Half Marathon Tips To PR Faster and Use Leverage

Everyone in this sport is different and has their own half marathon tips.

What works best for me may not work best for you and vice versa.

This is a demanding sport and you have to continually straighten out the weak links in your training.

Results don’t come from wanting, they come from doing and a great deal of the doing process has to do with continual persistence whether you succeed or fail.

Success in this sport demands more then someone handing you half marathon tips telling you what they think you should do.

Success Seekers Are Knowledge Seekers

I don’t know your background.

You may be an advanced level athlete or you may have never run a day in your life and want to learn how to run your first half marathon properly.

The facts are if you have read this far into this post it means you are seeking knowledge.

The most successful people are the ones who don’t just read what is in a book. They tend to apply it into their lives so that success becomes automatic.

Focus On Running Great Times

There is no room for average or mediocrity.

Our society and media will be real quick to judge you as average if you aren’t a fast runner.

Runners who seek knowledge, who want to get better are a success already.

You already made the choice to get up off your ass and do something with your life.

We run after career, pleasing the boss and others, spend more time trying to do that than taking care of the most important thing in life.

Our health.

We can’t enjoy our families or our lives without improving our health.

People sit around all day as if they have endless amounts of time.

We don’t.

iStock_000018483088XSmallRunning A Faster Race And PRĀ 

These are going to be some half marathon tips that matter.

Success in the half marathon distance entails unending relentlessness work toward your goal.

That goal may be to run a sub 2 hour half marathon, lose weight, enjoy the sport more or be more tenacious in training

We have to do more than just seek knowledge.

We have to apply what we learn.

Jo Schmo down the street can tell you what he did to improve his best time and so can I but guess what folks, Jo and I are not you.

You have to find out for yourself what you are capable of doing.

It is still vital to research, read and learn from what the top athletes in the sport are doing but at the same time know that you are unique.

You and only you can know for sure what workout strategies are going to work best for you and you can never find out without being willing to stick your neck out and give it a shot.

Seek What The Best Do

I failed over and over until I started to learn what I was doing wrong.

You can’t expect to run 6.00 mile pace for 13.1 miles by doing 22 mile long runs at 7.30 pace.

It is better to do an 8 mile run at 6.00 pace than to do a 22 miler at 7.30 pace.

A long slow distance run will burn fat but it won’t train you to race up to your standards (if you have a specific race goal in mind).

Invest In A RunDreamAchieve Training Plan Today

Get Out Of The Comfort Zone

We waste our energy training in the comfort zone and then wonder why we get to the finish line and miss our mark.

There are far too many runners, myself included, who sell themselves short if they miss their goal when the honest solution to the problem is insufficient time spent training at the pace we want to race at.

The Jo or Jane down the street, across the country or world who is running a time you want to hit is doing what it takes to accomplish it.

I remember doing a 15 miler once at 5.35 pace in 2011.

I felt good about it and then I told a friend of mine, Nate Jenkins, who finished 7th at the 2008 USA Marathon Olympic Trials in 2.14 about what I done in training.

His reply?

Great work. How is that preparing you to run 26.2 miles with no breaks at 5.18 pace?

A 15 miler at 5.35 pace is one thing, 5.18 pace for 26.2 miles is another.

Train At A Higher Anaerobic Level

Workouts that exceed goal pace are also crucial.

15 miles at 5.18 pace would have indicated I was ready to break 2.19.00 (the 2008 USA Olympic Trials “A” standard) and better my 2.19.35 best.

I missed that goal and know why.

after running a marathonTrain Hard

We look at the Kenyans as if they came out of the womb blessed with talent.

They are practically running to school in kindergarden.

Is it a wonder why they are so much more advanced than children in the USA and other countries that have the luxury to get bussed to school.

Environment is key and they have a winning environment for distance running success.

Talent that doesn’t work will never beat desire and determination that does.

I have trained with some of the top Kenyan marathoners in the world and I can tell you from experience between what they do and what everybody else does.

Everybody else finds other things in life to entertain them.

Everybody else works, for the most part, at about 70% effort whereas the Kenyan mindset is 100% or nothing.

There is no wiggle room with these artists.

They are hungry for success and are willing to endure the heavy burden that achieving a tough, hard goal brings.

The Kenyans, and other top runners around the world are borderline obsessive about achieving their goals.

They are hard to beat because they devote to much time to athletic excellence.

For you it may be to win a trophy at your local race, for them it is to feed their families.

There is a big difference between the two.

What can make you just as successful as they are is working with all your heart, soul and mind to getting the most out of the body God blessed you with.

It All Comes Down To Priorities

Your goal may not be to run a sub 1.05.00 half marathon.

What matters is you are working hard, not allowing any leaks in your training to cause you not achieve your half marathon objectives.

You can find half marathon tips like ‘wear better shoes’, ‘find a nice running outfit’ elsewhere.

I want to be as real as I can with you because hard goals demand you to be focused mentally and physically.

I am a firm believer that motivation or far more lethal than any ‘half marathon tips’ article you can easily find elsewhere on the internet.

Supercharge Your Half Marathon Racing

Supercharging your half marathon race means you need the added motivation that is going to be needed to help you succeed.

Words alone won’t do it and no half marathon tips post is going to get you out the door for that second run you had planned for the day.

It isn’t going to care if you go out or not.

Your competition won’t care.

You have to to care more than they do and if you lack talent, be prepared to work harder than those born with more genetic talent they you have.

I have been around runners who were far better than I could ever dream of being.

The only way I have been able to outperform them is to outwork them.

Is it fair we with less talent have to work harder than those with more?

Hell no.

I would like to be like Dathan Ritzenhein and be able to have a bad day and still run a 2.15 but I have too much drive and focus, too much love to not see it through.

Never Settle For LessĀ 

I don’t know what your particular goals are but you need to write them down.

Writing down your goals helps to hold you accountable and reminds you to stay on course.

I regard my failures in road racing as prized possessions.

I was not shocked when I ran 2.19.35 when only seconds before the race started I was a 2.40.02 marathoner.

It didn’t make any difference to me that I was racing against and keeping up with 2.08 marathoners when I did it.

The work was done.

The solo mile repetition workouts at 6400ft in 4.46 each were not seen.

The 20 mile long runs at 5.35 pace at 6000ft by myself weren’t in the picture.

running a faster marathonI knew I was ready to withstand whatever they were going to throw at me in the race.

The result was nearly a 21-minute destruction of my old marathon personal best.

You have to have the same mindset as you are preparing for your next half marathon or race.

There is no such thing as a quantum leap. There is only dogged persistence – and in the end you make it look like a quantum leap – James Dyson

Closing Thoughts

Stop worrying about tomorrow.

Let it worry about itself.

One of the biggest energy wasters for runners is worry and over analyze if we are ready or not.

Leave no stone unturned in training and you will never have to question yourself if you are.

Your competition can waste their time on race morning being nervous, tense and worried.

This isn’t where you need to spend your time anymore on race day or any other day for that matter.

Relax and remind yourself of all the hard training you have done leading into the race.

Make sure to visit and subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. I create new videos there each week to help runners like yourself get better results. I hope this post on half marathon tips has been helpful to you.

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