunday 19 November and start and finish in Home Park and East Front Gardens of Hampton Court Palace. Parking space at the palace may be limited so we recommend arriving early to secure one of these spaces. Alternatively, public transport options exist such as train services from South West Trains operating to Hampton Court station which accept Oyster Pay as You Go cards, Travelcards or Freedom Passes or bus routes 111, 216 and 411 from Kingston which stop nearby the Palace.

All runners will receive a medal and goody bag for taking part. New this year: participants have the option to purchase an exclusive Hampton Court 10K RunThrough Kit during registration or by visiting our RT Kit stall on event day with their email order confirmation – we’ll have yours ready and waiting for collection!

Purchase an RT Kit item when entering and help us support people like Veronica who called our Helpline after being overwhelmed by rising heating bills. Click here for more details of our work!


This 10K course is fast, flat and scenic – offering runners plenty of opportunity for personal best performances while taking them past one of Britain’s major tourist attractions – starting within Palace grounds runners will head out onto Tow Path alongside Thames before entering Home Park for approximately 5k before sprint finishing back into Palace grounds.

Cardinal Wolsey constructed his palace in the early 16th century and soon after Henry VIII adopted it as his favorite residence. Over ten million visitors visited in 1881 alone – a record high at that time! Visitors marvelled at its architecture, got lost in its Maze and relaxed in its stunning gardens – an unprecedented amount of people than could be found at any single time!

Christopher Wren was hired by William III and Mary II when they took the throne, in 1727, to design an elegant baroque palace that replaced much of Tudor Palace while leaving Fountain Court unchanged and decorated by Kneller’s Hampton Court Beauties paintings hung from its walls. Although Georgian royals enjoyed living here as primary residence until 1737 when it became overrun with aristocrats granted free apartments as payment for services rendered to royal family.


After Charles II was restored, his palace was opened up to the public once more and further leisure activities were added for visitors. They could take tea at Tiltyard Cafe or play tennis or putting, stroll through fragrant gardens or stroll past Charles himself under house arrest during his battles against Oliver Cromwell and Parliamentarians. Additionally, this Palace played an integral role in English Civil War as Charles spent some of his time here during house arrest during Oliver Cromwell’s imprisonment of Parliamentarian forces.

Today Hampton Court remains an attraction for visitors, who come to admire its breathtaking palace architecture and explore its scenic gardens. Home to many works from the Royal Collection – particularly paintings and furniture from two periods in its history: early Tudor (Renaissance) and late Stuart to early Georgian periods – Hampton Court remains an architectural delight, drawing visitors who come to enjoy its remarkable architecture and enjoy strolling its beautiful grounds.


Within just a few weeks’ time, runners from across London will participate in one of the most picturesque half marathons in South West Londo. Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon is widely considered ideal preparation for Spring marathon or major distance events; its flat and scenic course encases Hampton Court Palace grounds and all finishers will receive a medal featuring its heraldic beasts as a memento.

Cardinal Wolsey transformed Hampton Court from an ordinary country house during the early Tudor period into an exquisite palace, complete with banqueting rooms, state apartments and an incredible art and furnishing collection. Later on in its existence, King James I continued the work begun by Cardinal Wolsey – by 1650 visitors were flocking to visit and its collections had grown considerably over time.

Additional History of Area

William III and Mary II’s accession to the throne saw Christopher Wren appointed to build an elegant baroque palace alongside Tudor buildings, to complement their Tudor buildings. Wren ditched plans to demolish them instead retaining as many existing structures as possible while creating spectacular spaces like Fountain Court.

As well as its historic palace itself, the gardens at Palace Gardens include iconic features like the Maze and world’s largest grapevine as of 2005. Furthermore, this site hosts numerous nationally significant events like music festival and RHS Flower Show.

The 10K course for Hampton Court Palace runs along a fast and flat course along its riverside grounds, starting on closed roads near Thames Ditton village before passing through Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames ancient marketplace and along Barge Walk beside Thames riverbanks. Runners then continue along River Thames Tow Paths before entering Home Park before finally finishing in Hampton Court Palace’s courtyard itself.

Packet Pickup

This beautiful 10k begins and ends within the Palace grounds, making for an ideal course to set new personal best times and visit one of Britain’s top tourist spots! Beginning inside the Palace grounds and running out onto Tow Path alongside Thames before turning left into Home Park for roughly 5k before sprinting back inside Palace grounds for a final sprint finish!

Participants of the race will see many famous landmarks and historical buildings, such as Hampton Court Palace. Participants can also enjoy gorgeous scenery along the River Thames and in Thames Ditton village – there may even be bands or Girl Scout Troops cheering runners along their journey!

Your race pack can be collected on Sunday morning at the event village located near Hampton Court Palace. As proof that you are who is listed on your entry form, photographic ID will be required.

Closing Thoughts

At 9:00am, runners will be divided into waves based on their estimated finishing times; the first wave will begin running at 9:00am. Our marshals will notify you when it’s your time to start, but listen closely for signs from your body and accept encouragement from spectators and marshals as needed during your run. Please overtake other runners carefully with consideration for themselves and others around them.

Hampton Court 10K finishers will receive a unique medal designed by a local artist that showcases Hampton Court Palace and Gardens as part of their finisher’s prize, perfect for proudly showing off their achievement at race’s end. All runners also get to take home tasty treats and stylish merchandise – proceeds from which will go directly to DEBRA (Dermolysis Bullosa Association for Research and Treatment – an organization supporting people living with epidermolysis bullosa (EB). It’s the ideal race for training marathon marathon or just looking to enjoy scenic fitness run.

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