Are You Fully Committed Or Are You Just Interested?

successful nutrition businessCommitted Or Are You Just Interested?

I am going to be real with this post because by me asking if you are committed or are you just interested I am asking the same question that was asked to me early in my running career.

It turns out it as to do with everything in life.

There is an enormous difference between the two.

Regardless what your goal is in life you cannot be just interested alone,  in order to see it through.

The committed see the goals they want to achieve in their mind first and do the necessary work in order to create that reality.

The interested, by way of trials, frustrations or not getting results as quickly as they would like, give up.

Is that wrong?

The Difference

What sane person wouldn’t want to move on and quit if they were not getting the results they wanted right?


The committed will continue when the interested give up.

The interested deem network marketing as a scam without ever giving the opportunity a chance.

The committed see it as a beautiful opportunity that opens doors for anyone, poor or rich, educated or non-educated, unknown or known to live their dreams.

A job asks for a resume and how much experience you have.

Network marketing doesn’t care you didn’t finish high school.

Everyone has equal opportunity to earn as high of income as their imagination will take them.

Personally, the ability to earn income while I sleep didn’t allure me to network marketing.

I know that may be hard to believe.

What did?

The opportunity to leverage and gain control of my time.

Who owns your time?

If you are an employee, someone else, owns your time.

You trade a large portion of your day in exchange for a paycheck that arrives every two weeks.

Our school structure is set up to teach those who attend to be employees, to work for someone else.

A job is not a bad thing, nor is being an employee if you want to work for the rest of your life.

There are many people who love their jobs.

That being said, the reality is people with doctorate degrees are working at McDonalds or living at home because they cannot find work.

The employee mindset is hard to break for many people and sadly, others will fight tooth and nail to defend that mindset.

They will tell you they have no time for network marketing, that it is a scam, waste of time etc.

If I would have listened to what I have heard about it over the years I would not be writing this post right now.

Keep in mind this is netWORK marketing.

It isn’t sit on my rear end and let the cash flow in marketing.

This is a business that is built around caring for others and building your team so that they can build their teams to achieve their team’s dreams.

It takes commitment, not interest.

If you want to lose weight, interest won’t get you there.

You have to be willing to do the work and there is zero excuse.

If others can lose hundreds of pounds, change their life, so can you.

If others can travel when they want to, earn six figures incomes PER MONTH, who is to tell me or you we cannot as well.

Most importantly, if others have gained control of their time by way of network marketing is that really such a bad thing?

The committed are focused on living a clean, healthy lifestyle.

The money is not the allure, it is the luxury of having the time to do what you want to do, to help more people and to live a healthier life.

I am astounded that so few people know anything about glutathione or that over 118,000 peer-reviewed articles have been written about it.

As a runner, the health benefits of this antioxidant are astounding.

I am currently reading a book by Dr. Shad Helmstetter called What To Say When You Talk To Your Self and in it he talks about how the thoughts we choose to allow in our heads dictate what we do and how successful we are.

Do you think I didn’t have to overcome the indoctrination and skepticism I have been taught all my life?

It took me 12 years to pay off my undergraduate and graduate debt.

12 years and a trip to Afghanistan to boot.

If I could go back to 1995 when I was a senior in high school I would have shook myself silly and told him to take network marketing seriously.

The good news is it is never too late.

Our mindset, environment and those we associate with dictate a lot of times how we live our lives.

As an athlete, I cannot even count the amount of runners I have known over the years who were interested in running faster but not committed enough to reach their true potential.

Too much pain involved.

It’s cold outside and the idea of doing 20 miles in the snow just didn’t’ seem as comfortable as a nice, warm meal near a fireplace.

I’ll take today off.

Everyone is different

Everyone has different goals in life.

Mine was to learn to run fast and to reach my goals.

I have been interested in business since I was a kid.


It isn’t a website to salivate over other runners who can run faster then you and I.

It is a resource for anyone willing to adhere and listen to the advice I share.

People will make their own decisions.

It isn’t my job to make it for you.

I cannot hold your hand and tell you weight loss or running a faster marathon is going to be easy.

You have to decide.

More importantly now, my goal is to help others achieve their fitness and life’s dreams.

I don’t even think people that visit this site realize the opportunity that resides here in max international.

The skeptic mind will completely rule out anything else that doesn’t have to do with running.

The committed will see something else.

Opportunity surrounds us everyday.

If you live in the United States there is zero excuse not to be a success.

We take far too much for granted in this country and make too many excuses why we cannot travel and do the things we want to do.

committed or are you just interestedThe rear view mirror

If we, as a human race, continue to look in our rear view we will never see what is ahead of us.

We have to start thinking differently we will never experience all the beautiful things in life that we have never been able to experience.

There is never the perfect time!

I say that because I see far too many educated, driven, focused people totally unhappy with what they are doing in life.

