Glacier Half Marathon Tips and Benefits

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Runners taking part in this point-to-point race will enjoy incredible views along the eastern boundary of Glacier National Park, running along its eastern edge for five miles before switching directions downhill for the remaining 10.

Vacation Races events provide shuttle service for runners to arrive at their starting line.


The Glacier Half Marathon is an eight mile point-to-point race encompassing Glacier National Park’s eastern border and known for its stunning views and challenging run, including an uphill start in miles five through nine followed by miles of downhill running.

This race starts and finishes on the historic Glacier Park Lodge lawn in East Glacier. From here, runners will ascend Looking Glass Hill before taking in Two Medicine Lake from miles 5-8 before finishing up with some tough uphill climbs before coasting downhill to reach the finish line and collect a custom medal.

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This point-to-point half marathon offers stunning scenery at every mile. Running along the eastern border of Glacier National Park with challenging climbs and breathtaking downhill swooshes. Gazing upon Two Medicine Lake at miles 5-8 before finishing up at Glacier Park Lodge with its lovely lawn where you will receive your medal for all of your hard work – Blackfeet Tribe members can take advantage of discounted registration to this event!

The Aletsch Half Marathon takes you on a classic mountain run in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s challenging but rewarding, featuring various levels and the spectacular view of Great Aletsch Glacier and four thousand-metre peaks of the Alps.

Are you an outdoor runner looking for the ultimate challenge? Look no further! Located in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland and considered the Northernmost Marathon on Earth – whether running full or half marathon distance, this event provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience one of the world’s remotest countries while testing both your physical and mental capacities!

This classic road running race that runs along the Flathead River and Cedar Creek in northwest Montana boasts amazing views from its course, offering runners stunning panoramic vistas as they run on both gravel and pavement surfaces. A Boston Qualifier race, this run will make you fall in love with northwest Montana! You’ll want to return again and run this event.

Pre-Race Info

runners looking for an unforgettable half marathon experience should consider joining the Glacier Half Marathon. Starting from Blackfeet Reservation near Glacier National Park, runners will experience breathtaking mountain scenery as they tackle some significant elevation gains on this scenic course. Snow-capped mountains and glacial lakes await runners along their journey – truly making this race one of the most breathtaking mountain races around! A wonderful challenge that allows runners to test themselves while pushing limits.

This race takes place over Memorial Weekend in a stunning part of the world, offering runners a challenging out-and-back course with several hills. Top runners in the region typically finish within six hours – additional benefits of this race include complimentary finish line photos and an awesome custom medal!

Although most events take place in the US, there are international options as well. One such event is Polar Circle Marathon in Greenland which has earned itself the reputation as “the coolest marathon on earth”. With a maximum speed limit of 20km/h and safety features such as maximum speeds limits on all routes; runners have an option of either running only the marathon on Saturday or both events together as part of its Polar Bear Challenge event.

A truly extraordinary international option is Switzerland’s Aletsch Marathon, one of the most beloved mountain races worldwide with spectacular views of Great Aletsch Glacier and plenty of post-race celebration opportunities. Organized by Blackfeet Tribe and attended annually by up to 2,500 runners from across Europe.


The Glacier Half Marathon provides breathtaking views of mountains, glaciers, lakes and stunning valley trails – it is one of the top 10 road races in the United States! The course combines roads with beautiful valley trails; Cathedral Caverns State Park makes an unforgettable backdrop to run. This race has been designed for runners of all levels; no fast course exists here but rather provides an enjoyable challenge with stunning scenery. Registration process is quick and simple with participants simply needing to register online before paying their registration fee online; then receive confirmation email regarding participation.

Participants must submit both a registration form and medical information form as well as sign a waiver to participate. Unfortunately, registration fees are non-refundable or transferable – however those unable to attend can have their duffel bag and shirt shipped directly back for $15 fee.

Closing Thoughts

Runners should arrive at the start line early.

This point-to-point marathon traverses Glacier National Park from east to west and is widely regarded as a challenging yet rewarding course. While its initial five miles involve an intense climb, they are more than made up for by spectacular views of snow-capped mountain peaks and shimmering lakes lining this course.

Shuttle services will be available after the race to bring runners back to their train stations, though it’s best if runners take an earlier train so as to avoid long lines on race morning.

The race begins and ends at Spencer Glacier Whistle Stop, accessible via Alaska Railroad’s Glacier Discovery Train. Three waves of start times will begin from when the train arrives at this whistle stop; runners are encouraged to cheer other participants as they pass. Volunteers and sweepers will monitor this course, with basic first aid kits located both at turnaround checkpoint and finish line.

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