Four Hour Marathon Pace Tactics to PR

Are you seeking how to master four hour marathon pace? If so, welcome to I know how competitive a sub 4 hour marathon is. I hold a personal best of 2:19:35 for the distance. So, I’ve walked the walk and talked the talk when it comes to running the marathon distance. There are athletes seeking to run a marathon under 4 hours all over the world. My goal is to ensure that you do exactly that. Remember, it isn’t necessarily about working harder but smarter. There are far too many runners who are second guessing their ability. A big reason for this is they don’t see results fast enough.

So, they start to doubt their ability when it is just a matter of changing up some tactics. The best way to get good at racing the marathon is using fat at race pace. We have a great deal of fat storage. That being said, we have limited carbohydrate storage. Remember, at any given time we only have about 1700 to 1800 calories of carbohydrate built up at any given time. Runners competing in the marathon usually hit “the wall” right around mile 17 or 18. We burn about 100 to 110 calories per mile. So, the key to training properly for the marathon is training at, near and far below goal sub four hour marathon pace.

How Do I Train for a Sub 4 Hour Marathon?

You need to start varying up the paces of your long runs. I was once a 2:43:36 marathoner but was able to lower my personal best down to 2:19:35. A big reason for this was speeding up my long runs. No, this process did not happen overnight. It took time, patience and a strong belief in delayed gratification in order to make this a reality. What I see from a lot of runners is they are running too many miles or kilometers too slow. Remember, it isn’t about the volume of mileage you are putting in but the quality. What percentage of your weekly volume you are running at, near and far below that sub four hour marathon pace.

four hour marathon pace

The key to running a sub 4 hour marathon is getting race pace to feel more moderate and less aggressive. The only way to do this is training well below your goal race pace. So, sub 4 hour marathon pace is 9:09 per mile or 5:41 per kilometer. I created a course that I built specifically for athletes seeking to run 3:59:59 for the marathon called the sub 4 hour marathon mastery course. The course itself is a combination of video tutorials and ends with a 16-week, 4 hour marathon training plan. Click on the button below to learn more.

Is 4 Hours a Good Marathon Time?

Yes. A sub 4 hour marathon is a very competitive time that runners all over the world are seeking to achieve. I created this website in 2011. So, I have been at this for many years and competed from 1992 all the way until 2018. of course, I no longer compete but I have enough expertise and experience in this sport to get you results. Remember, just because you haven’t run 3:59:59 or better for the marathon doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It simply means you need to change up some of your training. Perhaps you have been running too many of your miles too slow. Also, you could be neglecting a key fundamental in your training and racing and that is hydration.

Often times, marathoners do not take in enough calories and hydration during their race. You cannot race 26.2 miles or 42.2 kilometers by sipping. You need to drink in the race. Your body desperately needs that energy. In addition, runners also improperly pace themselves in the race. There are far too many runners who run too aggressively in the early stages of the race. The result is they end up walking or jogging in the latter stages of the race. My goal is to make you more efficient throughout the race itself. So, you get to the start line well rested and to the finish line in record time. Nutrition is also a very big piece of breaking the 4 hr marathon.

What’s the Pace for a 4 Hour Marathon?

As mentioned above, four hour marathon pace comes out to 5:41 per kilometer or 9:09 per mile. So, the key is training at paces that far exceed this pace. Again, you want to get race pace to feel more in control and less anaerobic. I have training plans built for sub 4 hour marathoners as well as running courses for competitive athletes such as yourself. You may also want to check out the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel as well.

The overall goal is to slow down less than your competition. So, you need to gradually lengthen the duration you are spending at your anaerobic threshold. Your tempo runs should be closer to 10 miles or 16 kilometers or longer rather than 8 kilometers in length. What I see a lot of times is runners are not spending enough time running at a high enough effort. So, these are some changes you need to be thinking about.

Closing Thoughts

I hope this post on how to run under four hour marathon pace has been helpful to you. Again, this is just an introduction of what it really takes to run 3:59:59 or faster for the marathon distance. There is nothing easy about becoming a sub 4 hour marathoner. That being said, if you work smarter rather than harder you will get better results.

Remember, you need to spend more of your time focusing on training at paces that are much faster than 4hr marathon pace. Again, get that race pace to feel more in control and less aggressive on your body.Click on the link below to learn more about the sub 4 hour marathon mastery course. I want to see you get to 3:59:59 or better this year.

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