They may like their jobs but deep down inside there is a burning desire for more.

People are asking ‘is this all there is’?

I have failed so many times in the sport of long distance running.

I was never interested in running, I was committed to it and was not going to stop until I achieved my objectives.

Running and business are very similar in that you have to think differently and long-term to see results.

Building a network marketing business may be a turn off to you but to someone else it will completely change their lives.

My workouts do not change your reality

My friends who are well-known in the running community like to talk about their workouts, share their stories of making world and olympic teams.

It is nice to read but it doesn’t do a thing in helping another human being or truly impacting a life.

The truth

The most important thing I can say that I have learned by the sleepless nights writing posts, tweaking code and trying to make it a success is that someone would be impacted by what was written.

Will my 10-mile tempo effort help you gain control of your time?

How is my 6x1mile repeats on the track going to enhance your bank account or help you spend more time with your children?

Travel to places that otherwise you would have never been able to, perhaps due to not having leverage and control of your time?

The truth is we spend too much of our time salivating over what other runners do and not focus enough on how we can be the best runners and people we can be.

The last time I checked reading up on how Galen Rupp ran in Europe didn’t change my reality or increase my bank account one iota.

Opportunities are everywhere

7 months ago someone I barely know referred me to someone I didn’t know and surprisingly that event created a change reaction in my life.

Network marketing was something I wish I would have taken the time to consider years ago but never did.

I spent 5 years in undergraduate studies and 2 years in graduate school studying to earn a masters degree.

My environment and upbringing got the best of me.

I am not saying education or working a job is bad.

If you want to work for someone else and work the rest of your life and retire in your golden years, please do so.

My goal is not to change you.

What is my goal is to help those who are willing to hear me out and possibly learn a skill in 2-5 years that could help one retire 20 years earlier.

I can tell you I will be and am only sharing posts like this to help elevate others.

Opportunities are everywhere and sometimes they come when you least expect them.

patience running thinAre you interested or are you just committed?

You are one or the other.

Perhaps you are both but to get real results you have to commit and see the momentum that comes from that characteristic.

There are far more people driving to and from work as employees then building businesses.

A job is wonderful as it is a safe, secure method of earning an long as you show up for work.

Often times, a job isn’t safe.

Stop working and see how much income you bring in.

The interested hear about network marketing and let the ocean of voices they have heard over the years consume them.

“Oh, one of those things” – is a job ‘one of those things’ too?

“Scam” – the commission payments max sends me proves otherwise.

“Pyramid Scheme” (one of my favorites)  – you can go from a preferred customer to the lowest level associate to the top as fast as you want. Those at the lower associate levels can make more then those at the top.

All depends on the level of enthusiasm each associate brings to building their own teams.

“I don’t have time for that”  – network marketing pays you as you learn, did high school or college do that?

If you don’t have time when will you?

“I’m not good at sales”  – You do NOT need to be good at sales to be successful in network marketing!

It is about duplication and helping others duplicate what you have been taught (or have been committed enough to be willing to learn)

Everyone has an excuse.

the status quo revolutionHow running ties into all of this

If you came to my site, most likely you are a runner, have runner friends or friends who want to get in better shape.

Perhaps you have never run a day in your life and just want to learn more about fitness, how runners operate.

You may have arrived by accident and now you are reading an article that has to do with a lot of things, not just running.

Regardless, where you came from, all I want is for you to consider what can happen to your life when you go from being interested to committed.

Break away from the masses

Work a job the rest of your life or learn a skill that can help you retire 30 years earlier.

This isn’t fantasy.

It is reality and is fact.

People have done this and it wasn’t interest that got them there.

We all have to be committed at whatever we want in life.

Interest in getting an A on an exam doesn’t help one arrive with an exam paper with the top grade.

Commitment, uninterrupted focus does.

I witness this everyday as my wife is studying to earn her Doctorate in Mathematics.

I can assure you had I been interested in running I would have never, even remotely close, broken the 2.20 marathon barrier.

It was commitment that drove me to train in all seasons and conditions.

It was commitment writing posts when I had no guarantee anyone would even take the time to read.

If I was interest would have wrote a couple posts and let rundreamachieve become just another blog on the internet.

Where are you in life?

Are you like me and seeking answers to why you have listened to the voices of peers, friends and family members and bought into the ‘work until your 65’ idea?

I can guarantee you if you are committed you will not live a normal life but one of abundance.

True wealth, at least to me, is not the amount of money in our bank account, but the amount of control we have over our time and the financial ability to help others achieve their goals in life.

In so doing, people who are open to network marketing will learn that my duplicating what you have been taught, you will have affected more lives than you can imagine and in more ways than you ever could without the capital and leverage of time.

Are you fully committed or are you just interested.

Our cellular health and ability to utilize energy production within the body will help us compete at the highest of levels and help guard against the most common diseases.

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